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  • classic

    the best
  • Classic

    Comedy genius.
  • People who like The Oblongs but hate this are scum!

    Sure this show has gone downhill but how the hell did people favor The Oblongs over this? That show was garbage and people were too stupid to realize that! I mean that show was made by a guy who dresses like The Joker from Batman. Anyways this show can be funny a times when it's not destroying your childhood but it kinda has gone downhill and there are rumors going around that it has been cancelled. As it turns out, those rumors are false since we're now in season 8.
  • In a nutshell, Robot Chicken is hit or miss.

    As a sketch comedy, sometimes the skits work, other times not so much. If it's not bust a gut funny, it's harmless parody. There's really not much else to say other then if you need a good laugh, this show just might satisfy you.
  • Dirty, yet funny.

    This show always make lol, along with the other shows that make me laugh. At least, I know it has an on-and-off comparison with two shows that are very inappropriate and kinda offensive, like: "Family Guy" and "South Park". These TV shows are funny, but are very unsuitable to anyone who expresses their opinion on any of them. But anyways, I admire this show and I laugh whenever I see something hilarious.

    Grade: A

    Score: 9.5 out of 10
  • Art by Robot Chicken designers

    Here is an original sculpture by one of the Robot Chicken designers. YAY!!!
  • used to be much better

    Till now one of their worst seasons, maybe they have had too many lawsuits while ragging on the pop culture of modern times still all in all one of the best of all time after woody allen sleeper
  • Want to watch more of the random awesomeness!!

    Few early ep (06, 14)
  • season 7 isn't very good

    is it just me or is this season not very good i feel maybe seth green was to busy with dads to put a full effort into it
  • This show is hilarious.

    I've been watching this since I was a little boy. I still think this show is funny TODAY.
  • You call this show quality in animation?

    The animation for this show is clearly bad. It just uses stop motion and has an annoying repetition of reusing the same figures after a while.
  • robot chicken: raping your childhood since 2005

    it's pretty funny
  • Undrrated

    Robot Chicken is one of the most underrated shows on TV. It's truly one of the funniest shows out there.
  • Cool!

    I like this show, even do it never aired in my country.
  • The best parody show ever!

    The flaws I have to address is 1 The title. Robot Chicken?!? I don't get the title at all. 2 The animation is bad and super repetitive. 3 Using Hot Wheels cars) How creative. But everything else is fine. 83/100 Great.
  • Robot Chicken - perfect animation for people with low humor standarts.

    I didn't like that crap show already from the 1st episode. The main reason was that this show depicts many short-timed stories instead of long lasting main story throughout the whole episode. All the jokes are just randomly played and they are not inter-connected.

    And the jokes themselves are so lame that I can't find a perfect word to describe it. Word "foul" does not even stand close to the feeling I get. If I want to hear or see short jokes I just go on Youtube and watch bloopers, pranks, accidents etc - way funnier then what Robot Chicken offers.

    This tv show is meant for people with redundant sense of humor that enjoy good old kick-in-ass jokes and are incapable of brain computing more complicated jokes.

    Want to see some good old funny and deep meaning animation made in USA? One of 'em I'd recommend is King of the Hill. Robot Chicken - wouldn't recommend even to my worst enemy.
  • awesome

    This show is super funny, I'm talking pee your pants funny, theres not much i could say about this show other than how funny it is. Just keep this away from kids, it will teach them stuff you really don't want them to hear.
  • Great show on Adult Swim

    The stop-motion series entitled Robot Chicken is the animated program from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, and is currently airing on the late-night programming block "Adult Swim". I thought this was a great show for Adult Swim. It doesn't beat Aqua Force Teen Hunger though. This is not the best adult show ever, but I liked the stop motion animation. Most of the sequences in this show are funny. They often features part from a TV show, video games, and the other popular stuffs on entertainment. I have only seen 1/4 of the show so I cannot decide if my score go up once I watch some more. From what I had seen so far, they are pretty much great. Some of the parodies are unfunny. That is going to be my flaw. I has no problem with the mature content here. Overall Robot Chicken is a great stop motion animated show for Adult Swim. 8.5/10 (as of right now)
  • Why did I used to like this show!?

    I just can't stand this show anymore! It has gone why too far! After I saw the Godzilla skits on there, I just couldn't bare to watch anymore! NOBODY makes fun of my favorite movie kaiju and gets away with it. This show even made fun of my favorite show, that is the very very last straw! Robot Chicken sould die! Die! Die! It's does nothing but make fun of your favorite childhood icons and makes them look like crap! I can't understand people liking this show, because it deserves to die! I can't wait till this is long gone. All adult shows suck anyway!
  • Robot Chicken... One of the Funneist cartoons to date. It's a cartoon that takes all the people, cartoons, shows, movies, events, video games, commercials and more and makes them into Funny Great Comedy Skits.

    My 15th Review after "Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)".

