Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 13

Metal Militia

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Hello?

People panic, scream, and run everywhere as their plane is falling. Then you see Superman working on his laptop, not noticing the commotion around him and trying to get a soda.

2. Horton Hears A Jew!

A stand-up comic on a stage makes a Jewish joke to which an elephant responds that it is reasonably funny.
3. Let's Fly!

Peter pan stands outside a window encouraging kids to fly, but they all crash on the ground.
4. Sweet Ride

First, a guy wants a cheep car, and he is given a special car that is like the old computer game "Snake." He ends up crashing in his own tail. Then a nerd comes along and asks for a vehicle that would compensate for his very, very, very small penis, and he gets a space engine.
5. Serious Bull

In this short scene, policemen are hiding behind a staircase as the robot who has to disable a bomb realizes that he is being used.
6. Game Over!

Murky and Lurky plot to take over the Color Kids and turn the world gray. They brake into Rainbow Brite's house and search around. They hide when the girl comes in. She farts, drinks, eats people, then finds the villains and kills them with a chainsaw.
7. ROM Spaceknight

A fight between a steel robot and a guy with a giant magnet.
8. Doggy in the Window

Small skit with a guy and his kid asking how much a puppy cost, but the clerk tells them they can't buy it, because it has cancer.
9. Into the Blue

Seth Green tells us that since animation takes long to make, they create the movie parody before the movie is released, and this is what happens when you don't really know more than the title of a movie.
10. William Tell

Small sketch where Tell is disappointed that he shot the apple… for once.
11. Mummy Time!

A doctor performs a surgery and is looking for gauzes then you see in the back a nurse being chased by another doctor wrapped up in gauzes like a mummy.
12. When Pigs Fly.

A little girl asks her mom for her new curfew to be midnight, but it can't be until pigs fly. So the girl launches a pig in the air and gets her new curfew.
13. He's Safe

Small sketch of monsters scaring a kid in his bed, then hitting him with baseball bats…
14. Lil' Indy

Big mission for Indie! Some boys stole a girl's doll, so in true Indie he gets it back… and with few lives lost too.
15. Hogan's Heroes

The troupe prepares their escape from a Nazi camp when Hitler comes for a visit. They bring Hitler in the ring and do what they do best!