Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 4

Celebrity Rocket

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 23, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Skits involving "Godzilla", " Dragon's Lair" and "Highlander" are showcased in this episode.

    While I didn't think it was a great episode as the Corey
    Haim and Bush Daughters, I did think it was funny.

    I don't understand the low scores that much but I'll focus
    on the better sketches which included the Highlander spoof with Lindsay Lohan, the "Dragon's Lair" sketch was a bit lame but still funny, the "Godzilla" scene was allright, and the Cuban confrontation with Castro and an youth was ok. My favorite spoof had to be the "Magic Mountain" one that was gold.

    Ok it wasn't a great episode but it was still funny.
  • I dont see what everyones problem is with this episode. I laughed from the time it began until it ended.

    I dont see what everyones problem is with this episode. I laughed from the time it began until it ended. The Castro skit was extremely funny because he blew that Dance Dance dork away in more ways than one.

    The godzilla skit was absolutely freaking hilarious and I think it will become a classic in the Robot Chicken series.

    Furthermore, I thought that bothe the six flags parody and the Higlander (Lindsay Lohan) were extremely hilarious. I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna wake up the wife and kids.
  • Did they forget what made the original work, or...?

    Is it just me, or have the latest episodes of Robot Chicken moved away from the original fifteen-second gags and more towards the extended segments? If this is the case, I'm sad, because the extended segments just aren't as funny this season, while the quick gags are just as good as ever. This episode is a prime example.

    The episode opens well, with an amusing pair of gags, but then immediately takes a dive with "Dance Dance Counter-Revolution", an overly-long Castro joke that seems to be there just so they can get another use out of the Castro model from the first season.

    It goes downhill from there. Between the gruesome and unfunny vampire sketch and the outdated parody of those "Mr. Six" Six Flags ads, there isn't much here to laugh at. The worst sketch is, sadly, the longest - the parody of Highlander that closes out the show; does anyone laugh at Lindsey Lohan jokes anymore? Especially ones involving the truly obnoxious impression of her the voice actor did?

    There are a couple of bright spots - the Dragon's Lair segment was fairly entertaining and an example of what the longer sketches should be like - but for the most part, this episode was little more than bland. It doesn't bode well for the remainder of the season.
  • "Godzilla Bed Scene" CLASSIC..

    Ok yea the episode was "ok" but it wasn't mediocre. The Easter episode last week was worse, this episode at least was filled with new scenes and not a scene that was shown over the winter.

    *COUGH* Dragon Ball Christmas *COUGH*

    I did laugh more for this episode then the last. The Godzilla scene and the Six-Flags commercial scene was awesome. The Lindsay Lohan scene was kinda funny, but it was also kinda boring. It gave me this "I don't give a D### feeling."

    Either way I feel it was a average episode. But there has to be someone that agrees with me here that the Godzilla scene is a classic.
  • not so good

    One of the worst episode\'s ever, half way thorugh it just got soo boring, i was a wate of time watching, i cant say that it was a waste of 11 minutrs but it was one of thoes episodes where you end up hinking to your self when the hell is it going to end, poor very poor, a few of the sketches at the beggining were ok but then again a few of them were not very good. i hope that there is going to better stuff in the pipeline than this, it was poorly written the last bit didnt really make any sence it sounded as if it had been written just to fill up the episode time.
  • I normally love Robot Chicken, but this was horrible.

    I nearly threw up when I saw how bad Seth Green did at this. I didn\\\'t watch the whole episode, but that god damned Dance Dance Revolucion sucked noodles. I nearly died. I probably won\\\'t even watch Robot Chicken, my favorite show anymore. Oh, god, it was so horrible. Please don\\\'t watch this episode, it was not funny just totally adult and weird and disgusting and, oh my god, it\\\'s freaking appalling. They count their A B C \\\'s like this. A bfgdfgdfdfgdfg . Caca episode. Screw it! Dude, let\\\'s go party, this sucks. I hate it to death. God! I give 1.5 because it has some story to it. god@