Robot Chicken

Season 3 Episode 3

Rabbits on a Roller Coaster

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Aug 26, 2007 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Elf Tree Rampage 2. The Worst Halloween 3. Gavel Whacking When a judge adjourns the court hearing, a plastic mole pops up from his bench. When he hits it down, another plastic mole pops up. The process becomes a vicious cycle for the judge. 4. Frakking Galactica 5. The Last Unicorn 6. Turbo Teen 7. Chocolate Easter Eggs A kid confronts the Easter Bunny, telling the overgrown hare how many easter eggs he found, including a chocolate egg. The Easter Bunny reveals that he did not hide any chocolate easter eggs, meaning that the chocolate egg was in fact not an egg at all. 8. Dick Tracy's a Dick 9. The Worst School Day 10. Charlotte's New Web 11. Follow the Light, Rainbow 12. Put a M.A.S.K. On It