    This cartoon is funny as heck. They have such great comedy skits. They had like a Mario and luigi in GTA vice city parody, That is one of the BEST skits on robot chicken series trilogy. I'm gonna soon make my clone of robot chicken titled: "Techno Tiger". Now. This show is gonna get an A+. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: A 8.5/10.0 Good but Bluary Voice-acting.

    Animation: A+ 9.0/10.0 The Animation is in pretty low Quatilly and it is pretty bad animation but that's what it makes it soooooooo Funny!!!!!

    Grapihcs: C 6.0/10.0 Average. It looks like a Rankin bass cartoon series title.

    Sound: A++ 10.0/10.0 They have ALL types of good music, Now that's the music we want to have for Original cartoons.

    Dialouge: A++ 9.8/10.0 One of the Funniest Dialouge scripts to date on a cartoon.

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 10.0/10.0 You can't go wrong messing up with this superb show!

    Overall: A+ 9.1/10.0 This cartoon has everything with skits that you can ever imainge! This show is Hillroaius! Check it out!!!!!!! :)
  • WARNING: Keep this show away from kids at all possible.

    OK I think this is a good show on Adult Swim. Its not really drop dead hilarious good, its just good. But keep this show away from kids at all possible. Now my parents would kill me if they saw me watching it so I don't watch it that much. I've only seen like 3 episodes of it and its pretty funny. Now this show is violent, there's a lot of blood, deaths ect... And it uses language that sometimes appears unbleeped. Now this show is also discusting. I Mean I made a bad sick face when I saw this show one time. But this show is funny. Now this show is kind of like Mad. It makes funny of people, shows, movie and other stuff. But its better than Mad actually. Now I think its really creative that this show has dolls in it. And one more thing I would've never guess that this show would've been a sketch comedy. I found this show on the internet and I thought it was a chciken that found crime not a sketch comedy. Well keep this show away from kid sat all possible and check it out. Overall 7.5/10.
  • Robot Chicken use of cultural/political reference continues to be funny, but its overly exaggerated violence and sexual content are just not funny (but not offensive), and its comedy rests too much on the technique of non-sequitors.


    I still watch Robot Chicken every now and then whenever I'm finished with all the essential activities in my daily life. What I appreciate about Robot Chicken is its creative use of animated doll-clays to lampoon many artifacts from our popular culture and politics: He-Man, Starwars, Lindsey Lohan, Star Trek (including it's die-hard nerd fans), Terminator, Green Lantern, etc. Anyone, including myself, who is familiar with anything about popular culture, will, more or less inevitably find Robot Chicken lampooning it all.

    However the downside to Robot Chicken is its overly exaggerated use of violence, sexuality, and obscenity. I do not disparage violence, sexuality, and obscenity on TV and Cinema because many times I find themappropriateand purposeful in many contexts (e.g. If the movie was about gangsters and drug dealers, then obscenity and violence is to be expected). However I do not understand why some of the elements play acrucialmonotonous part in Robot Chicken. Why do heads explode, guts fall off, or body shred to pieces? I would personally expect to find that in Horror genres, but nowadays it seems like Comedyincorporatesthem into their genre as if its funny. Perhaps it's just me, but I personally don't find it funny (I also don't find it offensive).

    Another letdown in Robot Chicken is that the whole premise of the show rests in the total use of non-sequitur as a comical device. You go from one scene which consists of certain characters lampooning figures from popular culture, to another entirely different scene with different characters. At first it's entertaining since what comes after another scene is suppose to be unexpected. While family guys, american dad, and south park has its moments of non-sequiturs (especially family guys!), they all still have a continuous linear plot that one can appreciate. Robot Chicken is simply a non-sequitur show.

    Anyways, I still enjoy the show, I hope Seth Green keeps up the goo work, but I must say that those are the only things about Robot Chicken that I disliked.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the show that ruined my childhood.

    The stop-motion series entitled Robot Chicken is the animated program from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, and is currently airing on the late-night programming block "Adult Swim".

    Pretty much, it's just people playing with dolls ruining every TV show, video game, etc, that I grew up being entertained with.

    For example, Spongebob, Parappa the Rapper, Mario Bros, you now what I mean.

    This show should've been canceled a long time ago. I do admit though I liked the Grand Theft Mario Vice City skit, but that's about it.

    Overall, avoid the show at all costs, it wont make you laugh at all.

    1/10 F
  • its basically grown men playing with dolls for 15 minutes


    this show used to be funny when it started out but now its just boring its basically grown men playing with dolls for 15 minutes. anybody could do this show its just musicals, sketches that drag out way too long, and crazy random things that arent funny. sometimes theres funny sketches but for the most part is just stupid. ive seen a couple episodes of the show and it wasnt funny. i dont get why so many people like robot chicken and family guy their the same dam thing just stupid jokes that only an 8 year old would find funny, constant violence, and stupid sex jokes. if you wanna watch a funny show from adult swim watch aqua teen hunger force.

