Robin of Sherwood

ITV (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Time of the Wolf (2)
      Gisbourne has joined the Sons of Fenris. Gulnar has used dark magic to make an evil copy of Robin. The final confrontation between the forces of darkness and of light will take place at the ring of the nine maidens.
    • The Time of the Wolf (1)
      Gulnar, erstwhile sorcerer of Lord Owen of Clun, has hatched a new plan to break the power of Herne. Meanwhile, Nottingham's sheriff is ordered to procure grain for the King's army, and has taken all the villagers' winter supplies.
    • Rutterkin
      Episode 11
      "Mad Mab" is an old hermit who lives happily with her family of pigs, including her "baby," Rutterkin.
    • The Pretender
      The Pretender
      Episode 10
      Taking up with a 12 year old French princess, King John has annulled his marriage to Queen Hadwisa, who vows revenge against her former husband and the new queen, Isabella.
    • Adam Bell
      Adam Bell
      Episode 9
      The Sheriff's young nephew, Martin, is kidnapped by Adam Bell.
    • The Betrayal
      The Betrayal
      Episode 8
      King John, furious over the disappearance of the past several tax collections from Nottingham, schemes to put an end to the outlaws by ending their popular support.
    • Cromm Cruac
      Cromm Cruac
      Episode 7
      After Much is injured in a pit trap, the outlaws seek help for him at the nearest village, Cromm Cruac, a place no one has heard of until now.
    • 5/10/86
      Robin and his band rescue the desperately ill Lady Margaret from bandits and accompany her to Croxden Abbey where she hopes to get healing from the Cross of St Ciricus. The Lady Margaret confesses a startling secret first to Tuck and then to Robin, changing his entire perspective of one of his enemies. Meanwhile, Gisburne is on his way to the Abbey to steal the Cross on the Sheriff's orders and Will and Much believe they have been infected by lepers.moreless
    • 5/3/86
      Robert de Rainault, high Sheriff of Nottingham, failing one time too many to end the activities of Robin Hood, is dismissed by the king. A new Sheriff arrives with his own brutal ideas of how to get rid of Robin and the outlaws, and with his own Saracen bodyguard called Sarak who has a past connection with Nasir.moreless
    • The Inheritance
      Episode 4
      When Lord Agrivaine reads in the tarot cards of danger to his home, the ancient castle Caerleon, and to the priceless treasure it holds within, he sends his beautiful and strong daughter Isadora to ask for help from Robin Hood.
    • 4/19/86
      Despite her father's disapproval, Marion is continuing to help the outlaws and even presents Robert with Robin's sword Albion, a gift he refuses. But Marion is being watched by the Sheriff and when Robert is injured and Marion goes to help, the Sheriff springs a trap on her return in order to discover the identity of the man people are calling Robin Hood.moreless
    • Herne's Son (2)
      Herne's Son (2)
      Episode 2
      Robert of Huntingdon and the re-formed Merry Men set out to rescue Marion from Clun, and Huntingdon claims the mantle of Robin of Sherwood.
    • Herne's Son (1)
      Herne's Son (1)
      Episode 1
      After the death of Loxley, the outlaw band have gone their separate ways and Herne calls upon Robert of Huntingdon to take over as Robin Hood.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1