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  • Different

    i can hardly remember this show cause i was a kid when it wsa on but i remember the bad guys mainly. there was commander cash- played by rowdy roddy piper. and a guy that had a putty face- thinks he wsa clled putty morgan or something. anyway the guy that played robocop was good- it wsnt the same guy from the movies though. oh and i cant remember Lewis being in it instead there was a dif woman- she played pretty much the same character though with a different name. its on dvd now in uk so i maight buy it to see if it was as good as i remember.
  • Good try at making a TV version of a great movie.

    The show wasn't all that bad, it had some cheesy moments to it. Not to mention villians that were corny and not really what you'd expect to see after seeing the first two films. But all in all it was a good show for die hard Robocop fans who wanted to see him on TV not as a cartoon. The stories were a little odd at times but the effects were up to par. The Robocop suit and makeup design where better than the orignal at times and way better than in Prime Directives. Also the acting was pretty good, the guy who played Robocop was better than the third movie guy and way better than the guy in Prime Directives. All in all this was a show worth watching and one that Robo fans should pick up when it comes to DVD.