Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 11

Adoptions an Option

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Sep 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Robot Chicken whores itself to corporate America. The Fantanas visit the Middle East peace process. E.T. finally returns home, but it’s less cool than he remembered. The secret life of jack-o’-lanterns is finally revealed. A child’s spaceship spells bad news for dad. The mythical Pegasus meets a demented little girl. Carney the Leprechaun is an irresponsible keeper of gold. Skynet goes online turning Inspector Gadget into an unstoppable killing machine!moreless

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    Robot Chicken Sells Out! Gagdet Turns Evil "Cybeydyne?Uncle Gagdet Wheres Your Old Battery Don't Worry I'm Aways On The Go! That So Not What I Asked! Uncle Gagdet? Must Destoy! I'm To Young To Drive So You Do Brain! Hey How Put Dog Gone Days On My Scheldule As If I Have To Ask! Oh Rap!Brain! Thats Still Uncle Gagdet I Bet Deep Down In! Ahhhh!!! Ram That Son Of A Women!!!! Oh My God Gagdet Speak To Me! Go Go Gagdet Ski No Uncle Gagdet I Have A Misson For Gagdet Perect Time! Wait That Evelope Will Self Destored! No Duh!Boom!!! Sorry Uncle!...moreless
  • Cree Summer makes this episode of "Robot Chicken" her own when "Inspector Gadget" goes psycho! (Scary Violin Music plays in background! :shock: )

    One of the more prolific voice performers working in T.V. today is Cree Summer. In the 1980's she got her start voicing Kim in "The Care Bear's Movie," and voicing both Dawn and Kristy in "The Care Bear's Movie II." But nothing helped break Cree Summer into the big time such as the celebrated series "Inspector Gadget." With the forces of Mad (and no, I don't mean the magazine of the same name,) always trying to bring chaos to the world, the Chief would always call on Inspector Gadget to stop the evil groups plans even though it would Always end up being Penny who solved the crimes. So it's only natural Mad would figure out the reason behind Inspector Gadget's success and target the real threat to their evil plans. Penny's finally forced to come out of under her Uncle's shadow in order to destroy what was once good that has now become a threat! Her victory is not without a loss of innocence though as she now has equipped one of her uncle's legs and her dog Brain can no longer speak English. There's no telling the kind of storm that's going to come from such an event! But it's brillant sketch ideas like this that make "Robot Chicken" such a great comedy/variety series! That's why I like this show! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • It's good to see that Robot Chicken hasn't lost its touch after the (too) long summer hiatus.

    After the summer hiatus, it's good to see that Robot Chicken hasn't lost its touch. This first episode since the summer pause is full of the crazy antics we're expecting from Green and Senreich.

    The episode opens with Robot Chicken itself 'selling-out', throwing in many old characters. Next, the Fanta-girls interupt a Middel-East peace treaty, E.T. gets home and appears to be a bullied retard named Cleborp, pumpkins having trouble with trick-or-treaters, a little girl who catches the legendary Pegasus and makes him her personal My Little Pony, and finally Inspector Gadget becomes one with Skynet in a hilarious Terminator parody. This all of course filled with crazy shorts.

    All in all, another great Robot Chicken for our viewing pleasure.moreless
Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Little Girl/Penny

Guest Star

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady


Guest Star

Joe Hanna

Joe Hanna


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Leah Cevoli

Leah Cevoli


Recurring Role

Jamie Kaler

Jamie Kaler

Bloopers Host

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Dr. Claw: I would just like to say a few words if I may, um:
      Next time, Gadget, NEXT TIME!!

    • Brain: (mutters in dog language)
      Man: What did he just say?
      Penny: He says, 'There's a storm coming in.'
      Man: (shrugs) I know.
      Boy: (takes Penny's picture) Give me four dollars for this photo, or my father will beat me.
      Penny: (kicks the boy) Go go gadget foot.

    • Inspector Gadget: Time to replace that arm.
      Penny: Cyberdyne? Uncle Gadget, why aren't you using your normal parts?
      Inspector Gadget: Not to worry, Penny, I'm always on duty!
      Penny: That's totally not what I asked.

