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  • A genius sketch show that contemplates the humor of Seth Green. It parodies modern day stars and random stories.

    The show is so funny. I hate the fact that every show is only ten minutes. I wish it could be longer. Since the first sketch I ever saw on youtube i was hooked. I am now a huge fan and I personally think that the show gets better every episode. I don't live in the United States so I can't watch the show on television but I am able to watch it on youtube from India. I am addicted to robot chicken because of it's blatantly hilarious animation and its unbelievable capacity of humor in their jokes. I
  • Better than Mission Hill and The Simpsons combined!

    I love this show, when I first started watching it on youtube I didn't know what to expect, but the moment I started watching it, I got hooked. The sketches are very random and can and will be about anything, I think I highly prefer the first season to the second, because I like the parodies and the length of the sketches more, But my all time favourite episode of the show is the star wars special, my whole life is based around star wars(lol) and I could just watch that again and again. I hope to see some more movie based specials and I think this show will be on the air for many a year!
  • This show is sooo funny!!! And random! 10/10 For all comedy fans!

    This show is one of those shows that have random things in every episode!!! Guess what though, that's what gives this show its touch! All of the episodes are just insanely funny!! I remember some of my favorites. One of them was Mario and Luigi go to Vice City. That was one of the first episodes of Robot Chicken, and that's what got me started!!! Comedy fans of all kinds, this is right for you! Well, because of my AWESOME review, this show gets a 10/10! It's my new best friend, and it will stay this way! Robot Chicken... if you stop airing episodes, I will kill myself. Literally.
  • I'll tell ya, Robot Chicken is the best junk in our trunk. Ever!

    I wouldn't tell you what happened to "Robot Chicken" when it was created by a mad scientist.

    Voice: It's alive!

    Myself: It already told you that.

    It's a good show of segments using what they're doing or using pop-culture. And there is a segment cut off on the episode, "Veggies for Sloth" on the Season 2 DVD release due to copyright issues. Damn you, Adult Swim for cutting out that segment.

    It made a deal with stop-motion and toys. ...and had stared, Seth Green? WOW! Now that's good.

    And you can note that the working title was "Junk in the Trunk," but it was just a pilot title for "Robot Chicken."

    And the Stoop!d Monkey logo will make you laugh too. Better than an opened blood, taken off the scab from the skin.

    *Takes a scab off*

    Myself: It burns!

    Awesome enough, what will happen without segments and junkies in our trunkies? Well, boringness. We call it...

    DA DA!...

    Package Shows (Not a Rip-off of Package Films)

    This is our recomendation to our show. If not, you're just a little kid. But... you can still see the segments you've never seen before. Woah!
  • So %$&@in funny!

    Before I knew the show I was like "what the hell is a robot chicken? and what does it have to do with the show"! Later I found out in an episode your the robot chicken and your forced to watch the sketches. The first one sketch I saw on it was by accident, and I saw Dicks in Time. I started watching it on the computer and I was laughing non stop! But know there erasing the episodes from youtube and other video sites and there showing the same 15 reruns. I wish they would show veggies for sloth cause I wanna see the "archies comics final destination thing". All in All, It's a great show and i recommend it to 13+ no matter what they say, (I'm 13 myself).
  • very funny

    this show consists of tens of thousands of parodys all from the creative mind of seth green. i like the ending song and the stupid monkey parts. the end goes like this: ba buck buck buck ba buck buck buck ba buck buck bucky bucky buck buck buck. this show makes me happy. this is one of my favorite shows. the scientist at the begining is relly cool. i want to be like him some day. i like the grand theft mario one and evrything else in that episode. every single one of my friends likes this show. ba buck buck buck.
  • Robot Chicken is one of the funniest parody shows I have seen.

    Robot Chicken is a really great comedy/animation show.
    A chicken is forced to sit in a chair and watch the television, and we see what he sees. It is sometimes disturbing, sometimes funny, but this show is always entertaining.
    You will see many beloved characters from your favorite television shows, and movies, as well as singers, and other cartoon characters. You will even see toy action figures.
    This show is filled with pop culture references, and inside jokes to go with the whatever issue/subject is at hand. An extremely creative show that always has me laughing. Great writers, and funny guest stars as well.
  • The best show on adult swim.

    Robot chicken is one of my favorite late night shows. The show really has no plot nor does it have anything to do with a robot chicken but each random skit is a minute of non stop laughter. This show along with the entire adult swim line up is the only reason I tune into Cartoon Network because lets face it people its dead. Now I know that some people dont like this show because it has no plot or they think it makes no sense what so ever but guess what its better than thirty minutes of straight BORDUM! Thats why Robot chicken deserves a 8.9.
  • One of the funniest shows on Adult Swim!

    I watched a few episodes on Youtube, and I was impressed. The show is about dolls who parody things that have already happened, things that will never happen, things that haven't happened yet, ANYTHING!

    Humor: 10.0
    What can I say? The jokes are flawless.

    Animation: 9.0
    A lil' Kablam!ish if you ask me. Other then that, great animation.

