Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 5

Dragon Nuts

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 30, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The men who bet money on one man's testicles are part of a non-traditional fraternity, Kappa Omega Kappa. You will notice the Greek letters when they're making the bet and when the man wakes up to find his friends are dead.

    • The figure used for the Red Power Ranger in the NEWS sketch is the same action figure from the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers toy series. This is noticeable because of the looks of the figure, especially the lines in the chest area, where the head can flip from masked to unmasked, as a special feature of the action figure.

    • Stoopid Monkey logo: The Stoopid Monkey is trying to fly off a cliff with homemade wings.

    • Idle Nuts is a Direct Parody of The 1999 Horror/Comedy Film Idle Hands Starring Seth Green and Jessica Alba about a Teenager's hand Possessed by a Demonic Force that Uncontrollably Kills People,Also in the Movie Seth Green's Character Dies and Comes back as a Zombie with a shattered bottle stabbed in his head.

      The "Nuts belonged to a Serial Killer" Concept was a reference to the 1991 Horror/Thriller Film Body Parts in where a College Teacher loses his hand in a car accident and gets a new hand surgically grafted to him that develops homicidal Impulses into his body only to find out that Hand once belonged to a Serial Killer that died on Death Row.

  • Quotes

    • Atreyu: I wonder what Bastion's up to.
      (scene cuts to Bastion sitting on a toilet reading "The Never Ending Story")
      Bastion: "...And then the boy took a big crap." Hey, I'm taking a big crap!

    • (From the Neverending Party Skit)
      Empress: (Getting spanked by Bastion) Say my name Bastion! Say my Name!!
      Bastion: MOOOOOON CHIIIIIIILD!!!!!!!!

    • Seth Green: Wooo look at me! I'm a pot-smoking corpse with a bottle in my head - woooo!

    • Idle Nuts Guy: (To Jessica Alba) You know I'd want to attack you with my nuts, even if they weren't possessed.
      Jessica Alba: Uh, Thanks?

  • Notes

    • When it originally aired, the episode had this note at the end :
      Last weeks the Robot Chicken DVD ranked as the 12th best-selling DVD in America and the #1 best-selling DVD for a Television Program to everyone who purchases a copy : Go buy another one, whore.

    • Stoopid Monkey Logo:
      The Stoopid Monkey is hang gliding off a cliff with a pair of "handmade" bat wings.

    • Gag Credits:

      Ms. Pac Man - Sarah Gellar
      Tomb Raider - Mila Kunis
      Burgertime - Garret Elkins

    • A Robot Chicken Factoids card aired with the premiere of this episode explaining the following:

      - In the Idle Nuts sketch, the amount of money Mike says he'd need was his actual response when asked the same question.

      - In the Action News sketch, the Spy Hunter reference represents the way car chases are covered as real news in L.A.

      - In the Porn Worm sketch, George Bush is, as always, wearing a flight suit - something the writers heard Will Ferrell would do if he had stayed on SNL.

  • Allusions

    • Spy Hunter
      The car being pursued in the high speed chase is the player vehicle from the video game Spy Hunter,

    • Power Rangers
      In the 'NEWS' sketch, flu season has affected many people, including the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, a group based on the classic kids' TV series of the same name.

    • Idle Nuts
      The title of the scene, "Idle Nuts," parodies the 1999 movie, "Idle Hands," which had a cast including Seth Green and Jessica Alba as well. The scene where the man tries to "microwave" his appendages is a direct parody of the same movie, where the boy tries to microwave his "evil" hand.

    • Underdog
      The character, "Underdog," used in the news skit, is a character based on the 1960's cartoon of the same name. Underdog himself is an anthropomorphic parody of superheroes, like Superman.

    • Neverending Party
      The skit "Neverending Party" is an apparent parody of the movie "Neverending Story"