Robot Chicken

Season 3 Episode 10

Moesha Poppins

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 21, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Word Fun! A news anchorman reports of the different words you can find within the words "Tonight's News." 2. Not One More Day! When a man becomes upset with the bumper-to-bumper traffic to and from work, he turns his car into a death mobile, ready to plow down all the weaker cars. Unfortunately, the next day ends up being a Jewish holiday. 3. Are You Not Entertained? When a gladiator in the arena wins his match by killing his opponent, he inquires of the audience's pleasure. The audience asks him to dance and then tell a joke, but the gladiator gets interrupted in the middle of his joke. 4. Milk Sacks When a well-endowed psychiatrist has her patient look at ink blots, the man continuously makes references to the woman's chest. 5. Baby Hostages When a man holds babies hostage, a negotiator tries to reason with the man over the phone. While trying to fulfill the criminal's wish, the call gets dropped, and the man proceeds to chuck the babies out the window one by one. 6. Awe, Dad A dad surprises his son by giving him a new car on the boy's birthday, but the personalized license plate leaves the boy somewhat displeased. 7. Dinner with Vader After Lando Calrissian hands over Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca over to Darth Vader, the party proceeds to have dinner together, leaving the table conversation to be quite controversial. Han and Boba Fett make hand gestures to each other from across the table until Leia brings up the destruction of Alderaan. Vader satirizes the planet's destruction, and Lando follows up with a bad joke. 8. 1776 Following on the heels of "300," movie makers attempt to enrich the tale of the United States' birth. George Washington leads the charge as America sets to declare its freedom. 9. Robotic Longevity When a scientist explains a robot's capabilities, the men in the audience inquire of its sexual uses. 10. Girl Toys Michael Moore returns in another documentary about the playthings of yesterday, with a focus on girls' toys this time around. After introducing the piece with the fates of Raggedy Ann & Andy, the documentary follows the now overweight Jem, who performs at children's parties and sells herself as a prostitute. The fate of the fifth ninja turtle, Venus, is met with an ironic twist. When Strawberry Shortcake finally confronts the Purple Pie Man, her arch nemesis, she shows no mercy and kills her former tormentor, landing her in jail. Rainbow Brite, after retiring as ruler of Rainbow Land, proceeded to date mostly black guys. Sailor Moon now makes a living by selling her old panties online to old men. The Cabbage Patch Kids were no longer a desirable and fell on hard times. Chatty Cathy was silenced after witnessing a crime by the mafia.
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