Robot Chicken

Season 5 Episode 11

Beastmaster & Commander

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 23, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Appa Ali Apsa: Welcome back to Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps (winks). I'm sorry, Hal Jordan, but we can't restore your hands.
      Green Lantern: But the power rings can do anything given enough willpower!<
      Appa Ali Apsa: Oh really? Did you wipe out cancer on Earth?
      Green Lantern: Well.... no.
      Appa Ali Apsa: We feel for you Hal Jordan, but you can no longer wield the power ring. Having fingers is kind of a prerequisite.
      Green Lantern: Um... there is a... well... heh heh... there is... one other place I can wear a power ring...
      Appa Ali Apsa: Like... on a necklace? Y-you'd never interface properly.
      Green Lantern: Nooo... another place south-of-the-border...
      Appa Ali Apsa: Jordan, are we talking about a (bleep) ring?
      Green Lantern: We are talking about a (bleep) ring.

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