Robot Chicken

Season 1 Episode 2

Nutcracker Sweet

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Feb 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Seth Green Love:
A girl plans to marry Seth Green.

2. Giraffe Hit:
A giraffe on a railroad track equals disaster.

3. Kool-Aid Crack:
While on a baseball field, the Kool-Aid Man has a baseball thrown at him.

4. Voltron Got Served!:
Voltron is called upon to defeat the alien threat. Upon meeting the enemy, the kids are challenged to a dance-off. When they lose, they are humiliated on a global scale.

5. Stalin Love:
Same as earlier, but with Josef Stalin.

6. Hey Diddle Diddle:
The two runaways are headed to a hotel, planning on doing some nasty things together.

7. Hell is for Children:
On the set of a kid's show featuring a yellow dinosaur, the kids on the show are crying for no apparent reason.

8. Nature's Jerks:
The Mongoose: Nature's Assassin:
The real culprit of the JFK assassination!

The Hyena: Nature's A**hole:
When laughing at others' follies goes too far, the hyena is mauled by a lion. Calling in the police for the "domestic disturbance," the hyena makes his move on the lion's wife.

The Lemming: Nature's Retard:
Lemmings are seen: running off a cliff, failing to cross a street, jumping in a blender, and planning to have unprotected sex

9. Big Boobs:
A Barbie doll with enormous breasts turns to where one can read her shirt: "I have big boobs."

10. Pattycake:
Jesus and Moses (of the Bible) are seen in the desert, playing Patty cake.

11. Harry Potter's Accident:
Harry Potter is seen in his Quidditch clothes, with his broom stuck up his butt!

12. Walt vs. Elian:
On the day Walt Disney "died," scientists had attached his head to a robot body. The only problem: he craves the flesh of Cuban children. The park built in Florida was made so Walt would be closer to his supply of food. When Walt sees a news report about Elian Gonzalez on TV, he sets his sights on the boy and comes out of hiding. After fighting off jet planes and burning villages, Elian presents himself to Walt as a sacrifice. However, Fidel Castro would come along to shoot and kill Walt Disney....and Elian!

13. Mail Sorting:
Instead of delivering the mail, a mailman is sorting through all the mail to see what he really needs, throwing everything else into a trash can.

14. Baby Vampires:
A box of baby vampires by a homeless man on the streets.

15. Door Conundrum:
A man can't decide which door to use when both have signs that he shouldn't use either door.

16. Ode to the Nut Shot:
Characters getting hit in the nuts, set to music!