  • One of the shows I actually laugh out loud at


    As I live over in the UK we do not have adult swim on cartoon network so I never knew what robot chicken was for quite a while. Back when I was about eleven years old there was a funny video of mario and luigi in gta that went around my school but everyone thought it was a one off thing someone made. Then someone found out it came from a show, I watched a few episodes and found them funny. Then a couple of years ago I was in a dvd shop and season 1 of robot chicken was on sale so I bought it and watched the full thing and really enjoyed it. I live the clay and action figure style of animation, it's differnet to alot of programs, I love the gags with all different well known shows and there short and funny and overall I just generally enjoy watching this show!

  • Who thought a clip show with dolls and figurines was a good idea.

    This show reminds me of going over my cousin's house when I was little and sitting there watching them play with there action figures. It was boring. The few times I've watched this show I never laughed. I've acually fallen asleep watching this. There's no main charaters. There's hardly a script. There's just all this random stuff going on. Using action figures as charaters is a dumm idea. I can see this being a show for children except its not age appropaite. I remember one clip called Zombie idle which was a nightmare with in a nightmare. Seth Green should stick with voice acting.
  • What was a strong and fresh show has significantly declined in the past few years.

    Robot Chicken is a quick, 15 minute adult animation comedy from creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. What started out as a fresh, funny and "original" show, has managed to slip the last two seasons. In all honesty, their third season was the strongest of all. I had purchased every season of Robot Chicken leading up to the third season, but sense then, I have really lost interest in this show. The jokes that can sometimes be found in the latest episodes are oftentimes weak or just plain unfunny. The show relies more on violence and cursing for humor instead of actual jokes. The best decision for this show would to hire new writers or cancel it all-together.
  • Animated sketch shows have never been has never funny as this


    As you already now,I love sketch shows and there's something even better:animated sketch shows. KaBlam! and Mad are big examples of them. But by far,the best animated sketch show ever has got to be Robot Chicken. Robot Chicken is a sketch show that spoofs TV,Movies,video games,music,products and other pop culture things. The other plot is about a evil scientist that finds a dead chicken on the road,and turns him into a robot,forcing it to watch the sketches. How I know this,watch the intro. The sketches are brillant and will make you laugh until your pants are covered in pee. Some of them include the ExciteBike guy getting injured,Sonic dying after running on spikes,Goku and his son saving christmas, and the Six Flags guy killing someone on his bus. I also love how this show spoofs Mario. A lot of them are great,and it includes Mario getting killed by Master Chief,Mario taking Donkey Kong's barrels instead of saving Peach and the best one,him and Luigi ending up in Vice City doing drugs and killing a pet turtle. The humor is great,and while most of it relies on toilet humor,the rest relies on running gags of characters. Which includes the robot that likes to hump stuff,the nerd who does things like becoming the Greatest American Hero or dating Scarlet Johanson,the scientist and the chicken and many more. The music is mostly spoofs of other musical numbers like the SchoolHouse Rock spoof of "Nouns" that's called "Homonyms",which is about bad words that are other words,Sir-Mix A Lot's "Table Be Round" which is "Baby Got Back",and YMIA,which is YMCA. They may have played "Teenage Wasteland" without spoofing it,but the rest of them are brilliant. I also love the hour long "Star Wars" spoofs. They are a lot better than Family Guy's,and this show even spoofed Family Guy when Seth Mcfarlane came. And this show even says in every season finale,that the show is canceled,but it's just renewed every season. Overall,this and Aqua Teen Hunger Force are basically Adult Swim's best shows. And proves that animated sketch shows are just as great as live-action ones. Please watch this and get the seasons on DVD.

  • I'm OldManKrabs555 and this is my review on Robot Chicken.

    Robot Chicken is a really funny show to me. I enjoy watching it on Teletoon at Night. I can only see it weekly though, since it's only on Sundays on Teltoon at Night. Darn, I missed this show when I was in school, but now it's summer so that means, I get to watch it now. Robot Chicken is a pretty decent show, one of my favourite shows of all-time. Well, there's nothing else to say so... that's pretty much it. This has been OldManKrabs555 on Robot Chicken.
  • It's entertaining to watch on Adult Swim

    "Robot Chicken" is a great show who is from creator Seth Green. Seth Green who is the creator of "Robot Chicken" (this show, of course) is the voice of Chris Griffin in "Family Guy". This show isn't like the funniest show I've ever seen but it is entertaining to watch late at night on Adult Swim. I've seen pretty much every episode of this cartoon. Most of the time, this show is gosh darn hilarious but there needs to be improvement in some of the plots to the episodes. There pretty much aren't any main characters since there are just different characters in every show making fun of movies, shows, celebrities, and all that. This show is not for kids... it does happen to be very violent. The violence doesn't bug me at all because it is just clay animation and it isn't disturbing to me at all. But even though, this show can traumatize children and it's a bad influence on them also. This show is TV-MA for a reason but I can take the violence in this show since it is just clay animation. Overall, not the best or funniest show I've seen but it's an entertaining late night show to watch on Adult Swim... DO NOT let younger viewers watch this show though. 8/10
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