Robin of Sherwood - Season 2

ITV (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • The Greatest Enemy
    Episode 7
    Threatened with the loss of his position, the Sheriff pulls out all stops to find Robin. He captures most of the band in Wickham and hunts down the rest with hounds. Finally, only Robin, Marion and Much are alone on a hill, facing an army.
  • The Swords of Wayland (2)
    Robin and his band battle to prevent Morgwyn of Ravenscar from harnessing the power of the sword of Albion.
  • The Swords of Wayland (1)
    A group of pious and well-respected nuns are in reality a coven of witches. They need all of the Seven Swords of Wayland for some very heavy-duty conjuring. The only sword they don't have is Robin's Albion.
  • The Enchantment
    Episode 4
    Robin is bewitched by the scheming Lilith into stealing Herne's Silver Arrow which she desires to use to bring someone powerful and evil back from the dead. The outlaws are desperate to release their leader from the spell, but cannot find him. At the same time, the Sheriff desires some infamous hidden gems and Gisburne is determined to find them before the Sheriff's new and favored helper, Ralph.moreless
  • Lord of the Trees
    Episode 3
    Gisburne, left in charge of Nottingham by the Sheriff, hires a group of vicious mercenaries, led by his old friend Bertrand de Nivelle, to hunt down the outlaws. But The Time of the Blessing is being celebrated when no blood can be shed or the villagers will not have a good harvest that year. Robin and the others must use cunning and trickery to defeat the violent and ruthless opposition.moreless
  • 3/16/85
    When a Jewish moneylender, Joshua De Talmont, comes for the money the Sheriff owes him, the Sheriff "suggests" to Gisburne that the people of Nottingham could be persuaded into anti-Jew riots in order to solve his problem. But Gisburne has his eye on De Talmont's beautiful daughter Sarah. Meanwhile in the outlaw gang, tensions are brewing between Robin and Will.moreless
  • The Prophecy
    Episode 1
    Prince John has arrived in Nottingham with a mysterious prisoner that Robin must free and whose identity will shock one of Robin's gang. But Robin must also rescue Little John from Nottingham Castle's dungeons and Gisburne plans to use this to finally capture all of the Merry Men.