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  • Season 1
    • Ghost Bunglers / Good Deed Day
      Ghost Bunglers: An old widow, Mrs. Vanderlick(hic) has a serious medical condition- she hiccups constantly! Much to her dismay, she runs out of medicine, and hires our heros to get a bottle from her dead sisters' house. What she forgot to tell them is that the house is haunted! Good Deed Day: Rube tries to convince Reg to give up his greedy ways by participating in Good-Deed-Day's Good-Deed Doing. Reg finally decides to participate, but only after he finds out about the prize for the most good deeds done!moreless
    • Revenge of the Fleabrain / Mite Makes Wrong
      Revenge of the Fleabrain: Rube and Reg, once again, have new careers- this time as copybugs(And lunch-order-takers)at "The Vexberg Daily Dirt" Newspaper office. Rube himself gets a crush on the cunning reporter, Lotus Lane, but she gets kidnapped by the evil Heirf Leabrain (Heir Fleabrain to the public). Rube wants to help Lotus Lane, but he's just so shy around her that he can't concentrate. Concentration isn't his biggest issue when Fleabrain uses Rube's one weakness against him- Craptonite. Mite Makes Wrong: The once-famous superhero "Megamite" returns to Vexberg and Rube becomes his personal lackey! Rejecting his sidekick status to Rube, Reg goes ofto prove that Megamite is a fraud!moreless
    • Battling For Uberbucks / Death of a Salesbug
      Battling For Uberbucks: Rube and Reg are chosen for Sterling Uberbucks' hit t.v. show- "Extermination!" Rube and Reg must struggle to survive in the most deadly climate of all- A human kitchen! Death of a Salesbug:Reg has a sure-fire cure for his poverty, a new invention- " Miracle- Glo- Elixir", only problem with selling it is, that nobody wants to buy it! That is, until Reg does a demonstration....moreless
    • Sins of the Teacher / Rube Awakenings
      Sins of the Teacher: It's Rube's birthday, and what could be a better present than your old psychotic schoolteacher breaking out of prison? Reg and Rube try to run, but they can't escape from Miss Conduct, AKA the Disciplinarian! Rube Awakenings: Reg has found the perfect job- being an air-traffic controller! What could suit Reg more than staring at a screen all day? Unfortunately, he falls asleep on the job, and it's all up to Rube to save his big brother's career, not to mention Vexberg's skies!moreless
    • Flushed-Aways / RoboWatch
      Flushed-Aways: Rube and Reg get flushed down the toilet and into the sewer, where they must survive without Rube's now water-logged circuits. Reg decides that the two of them should split up, and while Rube is thriving, Reg is barely surviving. RoboWatch: Reg re-opens a deserted beach, hoping to cash in on the tourism. He hires Rube to be the lifeguard, and to protect the beachgoers from Jowls, the great white Catfish. Unfortunately, The sun, surf, and lack of sleep are too much for poor Rube, and it's up to Reg to save the beach, oh, and himself too!moreless
    • Uberland / Santa's Bitter Helper
      Uberland: Reg and Rube sign up to test Sterling Uberbucks' new theme park rides. Surprisingly, Reg would rather quit, then bite the bullet and get paid! Unfortunately, Rube isn't going to let Reg off his ' civic duty' hook that easily. Santa's Bitter Helper: Rube and Reg are surprised to see that they got everyone in Vexberg's presents for Christmas. It turns out that Reg hacked into Santa's Naughty and Nice list, because he is always on the Naughty list. So Rube and Reg must deliver all of the presents to their rightful owners before Christmas morning, and before Reg is put on the Naughty list permanently!moreless
    • Two Bugs and a Baby / Bug Tusslers
      Two bugs and a baby: One morning, while Rube was cooking breakfast, he cracked open an egg and BOOM! Inside was a baby! Rube decides to raise the little darling, and names her Regina, after his big bro. On Regina's first day of school, however, she eats the principal, and Rube decides it's time to return her to her rightful home. Bug Tusslers:Rube and Reg become tag-team wrestlers in the Vexberg Bug Tussling Competition, with Rube doing all of the work. When the fans get disappointed with Rube's non-violent attitude, Reg decides it's time to take action, and turns Rube's aggression dial to full!moreless
