Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 10

Password: Swordfish

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jun 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Care bears care a lot – about ethnic cleansing. See the action-packed story of Heimlich and his quest to unblock your windpipe. Ben Affleck sues the AFLAC duck. Corporate disputes get solved hand to hand in Office Fighter. Harry Potter uses magic to fight…puberty.

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  • Why do people have to be hating on the Care Bears? WHY??!!

    The Care Bears thing was not funny and just plain mean. The filler stuff was BORING! The only funny part was the Harry Potter sketch. But even then parts of that still were mean. Other than that, the best part was making fun of HP plotline by saying that they embark on a perilous mission and end up in the hospital as usual. And the Sorting Hat "virgin" trick and bad things happening to Ron.moreless
  • Was "ok" but wasn't exactly too funny

    The carebears skit had to be the best and funnist of the whole Robot Chicken Episode. The rest skits where just not too funny and maybe a bit not original. The Harry Potter skit is a bit late so I didn't laugh even once. Depending on who you are, you may of thought it was funny. The harry potter skit could of been funny to some if they are fans or if they just hate harry potter. The carebeatrs skit on the other hand was original. They brought back a old classic cartoon kids show and screwed it up. That's what I want to see on Robot Chicken. More forgotten TV show spoofs.moreless
  • This is what I expect from the series...

    This episode was another classic. While titled for the guest stars from the movie 'Swordfish,' this episode had classic sketches, like the Care Bear ethnic cleansing, Harry Potter's fight with pubertus, Spy vs. Spy, and "Heimlech Begins." While I did not understand one of the shorter sketches, Seth Green and company still put out another great episode that makes me even more eager in the anticipation for the DVD collection of Season 2! The only complaint I have with this episode is the sketch where Tommy (the kid who played soccer) kept getting run over and further injured. That was the only sketch of poor taste, but I still tried to have fun with it.

    Favorite sketch: DJ Edison on the phonogram.moreless
  • This episode was nothing too special.

    I really wasn't laughing all too hard. There were a few moments I did enjoy, the Eminem/Looney Toons sketch was decent. "Thats all b*tches was probably the funniest moment of that part though.

    Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles was pretty funny though. Some good moments, especially the peverted Splinter checking out the nurse.

    Overall though this episode, while better than last weeks episode, still needed more to be up to par with the last few. Whats going on with these guys? They've done some great shows before but the last two just hasnt been the same caliber. Again, hopefully next weeks will be better.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Man walks up to a lady in a bar)
      Man: Hey, nice shoes. Bet they'd look much better in my pants. Wait...I mean, are you from heaven? 'Cause I've got an erection.

    • Harry: What are we going to do?
      Hermione: Let's ask Hagrid for help.
      Harry: Don't be ridiculous, Hermione. We need to confront the terrible horror ourselves and potentially end up hospitalized, like always.

    • Bedtime Bear: You all know what time it is, its bed-time, and by bed I mean ethnic and by time, I mean cleansing.

    • Dr. Who is standing on first base of a baseball field.
      Dr. Who: Get it?

    • Ron: Harry, I'm scared!
      Harry: You're always scared, you chicken shit!
      Ron: I can't help it! I'm a scared, pimple-faced, red-headed, chickenshit virgin!

    • (during soccer game)
      Spectator: Which kid is yours?
      "Howdy I Have Brain Damage"'s Father: (obviously lying) The fat Asian kid.

    • (Heimlech's mentor throws a piece of meat at one of the Heimlech testers, and he chokes on it!)
      Heimlech: He's choking!
      Mentor: He's a goner!
      Heimlech: Nein, he's practice.

    • All Care Bears: Hooray for murder!
      Cheer Bear: Now let us celebrate our genocide!

    • Love-a-Lot-Bear: I may be Love-a-Lot-Bear, but I can hate a lot too!

  • NOTES (4)

    • The Stoop!d Monkey is hitting on the girlfriend of a very large gorilla.

    • The Ben Affleck sueing the AFLAC duck refers to a sketch that was cut at the animatic phase but can be seen on the Season 2 DVD, according to Seth Green, it almost made it, because he heard Ben Affleck was interested in doing Robot Chicken, he hopes this sketch can be animated and used on the show in the future.

    • All descriptions for this episode describe a sketch with Ben Affleck sueing the AFLAC duck, but this sketch must have been removed after the first airing because it has not appearead in reruns.

    • This episode marks the second parody of Harry Potter. The first was a filler scene in "Nutcracker Sweet."


    • Woman: Jeffery, We're out of ice cream!

      This scene a woman opens a freeze door and finds many severed head and is upset by the lack of ice cream. The reference is to Jeffery Dhamer, the famed American Cannibal who kept human body parts in his freezer and refrigerator.