Robin of Sherwood

Season 3 Episode 10

The Pretender

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jun 07, 1986 on ITV
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The Pretender
Taking up with a 12 year old French princess, King John has annulled his marriage to Queen Hadwisa, who vows revenge against her former husband and the new queen, Isabella.

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Patricia Hodge

Patricia Hodge

Queen Hadwisa

Guest Star

Phil Davis

Phil Davis

King John

Guest Star

Reece Dinsdale

Reece Dinsdale

Arthur of Brittany

Guest Star

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    • Queen Hadwisa: In France, yes. That's where he met this strumpet, this Isabella.
      Tourneur: Strumpet? She's barely twelve years old!
      Queen Hadwisa: And a strumpet!

    • Queen Hadwisa: If the King divorces me, Tourneur, he divorces the entire Gloucester family. We have power and influence of our own and the people are with us.
      Tourneur: I am only the King's envoy, my lady.
      Queen Hadwisa: Very well, he can divorce me, Tourneur. He can throw me out of here like some discarded tunic, he can take this child as his bride. But it will cost him the throne.

    • Tourneur: We've attracted just about every begger and cripple in the country.
      Isabella: They follow us, Tourneur, in the hope of a miracle, that they will be cured.
      Tourneur: Ah, for a sight of the King's jewels more likely!

    • Tuck: Wine, Arthur?
      Arthur: No thank you, Brother.
      Tuck: Brother? Don't call me that, I'm just Tuck.
      Little John: Fat Friar Tuck!
      Tuck: Wine, John? (empties a wine skin over John)

    • Herne: There are many who would be one thing, when in truth they are another. You cannot fight those who pretend to be what they are not.
      Robert: Who is this Arthur? What does he want with us?
      Herne: Only by being what you are, Robin i'the Hood, can you prevail.

    • (during sparring with quarter-staffs)
      Much: That's not fair, you're bigger than me!
      Tuck: It's not size that matters, it's skill.

    • Arthur: You deserve more than this, Marian. You should have fine clothes and jewels, you should live in a palace.
      Marian: Like a queen?
      Arthur: I could make you a queen.
      Robert: Which queen is that?
      Marian: Robin!
      Robert: Which queen is that, Arthur? The Queen of May? The queen of your heart, perhaps?

    • Sheriff: That's my steward's horse. Where is he?
      Robert: He met with an accident - me!

    • Isabella: He said he was Arthur of Brittany, but he wasn't. Arthur died in a dungeon in Ruon. I was there when King John strangled him with his own hands and I watched as the life was squeezed out of him. I watched!

    • Isabella: This man, Robert of Huntington, is to go free.
      Gisbourne: Your Majesty....
      Isabella: Silence! While you two idiots blundered about, this man saved my life and so I give him his freedom as a reward and that of his men.
      Gisbourne: This man is a....
      Isabella: Be silent! (to Robert) You can go, wolfshead. But should we meet again, you will not be so fortunate.

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