Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 2

Federated Resources

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • I was squeezing myself this episode was so bloody hilarious.

    Firstly... 'Dicks With Time Machines'. The best sketch they've come up with so far in my opinion. Followed by Liono and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Awesome. It makes me laugh by merely thinking about it - I never thought about how dangerous that dog is. And imagining an episode of thundercats where someone calls Liono 'Bad Mr Kitty Cat' while spraying him with a bottle of water. Downhill from there with a sketch about two Coreys(?) - i don't have a clue who they are - i'm sure it would have been funnier if i was in the know, but i think it's another USA thing which I don't understand. Excellent apart from that.
  • Wow. Great episode. Just what I like to expect from Robot Chicken

    MMM... Great episode. The whole dicks\heroes with time machines thing was awesome. love the line "Anything on there about not pushing your religion on to other people?". the Lion-o thing was pretty good too but a little overdrawn if you ask me. Overall a good episode. Definately up there in the rankings out of season 1 and 2 so far. Hopefully the 2nd season will be as good as the 1st
  • A really funny episode man!

    THis is one funny episode i liked the parts where the guy goes back to the past to ruined history I especially liked the part with hitler and him in the bathroom doing well... THat's classifed information. I also liked the moses and the twelve commandments thing. HALORUIOS MAN VERY!
  • JK rowling

    Ilove the time travelling, bits, especially the JK rowling one, also the bit with moses and the 10 commandments soo funny. This is good TV, glad they brought it back, keep it up.
    Wasnt as good as last weks though, but sure there will be some good content come out of this in futre weeks.