Robin of Sherwood

Season 1 Episode 6

The King's Fool

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 26, 1984 on ITV
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The King's Fool
Shortly after Robin and his men save a knight from an ambush in Sherwood, they are shocked to meet the returning King Richard. The King pardons the outlaws and asks them to fight for him in Normandy, to which Robin eagerly agrees. But what are the King's real intentions and is Robin being tricked and used?moreless

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  • Robin Hood meets King Richard

    An excellent imagining of the end of the original Robin Hood legends. Robin meets King Richard who, having been released from prison, hunts down the outlaws in order to bolster his own reputation in building for another crusade. Having saved the life of their King, Richard pardons them all and invites them to Nottingham for a feast.

    The Sherriff and Guisbourne are put in their place as they arrest Robin for entering Nottingham, unaware they are here at the King's invite. The King puts them in their place releasing Robin and his not so 'merry men' to feast with them all. The King of course turns out to be just like the other nobles and arranges for Guisbourne to dispose of them, seemingly killing Marion in the process.

    Herne's heals the injured Marion and the bonds between the group that have fermented during the episode springing from most people seeing Robin being played by the King, while Robin was unaware. Some good one liners from the Sherriff and Guy, and some excellent filtered shots give the end of the episode a dreamy feel but end the legend (and the original series) well. As the cast and crew were unaware that the show would return they had planned a sufficient 'ending' to allow continuation but satisfy audiences if the series did not return.moreless
  • Not an exciting season finale

    For a season finale, this episode lacked any real excitement. John Rhys Davies guest stars as King Richard, finally returned from Germany where he had been held hostage. Robin and his men, not knowing who he is, rescue him in Sherwood. King Richard pardons them for this, and invites them to Nottingham and then to Normandy to fight with him.

    Robin is awestruck by the King and agrees to follow him. His men, however, don't think it's a good idea. Herne ultimately sends a message to Robin, letting him know he cannot trust the King. By this time, half of the men have left Robin and returned to Sherwood, leaving Robin, Marian, Tuck and Much in Nottingham. They barely manage to escape with their lives after the King decides they cannot be trusted.

    Everything was nicely tied up, the men reunited and everyone safe in Sherwood. I think they should have had more of a cliffhanger or a better villain for the last episode of the season.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Robin: No man belongs to another.
      Knight: I can buy four Saracens in the slave markets of Nabon with my horse. You're talking gibberish, my friend.
      Robin: Well, here's a Saracen for you!
      (Nasir walks up to them leading the knight's horse)
      Robin: Try buying him for a 1,000 horses!

    • (Addressing the outlaws after revealing his identity)
      King Richard: In Normandy, in Aquitaine, and even in Germany I have heard the stories. Of you and the Sheriff using this forest, my forest, as your battleground. Oh yes, I have heard all about you: your ambushes, your robberies, your tricks. I have heard enough to hang each one of you a dozen times over.
      (he pauses and then laughs)
      God's legs, you're a wild lad, Robin! And you saved the life of your King and that wipes the slate clean.

    • Robin: Lord King, we thank you for your mercy. It is true that we hunt the deer, but we can't live on grass. Those people we robbed have money by the sackful, the poor have nothing - not even their freedom.

    • Little John: I loved you, Robin. You were the hooded man, Herne's son. The peoples' hope! Now, now you're the King's fool.

    • King Richard: (to Gisbourne) Untie them, boy!
      Robin: (as Gisbourne unties him) Thank you. Boy.

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