Robin of Sherwood

Season 2 Episode 3

Lord of the Trees

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 23, 1985 on ITV
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Lord of the Trees
Gisburne, left in charge of Nottingham by the Sheriff, hires a group of vicious mercenaries, led by his old friend Bertrand de Nivelle, to hunt down the outlaws. But The Time of the Blessing is being celebrated when no blood can be shed or the villagers will not have a good harvest that year. Robin and the others must use cunning and trickery to defeat the violent and ruthless opposition.moreless

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    Oliver Tobias

    Oliver Tobias

    Bertrand de Nivelle

    Guest Star

    Patrick Gordon

    Patrick Gordon


    Guest Star

    Ian Brimble

    Ian Brimble


    Guest Star

    Jeremy Bulloch

    Jeremy Bulloch

    Edward of Wickham

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Guy of Gisbourne: That's proof of poaching
        Edward: Those antlers are nigh on 100 years old. If you want the man who killed that stag, you'll have to dig him up.

      • Abbot Hugo: As long as they come to mass, have their children baptized, are married and buried as Christians, I'm not too bothered what they get up to.

      • (Little John and Robin are being pursued by Gisbourne and the mercenaries)
        Little John: Robin, why have they stopped?
        Robin: Maybe Gisbourne's learning to think.
        Little John: Oh, that makes him dangerous!

      • Robin: It'll be dark soon, Guy. It's a pity you'll miss the blessing, you're badly in need of one.

      • Robin: If we kill Gisbourne in cold blood then we'd be no better than he is.
        Will Scarlet: Well what makes you think we are? What about the men-at-arms we've killed, how'd you feel about them? Now you kill Gisbourne, you'll be doing the world a favor. As for that bunch of mercenary scum, the sooner we send them back to hell the better.
        Robin: We can't do it, Will.
        Will Scarlet: Well then, you'd better come up with an answer cos if you don't, all these people, your people, they're going to die.

      • Herne the Hunter: You see your god become man? An old riddle, my children...

      • Guy of Gisborne: Save me!
        Abbot Hugo: Save you? What are you talking about?
        Guy of Gisborne: The forest! The trees, the trees!
        Abbot Hugo: Save you from the trees? Have you been drinking?

      • Bertrand: Watch your tongue, priest
        Abbot Hugo: Don't you speak to me like that!
        Bertrand: I'll speak to you as I like, as I speak to any man, even one in skirts.
        Abbot Hugo: I'll have you excommunicated!
        Bertrand: Too late, it's already been done.

    • NOTES (2)

      • According to the booklet contained in the German DVD release, this episode first aired in the U.S. on December 31st, 1984 on Showtime.

      • This episode marks the first appearance of Edward of Wickham (Jeremy Bulloch), who becomes a recurring character throughout series 2 and 3.

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