Robin of Sherwood - Season 1

ITV (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • The King's Fool
    Episode 6
    Shortly after Robin and his men save a knight from an ambush in Sherwood, they are shocked to meet the returning King Richard. The King pardons the outlaws and asks them to fight for him in Normandy, to which Robin eagerly agrees. But what are the King's real intentions and is Robin being tricked and used?moreless
  • Alan A Dale
    Episode 5
    The Sheriff of Nottingham is getting married - for 16 yr old Mildred De Bracey's dowry rather than for love. Meanwhile Little John is seen in Wickham whilst visiting his love Meg, and the outlaws have to find a way to help the villagers pay the resulting fine. The answer may come via a lovesick minstrel with a bad singing voice called Alan a Dale.moreless
  • 5/12/84
    A thief steals a sacred gold symbol from the banner of a group of devout and violent Templars who are traveling through Sherwood, but the Templars believe that Robin Hood is the culprit. They capture Much and demand the symbol back or Much will hang. Robin and the outlaws have only a few hours to find both the thief and the symbol in order to save their friend.moreless
  • 5/5/84
    Robin is having strange and cryptic dreams which appear to be trying to tell him something. Elswhere, in Elsdon Jennet is found guilty of being a witch, and so the Sheriff decides to blackmail her into using her talents against Robin Hood.
  • Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (2)
    The Sheriff and his brother, upset over the activities of Robin and his men, arrange an archery contest with the fabled Silver Arrow as the prize in order to lure Robin out. But Robin must not only win the Arrow and escape safely, but rescue the Lady Marian, with whom he has fallen in love, from the clutches of the evil Baron de Belleme.moreless
  • Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (1)
    Robin of Loxley and his foster brother Much are arrested in Sherwood Forest for killing one of the King's deer. In the dungeon they meet a group of men who each have been oppressed and wronged by the Norman rulers of the land.

    Robin leads the men in an escape from the castle, and once they are safe in the forest he is approached by a figure out of myth... Herne the Hunter.moreless