Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 11:30 PM May 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The list of movies following the trailers are:

      The Great Ape Race
      CHiPs: The Movie
      Something About Mary's Splooge-Crusted Hair
      A Jerry Stahl Christmas
      Scorch: The Movie
      What the {Bleep} Happened to Mickey Rourke
      Mystery Men 2: Greenlit Against All Odds
      Meet The Parents 33 1/3rd
      Untitled Janeane Garafalo Flop
      Prolific: The Ben Stiller Story
      Stiller and Meara in: One Wacky Evening
      Avenue of Bitter Tears
      Ben Stiller Takes off His Shirt
      Who Shot Mike Fasolo
      Tom Clancy's Right-Wing Techno-Porn
      The Dark Crystal 2: Skeks vs. Sever
      Alphabet Soup
      Shannon Gold Saves Easter
      Yahoo Serious: Unserious and Unfunny
      Solo 2: More Solo-ier
      Another Uwe Boll Abortion
      Burgertime vs. Pengo
      License to Mow
      Andrew Racho is Not a Ninja
      A Shot for Shot Remake for Mac and Me
      Rockland County Blues
      The Dark Brothers Present: The Meyer Sisters
      Title Rejected by Network
      The Comic-Con Massacre
      Meet My Friend Ben... Ben Dover
      The People vs. Charles Horn
      Bob, Eric & Mike in Title Rejected
      The Ben Stiller Show: The Movie
      Garrison Keilor's Robot Chicken
      Title Rejected by Network
      The Frat Pack in the Poconos
      Kid Sonic and the New Chameleons
      Is That Freedom Rock?
      The Only Actor no Cast in a Woody Allen Movie

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