Robin of Sherwood

Season 3 Episode 9

Adam Bell

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 31, 1986 on ITV
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Adam Bell
The Sheriff's young nephew, Martin, is kidnapped by Adam Bell.

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      • Adam Bell: I'll be remembered for this, and we won't just stop here. King John himself will pay me, when we've set the right price. I've spent too long in the wilderness. This is my land, this is where I made my name and now I'm back!

      • Sheriff: What are you sniggering about, Gisbourne?
        Gisbourne: My lord?
        Sheriff: Are you laughing at me?
        Gisbourne: No, my lord, but I thought....
        Sheriff: That's the trouble, Gisbourne - you thought!

      • Little John: Robin Hood working for the Sheriff of Nottingham? I've heard everything now!

      • Adam Bell: Robin Hood.
        >Robert: Adam Bell.
        Adam Bell: I knew it had to be you, the way you fought. It took me back thirty years. It was destiny, you know, us meeting. It was bound to happen, you and me.
        Robert: I came looking for you.
        Adam Bell: I'm glad you found me.

      • Robert: (about Adam Bell) Twenty years ago he was just like me, that's what Little John said. Does that mean that in twenty years time I'll be just like him?
        Marian: Don't be silly.
        Robert: Well what's the difference?
        Marian: If you can't see it, I can't tell you.
        Robert: Maybe there's nothing to tell, maybe we're just reflections of each other.

      • Moth: You!
        Will: Remember me, do ya? Well, take a good long look, it's the last thing you're gonna see, Moth!

      • Sheriff: Have you ever seen a man hanged?
        Martin: No.
        Sheriff: Would you like to?
        Martin: Yes, Uncle!
        Sheriff: There you are, you see, and I was wondering what to get you for a birthday present.

      • Lady Isabel: Edward was everything that you aren't!
        Sheriff: He still is. He's dead.

      • Adam Bell: (to Robin) The legend of Robin Hood. You're so busy playing the legend, you've forgotten how to be the man!

      • (the Sheriff is counting out ransom money)
        Gisbourne: I did count it, my lord.
        Sheriff: I know, Gisbourne. But one can never be too sure.
        Gisbourne: My lord, are you questioning my...
        Sheriff: Your honour? No, just your ability to count.

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