Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 2

Federated Resources

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The credit song is not present in this episode. Instead, there is a humorous dialogue between the Bush daughters.

    • Stoopid Monkey Logo:
      Monkey Readies Itself for the Guillotine.

    • Gag Credits:

      Anglophile - Sarah Gellar
      Francophile - Mila Kunis
      Pedophile - Garret Elkins

    • The t-shirt Corey Haim has on has two Hiragana characters that translate to baka. Baka means "fool" or "idiot" in Japanese.

    • Missing Family
      In the skit with Clifford, after he is tied down and the excavator is just pulling up, the family is not there. But when the camera comes in for a close up the family is suddenly there.

    • This is Lion-O's first appearance in the second season. He was last seen in Episode 11, Toy Meets Girl.

  • Quotes

    • Old Lady: Miss PrissyPants, stop fussing with your bow! Lion-O: This bow sucks!... and my name is Lion-o, leader of the Thundercats, sworn to... Old Lady: Oopsie, grouchy kitties don't get any tuna... Lion-O: I'd better get some fricken tuna...

    • Barber: There you go, one shaved head.
      Customer: Great let's make the carpet match the drapes.

    • Teacher: Yes
      Girl Student: Because your wife was a bitch.
      (On Blackboard it says "Reasons I Left My Wife:")
      Teacher: Because she was a bitch. Yes.

    • Mom: Margaret! Sarah!
      Margaret and Sarah: A pony! A pony! A pony!
      Mom: Only one of you gets the pony. The other gets a whipping!
      Dad: Now let's see those grade cards!

    • (After Corey Haim and Feldman leave the bus.)
      Haim: And maybe we can get Corey Rocket packs and...
      Feldman: Hey, Corey!
      Haim: Huh?
      Feldman :How about a nice tall glass of Shut the Fxxk up?!

    • Kid: Vicki has cooties!
      Vicki: Oh, you're funny!
      Lion-O: *beats up kid* Vicki... Does not... Have... Cooties! (looks at everyone else) Anyone else? I got nine lives and a can of whoop-ass!

    • Swedish Chef's Wife: What kept you honey? Dinner's waiting.
      Swedish Chef: Get the hell off my back, woman! Can I get a moment of (beep) peace!?! (Swipes dishes off the table)

    • (Manchester 1989)
      *J.K. Rowling is digging through a trash can for food when Dick suddenly appears*
      Dick: J. K. Rowling?
      J. K. Rowling: Cor blimey! Are you an angel?
      Dick: I am from the future. In 15 years' time you will be a best selling children's author who's net worth is more than 1 billion american dollars.
      J. K. Rowling: I had an idea about a boy wizard.
      Dick: No. Your books will be about a magical raccoon. He has an afro. His name is Squiggles, and he shoots pixie dust out of his bunghole.
      J. K. Rowling: Thank you. I'll start right away.

    • Woman: I... uh... I walked into a door....
      Business man: Well then, can I interest you in our line of Nerf doors?
      Man: What about stairs? She's gonna need some Nerf stairs too...

    • Naked Guy:(singing) This is how I dance, when I'm not wearin' underpants! Nothing I love more than to dance, when I'm not weaarin' no pants! You can't make me...(cuts off)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Swedish Chef
      The sketch featuring the funny-talking chef is an allusion to the Swedish Chef, a character from the Muppets show. The sketch plays on the way the character speaks.

    • The Ten Commandments
      The third "Time Machines" sketch alludes to Moses' revelation of the ten commandments for God's followers to live by in order to achieve salvation, according to the book of Exodus.

    • Evil Knievel
      The sketch featuring Evil Knievel attempting a jump in his wheelchair is an allusion to Evil's career as an American stuntsman. He is best known for his high-altitude, long distance jumps that usually resulted in injuries.

    • Clifford the Big Red Dog
      The sketch featuring the oversized red dog is an allusion to the children's book series Clifford the Big Red Dog. The sketch takes a realistic look at the situation of owning a real dog that is so big.

    • Paul Revere's Ride
      The second "Tine Machine" sketch featured the American legend of Paul Revere's Ride.

      Paul Revere was one of three men set to warn the town of Concord that the British were preparing to attack the next day. Paul Revere never actually made it to Concord in time, as he was kept for questioning by British soldiers. Samuel Prescott would be the one to reach Concord that night. The sketch might actually be referring to William Dawes, the third rider, who escaped from the British soldiers like Prescott. Unlike Prescott, Dawes would get lost on the unfamiliar road.

    • Lyon-O
      Lyon-O is the lead character from the classic Thundercats cartoon.

    • J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter book series.

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