Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 4

Celebrity Rocket

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 23, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Corporate See-saw
Two men in business suits are enjoying a seesaw on their break, and no kids are allowed to join.
2. Hippo Going Hungry
A homeless man, an orphan, and a hippo are shown struggling on the street in the city.
3. Dance Dance Revolucion
In a Cuban arcade, a teenage boy is achieving a new high score in the game Dance Dance Revolucion. A Cuban soldier reports the happenings to Fidel Castro, who meets the teenager's challenge with a game of Dance Dance Counter-Revolucion. Who will be called the best dancer in the world? What will happen when Fidel finds that another kid is beating his high score in Dig Dug?
4. Godzilla Sex Toys
Godzilla's wife is unsatisfied in the bedroom and calmly suggests "using toys." Mecha-Godzilla approaches the couple looking to "finish the job."
5. Vampire Chase
A vampire is chasing a car. When the driver feels safe, he makes a sudden stop, unexpectedly ensuring his safety. The driver then questions to go out for milk.
6. Jeannie in a Bottle
When Jeannie apologizes to her master and returns to her bottle, Major Nelson decides to "shake things up."
7. Inspiring Hockey Player
Tommy Schmidt of the North Shore Panthers is thanking people for his success, including Satan!
8. Dragon's Lair: The Middle Ages
"Dirk the Daring" faces his toughest challenge yet...facing the middle ages of his life. Will he choose the minivan or the sports car? See his exciting adventures in traffic, parallel parking, and avoiding wierdos in the street to get to the health clinic. When he finds out he has rectal cancer, he must choose: kemo or holistic medicine?
9. Best Friends Forever
Two woodland creatures promise to be B.F.F.'s until an eagle says otherwise.
10. Balls are Funny
A coach is very upset when he discovers all of his equipment has been destroyed.
11. Dance Your Cares Away
When a man is reporting an accident to the policeman, Mister Six shows up in a Six Flags bus to cheer everyone up by bringing them to a theme park. After causing another accident on the ride back, Mister Six tries to cheer everyone up again, but he is met with lethal enforcement.
12. Power Puff Stem Cell Research
The Professor is thanking his success to stem cell research, and the Powerpuff Girls agree.
13. Highlohan
After walking out of her contract negotiations, Lindsay Lohan meets up with Amanda Byne in a fight to the death. After the fight, a flashback is shown to 1998 where Sean Connery is training a younger Lindsay, preparing her for "the Gathering." Back in present day Scotland, Hilary Duff barges in Sean Connery's castle, asking for Lohan's whereabouts. Duff eventually finishes off Connery and then finds Lohan at a clothing store. Hilary and Lindsay finally confront each other in Hollywood, and Lohan is the one to walk out. What will she do with her new power?