Robot Chicken

Season 1 Episode 17

Operation Rich In Spirit

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jun 26, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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New video game Codename: Abortionator, Massage happy ending, Keanu Reeves and friends for "Keanu Sausage", Scooby Doo and the gang go to Camp Crystal Lake.

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      • Christopher Walken: Ohh, I did not notice you, there. I'm a fan of sasuage, I like Keanu's sasuage...the best! to eat?

      • William Shatner: They're so...juicy, I can't start the day amazing sasuage,in my mouth. That's where Keanu comes in.

      • Sumara: I like trees and dolls, and ponies,if they dont keep me up at night, long walks by the cliffs, and nice catholic men. Hope to meet you soon.

        Man in jacket: I think I just sh_t out my heart,(gasp)I wonder if she puts out.

      • Daphne: Gosh, Freddy, are we really going to go all the way?
        Fred: If one more person says something about my ascot, I'll -- damn it's fashionable!

      • Fred: I suggest we split up. Shaggy and Scooby, you check the campground. Velma, you check the woods. Daphne and I will check out the bunkhouse and have some of that nice sex until you get back.
        Phyllis Diller: Sex? You? With her? But with that dickey, you couldn't even bag an old bag like me! (laughs)
        Fred: It's an ascot, you old whore! An ascot!
        Phyllis Diller (punches Fred): Well, your "ascot" laid out by this old whore, dickey.

      • Velma (after unmasking Jason to reveal Old Man Phillips): Old Man Phillips! But why?

        Old Man Phillips: Spanish doubloons worth millions of dollars were hidden at the bottom of the lake. And it would've been all mine if it weren't for you meddling kids!

        Velma: A bunch of coins?! All my friends are dead! They're dead and I'm still a virgin!

        Old Man Phillips: You know, we can fix that.

        (The two start to have sex)

      • Daphne: (Falls down a trapdoor and finds a mantle adorned by the head of Pamela Voorhees) Hey, that must be Jason's dead mother! This explains everything!
        Fred: (Falls through the same trapdoor and lands on Daphne) Hey, that must be Jason's dead mother! This explains everything!
        Daphne: Fred, you're an asshole! And that ascot makes you look gay!

      • Velma: The virgin always lives the longest in these horror movies. God, my life sucks!
        Don Knotts: You think your life sucks? One of my apartment tenants might be a flaming homo! And that ain't all --someone killed me. [falls forward with a knife in his back]

      • Announcer for The Abortionator: Make sweet, sweet love to your hot cousin or your hot cousin's mentally disabled friend!

      • (Man standing in front of brick wall, sneezes)
        Man: Achooo!!
        (Brain matter shoots out the back of his head onto the wall)

      • Announcer: Michael Flatley IS "The Lord Of The Dance."

        (Enter a dancing Darth Vader action figure.)

        Announcer: Darth Vader IS "The Lord Of The Sith."

      • Shaggy: Man, I am one sad dog-food-eating hippie.

    • NOTES (4)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Friday the 13th
        The sketch involving the Scooby Doo gang is a parody of the first Friday the 13th horror movie about a killer named Jason terroizing camp Crystal Lake.

      • Three's Company

        Don Knotts: You think your life sucks? One of my apartment tenants might be a flaming homo!

        This is a reference to the film Three's Company, where Jack (John Ritter) was only permitted to live with two women because he pretended to be gay. Don Knotts played the superintendent Ralph Furley.

      • Butterfly Effect
        The sketch where the kids talk about butterfly effect is a reference to the phrase of the same name that encaptures the idea of "sensitive dependence on initial condition."

        The sketch in this episode takes the idea to a fictional degree, where killing a butterfly on one side of the world causes disaster on the other side of the world.

      • Codename: The Abortionator
        Codename: The Abortionator is a satire sketch of the Grand Theft Auto video game series, especially Grand Theft Auto 3 and all the sequels made after it.

      • Boy in bubblebath is fascinated with his rubber ducky. Then surprised by a very large reptile's head coming out from the water.

        This is in reference to the Loch Ness monster.