    • Bed- Ridden Bug / RoboRoach: The Movie
      Bed-Ridden Bug: Reg fakes being seriously injured, and Rube, being the kind caring brother he is, will do anything to make his big bro better.Unfortunately, Reg sends Rube on errands for extravagant gifts, only eventually, Rube returns with a personal health-care worker, who uses some rather strange techniques. Roboroach: The Movie: Despite it's name, it's just another episode. When Rube lands the starring role in a movie, Reg will do anything to get rich off of him. He makes Rube download a quick acting lesson, but it turns out to be a virus! This leaves Reg to take the helm and try to save Rube's movie career!moreless
    • Sugar Mommy / X-Pet
      Sugar Mommy: Reg answers a personal ad for the widow black, and marries her!(Obviously for the money). The widow black's ex-husbands all 'mysteriously vanished right after the wedding'. Is Reg next on the menu? X-Pet:Rube and Reg must go undercover to solve the case of the mysterious X-Pet who lives in the sewers, and pulls off people's heads! But is the monster really what it seems to be?moreless
    • Popsicle Pest / Weakened Gladiators
      Popsicle Pest: When Rube and Reg discover a prehistoric cavebug frozen in an icecube, both of them are very excited: Rube, because he feels honoured to help the cavebug adapt to our modern ways, and Reg, because he( as Usual) wants to rake in some dough. Weakened Gladiators: Reg insults Sterling Uberbucks' girlfriend,(who, shall we say, is just a TINY bit overweight),and Uberbucks challenges him to a gladiatorial fight to the death. With Rube's training( and a little bit of armor) Reg thinks he's a sure thing to win, but when Uberbucks says Reg gets everything if he wins, he means EVERYTHING.moreless
    • Fitness Bug / Runaway Roaches
      Fitness Bug: Rube decides that it's time to whip Reg into shape when he sees that Reg can't even hold the remote anymore, but Reg has no patience for the long way to health, so Rube transforms into a super-workout machine. Unfortunately, Rube falls asleep while Reg is still inside the machine, leaving Reg to end up being too fit! Runaway Roaches:The mayor discovers Roboroach's file in the 'Fugitives from Justice file' and decides that this is her perfect chance to lock up that infernal nuisance, so she hires The Exterminator to 'take care of Roboroach.' Meanwhile Rube thinks he's getting chased all because of a bad check that Reg signed with Rube's name.moreless
    • Pains, Drains, and Robomobiles / Jungle Bugs
      Pains, Drains, and Robomobiles: When Reg gets a winning lottery ticket, he floors it to the lottery office in his 'robomobile', but when he and Rube miss the office by thousands of miles, then their only hope is to get back to Vexburg before the ticket expires, and that's not so easy with a temporarily powerless Roboroach! Jungle Bugs: From floor scrubbers to field researchers in a snap! Reg thinks that his luck has finally changed when Sterling Uberbucks hires him and Rube to find the legendary 'Dyno-mites', a disco-like tribe of jungle bugs, and film their sacred dance ritual, but Rube and Reg must pass a series of Disco tests first.moreless
    • Reg Bugs Out / Little Big Mouth
      Reg Bugs Out : When Rube donates Reg's beloved T.V to the Old Bug's Home, Reg goes nuts and the Psychiatrist, Dr. Pillbug, suggests a new theory of his, that Rube and Reg should never see each other again! Reg realizes soon after Rube's departure that he can't live with him, and he can't live without him! Little Big Mouth: After taunting him on National T.V, famous bug killer Mandible Lichter goes after Reg, but Reg isn't worried, after all, he's got a super hero on his side. A super hero who's just shed his exoskeleton! Reg does his best to nurse Rube back to health before he winds up on the menu, but if Mandible comes before Rube's ready, Reg may be toast!moreless