    • Ariel Sharon: This peace treaty will finally end the violence between the Israeli and the Palestinian people.
      Ismail Haniyeh: Mr. Prime Minister, let us sign-
      (The Fantanas bust through the doors to the office)
      Fantanas: (singing)
      Wanna Fanta?
      Don't tou wanna Fanta?
      Ariel: What the hell is going on here?
      Ismail: I don't know, but those girls are making me thirsty!
      Fantanas: (still singing)
      Fanta's nectar of the gods,
      so let's not declare Jihad!
      Fanta helps you keep composure,
      There's no pork, you Jews, it's Kosher!
      Fanta tastes so mediocre,
      let's play Gaza strip poker!
      (dancing ensues, and the Fantanas leave)
      Ismail: Wow! Those Fantanas were really something else.
      Ariel: Hey, where is the treaty?
      Ismail: Where is my wallet?
      Ariel: (stands up) And where are my pants?

    • Penny: I'll plot us out a map to safety...who bookmarked "Dog Gone Dog" porn on my browser?
      (Brain the dog smiles)
      Penny: As if I needed to ask.

    • Cell Mate 1: So...are you gonna rape me tonight?
      Cell Mate 2: I have a headache, leave me alone!
      Cell Mate 1: (shrugs) Fine...

    • Dr. Claw: Finally, I'm going to use Gadget to destroy my real nemesis: Gadget's niece!

    • (kids getting cookies)
      Kids: Yayyyy!!!
      Mother: Now children, in a few minutes we're gonna find out who ate the poison cookie. Won't that be fun?
      Kid: Yayyyy!!!

    • Jim's Boss: Jim. I'm gonna need 300 copies of your ass by the 4:00 meeting.
      Jim: Yes sir.
      Jim's Boss: And try to keep your balls off the glass this time.
      Jim: Yes sir.
      Jim's Boss: Now!!!
      Jim: Yes sir.

    • (Waving goodbye to Elliot)
      E.T.: Be good.
      Elliot: Goodbye E.T.
      E.T.: E.T. home.
      Alien #1: Oh my god! Look everyone, that retard we ditched on earth somehow found his way home.
      E.T.: E.T. phoned home.
      Alien #2: What the hell are you calling yourself E.T. for spaz? Your name is Kleeborp. Kleeborp the retard.
      Alien #3: Kleeborp the retard with only one glowing finger.

    • Kids: Robot Chicken smiley meals. Alright!
      Girl: Your sitting in that chair until you finish all your fries.
      Announcer: That's right corporate America. Robot Chicken is ready to sell out.
      Old Man: This Humping Robot back massager really hits the spot!
      Announcer: Available for parties.
      Alien: (Pops the balloon)Dammit, dammit, dammit!
      Baby: Dammit, dammit, dammit!
      Mother: (gasps) First words!
      Announcer: Available for motivational speeches.
      Bloopers' Host: Successful office synergy means breaking down the paradigm between the "Can-do" Chickities and the "Can't" Crows.
      Business Man: I've been motivated by his speech!
      Announcer: Available for personal escort and personal massage.
      (doorbell rings, and elderly lady opens the door)
      Nerd: Madam, are you ready to level up?
      (gets grabbed by old lady) Wheee!!!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Stoop!d Monkey is just a head on a wall mounting.

    • Cree Summer reprises her role as Penny in the Inspector Gadget skit. She was the original voice of Penny in the 80s classic.

      Frank Welker also returns to his roles of Dr. Claw and Brain from the original series.


    • Inspector Gadget: Terminator

      The last sketch featured characters and the Gadgetmobile from the infamous DiC Entertainment cartoon series, Inspector Gadget. However, the plot the characters are given is similar to the last scenes of the original Terminator movie.

      The sketch attempts to explain a fact of the cartoon series that was never addressed: why Dr. Claw never before targeted Penny and/or Brain as a threat to his criminal operations.

    • E.T.'s trip home
      The sketch featuring E.T., the Extra Terrestrial was a parody of the Steven Spielberg movie, giving the "continued" adventures of the beloved alien.

      Towards the end of the sketch, E.T. is sent to another planet where he greets another alien similar to the alien from the movie by the same name, Alien.

    • "Your name is Sugar Muffins!"

      The crazy little girl continuously whipping Pegasus into saying his "new name" Sugar Muffins is reminiscent of a scene from Roots, where a white taskmaster repeatedly whipping Kunta Kinte (played by LeVar Burton) into saying his slave name, Toby. (i.e.: "What's your name, boy?", "Kunta. Kunta Kinte.")

    • Fantanas

      The group of four girls who breakup the peace treaty agreements between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators parody the real-life dancers used to promote the soft drink, Fanta. They even sing rhyming lyrics that promote the drink as well.

    • Cyberdyne

      The company that is responsible for turning Inspector Gadget into a killing machine is coincidentally the same fictional company responsible for making the killer robots from the Terminator movies.

      "Skynet" was also the fictitious satellite company to turn on the terminator program on Cyberdyne robots.