Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 3

Easter Basket

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 16, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Fred and Barney brawl over a box of Fruity Pebbles. Kids have fun with the Phyllis Diller Spray-n-Play. An Egyptian pharaoh builds a pyramid of Legos. Superspy Sydney Bristow gets aquatic in "Whalias". Anime and Santa collide in "A Very DragonBall Z Christmas".

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  • One of the best Robot chicken episodes.

    It's one of the best episodes ever made.Even with that DragonBall Z Christimas special.They had a bunch of good pop culture to make in this episode like Barney singing.It did even better with that Flintstone sketch or anything like that.It has a better pop culture sketch episode ever made than any other Robot Chicken episode ever made.What I say about this episode is that it is really much not of a bad episode,it's much of a best episode made by a bunch of creators of this show and they made the episode even better than anything like that thing or stuff.moreless
  • this is a great show. it seems that they are running out of stuff to parody on. maybe they should have kept it off the air longer and hen writen the season two episodes. the first season was much better.moreless

    this is a great show. it seems that they are running out of stuff to parody on. maybe they should have kept it off the air longer and hen writen the season two episodes. the first season was much better. maybe its just me and that im not in touch with whats going on in the world. there is also a lot of repeats of certain parts for older episodes mainly the last episode from season one. the whole dragonball z thing was not that funny. its was a good thing to rip off though. keep up the good work Robot chicken. im definatly not going to stop watching. looking forward to future shows. - thanksmoreless
Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller

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Christian Slater


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Dana Snyder


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Also the first airing of this episode had the [adult swim] logo replaced with [crappy 1980's tv show network] due a complaint about [adult swim] airing Saved By The Bell reruns.

    • The episode starts with this note : Today is Easter the day when Bunny, son of Mothra rises from the sea to spread rainbows, multi-colored eggs and joy. Run children, run! Don't let Bunny touch you with his joy or you'll never sing again.

    • The back page of the Pharaoh's newspaper reads "R U Reading This?" The 'R' and 'U' are meant to be read as the words 'are' and 'you', respectively.

    • Stupid Monkey Logo:
      All that's left are its arms and legs. The reason isn't stated, but likely involves the burned-out match in one hand.

    • Gag Credits:

      Special Thanks - Sarah Gellar
      Speical Spanks - Mila Kunis
      Special Needs - Garret Elkins

    • "Mr. Rock," the man who deliver Fred Flinstone's package, holds a clipboard with what is supposed to be the company's logo, but, instead, it says "FredSux" in the "FedEx"-type logo.

    • The last sketch is a repeat showing of the skit "A Very Dangerous Dragon Ball Z Christmas". It was originally aired on December 22, 2005.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Gohan: Dad, who are those guys?
      Goku: Kung-Fu legends. That's the Little Drummer Boy, who's magical drum conjures up demons most fowl. The Nutcracker, who knows over one hundred testicle based attacks. And Com-posit Santa Claus, who looks one part Santa and one part Frosty the Snowman.
      Gohan: What are Com-posit Santa's powers?
      Goku: I don't know, but he freaks me right the f**k out.

    • Goku: The Tenka'ichi Budôkai is finally complete!
      Santa Claus: What the f*** are you talking about? Was that even English? What happened to my wife? [a reindeer eats the snowflake] This is the last time I deliver presents to Japan.

    • Gohan:ow my dragon balls!

    • Santa Claus: She's grown too gigantic and unstable! Women, am I right fellas?

    • Barney (the dinosaur): I love you, you love me...
      Cell Mate: jumps off the top bunk Damn right!

    • Male voice:Sit Ubu, sit. Bad dog!

    • Fred Flintstone: Eh Barney-boy, this is the life!
      Barney Rubble: You said it, Fred! An entire civilization not wearin' underwear! Y'gotta love it!

    • (Fred Flinstone answers the door)
      Mr. Rock: Hi, I'm Mr. Rock from FedExstone. I've got a delivery for Fred Flinstone from
      Look, sometimes the rock puns don't fit too well, buddy. You want the package or not?

    • (Slavemaster approaches Pharaoh as he eats a sandwich)
      Pharaoh: Yes?
      Slavemaster: Um, some of the slaves got into the space legos and added some satellite dishes and a.. a big grapplin' arm to the west side of the pyramid.
      Pharaoh: (Acting infuriated) Bah, whip them! Whip the piss right out of them!!
      Slavemaster: Yes, sir! (Slavemaster leaves)
      Pharaoh: Although that does sound kind of kick-ass...

    • Slavemaster: Um, Pharaoh, we've run out of Legos. But we have plenty of Duplo blocks.
      Pharaoh: Duplo?!? I'll 'duplo' you right in the nut bag!!

    • Barney (the Dinosaur): I love you, you love me...
      Prostitute: Either way, it's still 50 bucks.

    • Barney (the Dinosaur): I love you, you love me...
      Woman: But I'm not in love with you.

    • (When burying Fred)
      Barney: Ahh damn it, Fred, I wanted some of your f***ing cereal!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Goku is shown without wearing his blue undershirt, and blue wrist bands; also there is no insignia on his Orange Gi.

    • In the "Very Dragonball Z Christmas" sketch, Goku calls his son Gohan, however it is more likely Goten due to his hairstyle being the same as Goku's. Gohan has a completely different hairstyle. Also Goten was never shown wearing blue.

    • When the episode originally aired, this note appeared at the end:
      It is to pay attention. The Chicken Season of Robot One DVD exists to buy with all the main memories. It is recreation for the complete family. Feed it to your player. Love it with your face.


    • The fencing scene is a spoof of an old 80's commercial for the "Connect Four" game when a girl beats her brother with a diagonal move using the same dialogue.

    • The Flinstones and Fruity Pebbles
      the fake Fruity Pebbles commercial parodies The Flinstones, the set of cartoon characters that promote the cereal on TV ads. In the commercials, Barney Rubble always tricks Fred Flinstone into allowing Barney to partake in some of Fred's cereal. The sketch takes a dark tone to the theme of the commercials. The sketch also plays on themes of the old Flinstones cartoon show and the flaws of the show.

    • Village Of The Damned

      In the skit where the kids have glowing eyes and the adults respond, "Damned children!" this is a reference to the original filmed version of Village Of The Damned. Based on John Wyndham's book, it is a story of kids with special powers who keep the adults of their village in line with their own wishes.

    • Man:Sit UBU, Sit! Bad Dog!

      This is a refrence to the classic UBU logo,
      where a man says "Sit UBU, sit! Good Dog!"

    • Whalias
      The skit is a parody of the ABC drama, Alias, in which Jennifer Garner plays an undercover agent. The ending of the skit was an homage to the ending of the movie Free Willy, where the killer whale jumps over the kid in the end to swim back into the ocean.

    • The skit where Goku and Gohan save Christmas was previously seen in the Robot Chicken Christmas Special in season one.