RoboCop: Prime Directives

Space (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • Crash and Burn
      Crash and Burn
      Episode 4
      The problems in Old Detroit are over, but RoboCop still has a lot of work to do. He and the others now know about Doctor Kaydick's plan for the Legion bio-tech virus. More importantly, the clock is ticking to stop him. With Kaydick based in OCP Tower, RoboCop must return to Delta City. Law enforcement won't cut RoboCop any breaks because of his recent actions, unfortunately – slowing him down. OCP Tower defenses are even worse. Worst of all is Kaydick's last line of defense – the upgraded RoboCable. He is completely loyal to Kaydick and won't let RoboCop succeed. Can RoboCop defeat RoboCable and save the world from Kaydick? And what price will he have to pay to do it all?moreless
    • Resurrection
      Episode 3
      There is no clear victor in RoboCop and RoboCable's fight in Old Detroit, as both have suffered severe damage. Ann is able to find RoboCop, and she, Lexx and Abby make life-saving repairs just in the nick of time. Sara and the rest of The Trust haven't forgotten about him, though. James is forced to lead another set of RoboHunters after RoboCop. Worse, they are armed with a deadly EMP disruptor. A bitter reunion between father and son awaits, as do some difficult choices. If RoboCop can't convince James of the truth, he'll be fried by the EMP disruptor. Elsewhere, Doctor David Kaydick finds the damaged RoboCable. He gives him vital repairs, but he didn't do so out of the kindness of his heart. Kaydick has nasty plans for everyone and sees RoboCable as means to help – whether he wants to or not.moreless
    • Meltdown
      Episode 2
      Following the death of John Cable, RoboCop continues his mission to uphold the law. However, in his grief, he has become so violent that criminals are lucky to make it to jail in one piece. Ann R. Key and her team – in the midst of a job at OCP – are the next unlucky ones to learn this. Meanwhile, The Trust wants RoboCop out of the way and plans to replace him with a more loyal cyborg. Sara knows the perfect candidate for this project – giving Cable a new lease on life as the highly advanced RoboCable. RoboCop soon finds himself on the outs with Delta City law enforcement. A showdown with RoboCable soon ensues and voice identification allows RoboCop to quickly learn the truth. RoboCable doesn't know, though – only that he must apprehend or eliminate RoboCop. This situation and mounting odds against him force RoboCop to do the only thing he can – retreat to safety. In Old Detroit, RoboCop encounters Ann and her team again. They must trust each other to save Cable and themselves. RoboCable is in pursuit, and he is bringing the RoboHunters with him.moreless
    • Dark Justice
      Dark Justice
      Episode 1
      Much has changed in the ten years since Alex Murphy become RoboCop. He continues to uphold the law, but now in OCP's remade Delta City. James Murphy – the son forced to grow up without a father – begins advancing his career at OCP and arrives in Delta City. The city also hires a new Security Commander – John T. Cable, Alex's former friend and partner. Since the truth about RoboCop is still a secret, this makes things rather difficult for him. Meanwhile, Bone Machine is wreaking havoc and a stolen armored combat suit only makes him more dangerous. He also has a link to The Trust – select OCP executives with illegal plans. One current member is Cable's ex-wife, Sara, and a new member will soon join – James. RoboCop and Cable are forced to work together on the Bone Machine case, and they threaten The Trust's agenda. A little reprogramming sends an unwilling RoboCop after Cable. Since it is RoboCop's programming behind this, Cable realizes that he needs the human Alex on his side. Unfortunately, while this gambit may save Cable, it may doom RoboCop.moreless
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