Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 11:30 PM May 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Twinkies Rule Twinkie the Kid saves his town from the outlaw Celeries. The kids celebrate Twinkie&39s victory and devour his insides. 2. Paper Cut A runner is sliced in half while running through the finishing line tape. 3. Board Game Movies Now, Hollywood is using famous board games as a basis for their summer movies. First, it&39s &34Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Reckoning,&34 where four hippos look to take down city crime while feeding their hunger. Next, it&39s &34Chutes &39N Ladders,&34 where two police officers, played by Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, team up to take down crime. Lastly, there&39s &34Slip &39N Slide: The Movie,&34 where a group of men look to rob a casino and slide their way out. 4. Robot Humping a Washing Machine The classic sketch from season one returns! 5. Alien Abductee 1 A group of rednecks kidnap an alien from the moon in their pickup truck. 6. Mo-Larr Skeletor is confronted by Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist, for missing his appointment. Mo-Larr is determined to remove Skeletor&39s impacted wisdom tooth by any means necessary. 7. Meat Machine A few frat boys prepare to ride the Meat Wagon. 8. Emperor&39s Phone Call
While telling a story on Coruscant, the Emperor Palpatine receives a collect call from Darth Vader, who is stranded on his TIE Fighter two weeks after the first Death Star has blown up. The Emperor rips Vader a new one and orders take-out food. 9. Jerking a Tree A Maple tree enjoys the park ranger attempting to extract sap from the tree. 10. Alien Abductee 2 The rednecks prepare to anally rape the alien &34in the name of science.&34 11. Mortal Kombat Rehabilitation Program When Kano finishes off Johnny Cage by removing his heart, Cage is brought into surgery for a heart transplant. After much rehabilitation, Johnny leaves the hospital clinic with his girlfriend. When being welcomed by Kano, the &34Finish Him&34 voice cues in, and Kano once again rips Johnny's heart out of his chest. 12. The Love Bug When Lindsay Lohan leaves Herbie, the Love Bug, in the garage for the night, she leaves the garage door open. As a result, the Humping Robot sneaks in incognito and starts to hump the car. 13. Snoopy&39s Sleep Habits A doctor inquires Charlie Brown&39s beagle about his sleeping arrangement. 14. Ted Turner Saves Earth When Ted Turner hears about sludge dumping, he goes undercover as &34Captain Planet&34 to change things. He attacks the non-recyclers and kills off the Pan-Global corporates in charge of sludge dumping. 15. Best Robot Chicken Ever Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, and Master Shake review this episode of Robot Chicken, adding in their comments.