Robin of Sherwood

Season 3 Episode 4

The Inheritance

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Apr 26, 1986 on ITV
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The Inheritance
When Lord Agrivaine reads in the tarot cards of danger to his home, the ancient castle Caerleon, and to the priceless treasure it holds within, he sends his beautiful and strong daughter Isadora to ask for help from Robin Hood.

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      • (Isadora is reading the tarot cards for her father Agrivaine)
        Isadora: (confused as she sees the card she has turned over) I don't understand.
        Agrivaine: What is it, child?
        Isadora: It is the fool, father.
        Agrivaine: The fool can mean many things; youth, strength of will, independance, adventure. But it has darker meanings too.
        Isadora: (thoughtfully) The fool
        Agrivaine: The Hooded Man.

      • Robert of Huntington: Why have you called me?
        Herne the Hunter: To warn you. It is a time of trial, a power is drawing near. The king who was and the king who is to be.
        Robert of Huntington: What king is this?
        Herne the Hunter: I cannot tell you, I cannot help you. His power is greater than mine and I am bound by it.
        Robert of Huntington: But I serve you.
        Herne the Hunter: For the present. Soon you will be asked to choose and you must make that choice alone.

      • (The outlaws meet Isadora when Friar Tuck brings her to their camp)
        Little John: Well well, Brother Tuck, with company. We send you out to bag us some lunch and this is what you bring back. I must say, your aim is improving.

      • Raven: I'm a soldier, Mortimer, so are all of us. You take Skulley there, he used to be a page to a knight Chevalier before he cut the man's throat to follow me. We fought three years for God in the Crusades, their holy war (he spits angrily) Three stinking lousy years in the heat and the dust and the filth, dying of thirst, starvation and disease before we even set eyes on a Saracen! They promised us a seat in heaven and they sent us to hell. So now we work for ourselves, soldiers of fortune, and this village has just had the misfortune to get in our way!

      • Isadora: I'll fight with you. This is my home, I've lived here all my life. It should be my inheritance, but I'm to lose it. Why? Because I'm a woman. You treat me like a fool, but you don't even see what's here.
        Robert of Huntington: Well what is here?
        Isadora: It's been in front of your eyes and you haven't seen it and that's how you'll fight - blindly! But I'll fight because it's rightfully mine and I know it's worth fighting for. So tell me Robin, which of the two of us does that make the fool?

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