Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 11:30 PM May 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • 1987 is the best Robot Chicken episode ever. As they say in "The Best Robot Chicken Ever"

    The episode was just sooo funny to watch, I actually have this on my iPod, and I can't get enough of it. Very, very funny stuff. My favorite parts were Mo-Larr visiting Skeletor, Vadar & Palpatine phone call and Captain Planet. All hilarious parts of the show. Also, you can't forget, the random 'Humping Robot'. One of the best parts, also continued in other episodes. So a few of my favorite quotes include:

    Pan Global Consecutive: You got glass in my eye.
    Ted Turner: And my foot in your balls, Captain Planet!

    Skeletor: Ahhh! Oh massage chair, if we lived in Canada, I would make you my bride.

    So many funny memories. Love that episode lots!
  • easily my favourite episode of robot chicken, though mainly based on just the sketch of palpatine. very funny!

    this episode is one of my personal favorites, and although it has a lot of great jokes, i mainly like this episode for the sketch of darth vader and palpaptine. it is more funny than most things ive ever seen, it's just one of those things when you flick through the channels and casualy see this one episode that instantly turns you on to the entire season. this actually is what happend to me, although it could also be that its the first episode of this i watched, which i think many of you have also felt after watching a episode of a show, that is on your first episode you instantly fall in love with it and find it the best episode although it's only your first.keep it up robot chicken!
  • There\'s an error in the episode information.

    This is an interesting spin Robot Chicken takes; while parodies and spoofs are very common to the show, none quite like this have been seen. Unfortunately, there is an error in the episode information above. Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks are not regulars to the show Best Week Ever, but to I Love The 70s - I Love The 80s 3D. The two are very prominent and hilarious commentators on the show, one that is of a very similar format to Best Week Ever.
  • I'm so glad I taped this episode!

    This was indeed a very fine example for this series. I also noticed that there weren't as many few second sketches like the other episodes. Just in the beginning. But that's okay because it made it a little more fun to watch with more sketches that lasted more than 15 seconds. The Idle nuts sketch was really funny the whole way because it was like that movie called Idle Hands, and the midgit sketch wasn't as funny, but it had its moments that were. The news reporter one was funny because of that Paris Hilton with the weather and the Underdog one. I can't really think of what the best skit was because they were all equally good.
  • Very Good episode!!

    A very good episode, a very funny one just as i hoped they are starting to get better and better there were more sketches than usual and not such a long sketch at the end like there normal is i find that tha sketch at the end becomes boring after a while, the news sketch with the car chase was the best it is my favourite out of this episode, i belive this show is getting better hopefully next week will be better than this, robot chicken i believe has still got a futre in television, i hope to see more like this.
  • "It's Hot"-Paris Hilton

    Episode was awesome. Loved it, and seems to be my favorite of them all so far. The midget skit was kinda over done, didn't make me laugh at all. So was the guy getting his balls run over.. The rest of the show instead was just pure awesome. The news scene was funny as heck. Paris Hilton telling the weather was so random, and made me laugh really hard. The helecopter blowing up during the car chase was funny also. This episode seemed longer though, probably because it didn't have such a long skit ending like the previous episodes. The Neverending Story skit was original, loved every minute of it.
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