Robin of Sherwood

Season 3 Episode 2

Herne's Son (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Apr 12, 1986 on ITV
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Herne's Son (2)
Robert of Huntingdon and the re-formed Merry Men set out to rescue Marion from Clun, and Huntingdon claims the mantle of Robin of Sherwood.

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  • Robert of Huntington gathers the band of merry men

    Robert of Huntington has realized that he must accept his place as Herne's son in order to rescue Marian from Lord Owen of Clun. He goes to Wickham and gets help from Edward in starting to track down Robin's now scattered men.

    First is Tuck, who has stayed in Sherwood. A small scuffle ensues, but Robert gets his attention by mentioning the danger Marian is in. Tuck leads him to Little John and Much, who have become shepherds. As with Tuck, though, Robert must win them over, this time with a nicely choreographed quarterstaff fight. Little John remembers Scarlett had a brother in Litchfield, so that's the next stop. This was, by far, the best "winning over" scene. Scarlett and Robert get into a fistfight that pretty much leaves Litchfield in shambles. That just leaves Nasir, who, conveniently enough, has been caught by Lord Owen.

    It's good to have the gang back together, though they are still a bit skeptical. Marian, in particular, is not willing to stay permanently, choosing to return to her father for now. These two opening episodes do a nice job setting up Jason Connery in the role of Robin and setting up a good season.moreless
Oliver Cotton

Oliver Cotton

Lord Owen of Clun

Guest Star

George Baker

George Baker

Sir Richard of Leaford

Guest Star

Richard O'Brien

Richard O'Brien

Gulnar (Owen's Sorceror)

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    • (to Robert of Huntington)
      Little John: You're all the same, aren't you? We saved Marian's father once, did he join us? No, he bought his way back into favour with King John. Marian was pardoned, were we pardoned? No, did Sir Richard lift a finger to help us? We're still looking over our shoulders, aren't we? Still outlaws, still on the run.

    • Owen of Clun: I'll see you in hell!
      Robert: Maybe, but make one false move and you might be there first.

    • Robert: You believed in Robin, didn't you?
      Little John: Yes, I did. Because the fire burned bright in him, and for a while, it warmed us all. Now he's gone, and the fire went with him.

    • Scarlett: We're not sharp anymore! Not like we were. I mean, look at us, look at me. Do you really think you'd have beaten me if I hadn't been drunk? And look at you two, been sitting on your bums for a year, looking at sheep. And Tuck, been stuffing your belly full of venison and sleeping all day. We used to be fast. Fast as wolves. No one could take us - we could go anywhere, do anything. We've lost it.
      Robert: No, Scarlett. Nothing's forgotten. Nothing's ever forgotten.

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