RoboCop: Prime Directives

Space (ended 2001)


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  • Well, It's Robocop... but why couldn't they give him a happy ending?

    Well, It's the end of RoboCop...
    RoboCop 3 never happened, OCP has become a company where people get promoted by assassinating the previous board members, RoboCop himself has become slightly insane with the fact he's genuinely getting old, his parts being genuinely obsolete in some cases.
    Into this world comes a insane up and coming executive who has commissioned SAINT, a quasi-intelligent supercomputer that is planned to help everyone in Delta City, further turning it into a city where human input isn't needed.
    RoboCop is framed for a crime he did not commit, and sent into hiding, while OCP's media coverage lies and covers things up with aplomb.
    The nail in the coffin comes in the last few acts, as Anne R. Key, the last in a long line of potential partners for RoboCop, is deleted by a computer virus...
    And RoboCop is left to walk the lonely streets without any partner, Anne Lewis having apparently died or retired by the time of Prime Directives...

    As a RoboCop story, The series is a very passable attempt to bring back the satirical and violent elements that made RoboCop great, but unfortunately, it shows it's own problems in how RoboCop is viewed...
    He's obsolete, outdated and, if it hadn't been for how lacklustre the license was treated long ago, We'd probably want to see more...
    As it is, I don't mind seeing the final scenes of RoboCop walk into a Delta City destroyed by OCP's stupidity, while OCP itself self-destructs...

    It's the end of all that we remember...
    Delta City ended up a disaster for OCP...
    RoboCop ended up the almost immortal protector of the people, forever etched into the mythos of the people of that time as the Cop who always served the public trust, protected the innocent... and upheld the law...
  • Robocop with it's violence again, slightly toned down for tv.

    The Robocop 1 and 2 movies are fantastic. They had a wicked sense of humour, lots of violence and an awesome main character well acted by Peter Weller. The Robocop 3 movie was so toned down it was barely worth it.

    Then came a woeful tv series. With all violence and humour removed. At least Robocop was in it, but it didn't really make the series worth watching.

    Now we have Robocop: Prime Directives. This falls somewhere between the first two Robocop Movies and the third. Considering it was made for TV, I consider this a fantastic effort. Okay, it's not as violent as the first two movies, but there are a few unique plot twists and enough violence, action and humour to please. This I give all thumbs up and hope they continue the Robocop franchise with similar shows in the future.