    Overall: A perfect 10.
    A solid show with lots of great moments, overall. From the hysterical Sparta skit, to the Starwars skit, to the Peanuts skit, and to the Kool-aid skit. This show is not only one of the funniest shows on Adult Swim, but one of the funniest cartoons of all time. I reccomend it to anyone who like random humor.
  • Robot Chicken Is One of the Best Shows Ever Made and It Must Not Be Missed to Those Who Enjoy Parodies and The Thought of Fantasy Should Be In Reality.

    I've seen many claymation and stop motion TV shows and movies in the past, but I've never laughed so hard in my life with Robot Chicken. This is absolutely the funniest and the most creative TV show I've ever seen for a very long time.

    Robot Chicken is a stop motion TV show created by actor Seth Green and Toyfare magazine editorial director Matthew Senreich. And what's this cartoon boils down to is having famous celebrities, titles and events all being portayed using toys and action figures in a parodic manner. Each episode consists of different events being told in an amusing fashion and the coolest thing about it is that not only you get to see so many stories in one episode, but it also gives you some nostalgic experience. Robot Chicken is filled with parodies that are told using famous TV shows, characters and other familiar stuff which you already have seen or love it during your youth.

    It's really nostalgic and shocking to see old TV shows that I remember watching as a kid like Voltron, He-Man, Looney Tunes, Rainbow Brite, Jem, Knight Rider, Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats, Inspector Gadget, Batman, Superman, all coming to life once more. Even for some shows you may never heard of during your time will also be here for you to be familiarized with. I love the way Robot Chicken portrayed these characters into one hilarious and just insane scenarios. Some part of the episodes you'll have things like Optimus Prime dying from prostate cancer; Skeletor gets stuck in a traffic jam; Michael Myers, Ghostface and a few other horror killers all participate in the Big Brother show; Rainbow Brite is dating a lot of black guys to see the true colors of Earth; Soundwave gets sabotaged and was sold in's a crazy world and there's a whole lot more where that came from.

    Cartoons aren't the only one who gets parodied. Celebrities, movies and a whole lot more stuff will also be laughed at. You'll see a handful of celebrities in every episodes, and the best thing is that the people they put in the show are voiced by the celebrities themselves. Robot Chicken features a huge list of famous people who have contributed their voices for the show like Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Rachel Leigh Cook, Snoop Dogg, Stan Lee, Kelly Hu, George Lucas, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddy Prince Jr, Matthew Lillard, etc.

    I really love this show so much. When the first season was first released in 2005, I couldn't stop laughing at how silly and creative the way they piece it all together. The animation is definitely one of the best stop motion I've ever seen in years because all the characters movements and lip syncing are done professionally with great accuracy. The props used and the figures that were made for the show are so life-like and the faces look exactly like their respective characters. I'm very impressed with the production and still is now.

    Robot Chicken really has a great replay value because there are so many creative inputs produced every season. This is one of the few shows that I eagerly await for their next release. Everything about Robot Chicken is funny and just insane. Some parts of the show are guaranteed to be stuck on you and will grow on you in days to come. Some viewers may not like this show because they either don't get the jokes or they find this show a bit silly.

    The only thing to watch out are the contents. As funny as it can be, Robot Chicken portray their jokes with an excessive use of blood, violence, swearing, toilet humor and sexual themes. There's no harm done to have a bit of blood and cuss words since they use beeps whenever a foul language are used, but when the show starts introducing masturbation nudity and other naughty stuff, then viewers are to watch with their own discretion. However, Robot Chicken is made for the matured audience so expect to see a lot of mature stuff. This is definitely way better and safer to watch than South Park, I can assure you.

    Robot Chicken is one of the best shows ever made and it must not be missed to those who enjoy parodies and the thought of fantasy should be in reality. This is my personal favourite cartoon show and I love this universe they created. For those of you who love parodies, toys, and has a good sense of humor, Robot Chicken is your one way ticket to happiness. It's a great show and it should not be missed by anyone.
  • its probably one of the originals

    this is one of the more decent shows to come out of the adult swim crap factory it has skits that make you laugh and then there are some really awful skits but still there are more funny than there are awful the show has made fun of at least 250 celebrities and countless amouts of shows and has devolped memorable characters like the robot who bangs machines or those chinese restraunt guys theres no stopping this show it has pazzaz and Its one of adult swims better shows much better than that show squidbillies and so this is one of the best shows cartoon network has to offer so buy a dvd and you to will be hooked
  • funny show

    this show robot chicken is such a great comedy. although it is random it is just so funny. they do short skits that are just hilarious. i find this show entertaining and creative. they just keep on coming up with more and more great ideas. like not to long ago they had the star wars robot chicken. now they made fun of star wars in a great way. my brother who loves starwars even likes it. all in all robot chicken is a great creative show. they have good ideas and plots. this show just never gets boring. their is always something new
  • All I can say is genius the show is funny. When i first saw it i almost cried it was so funny.

    What can i say about robotchicken the chicken is the s-it. Every sunday on adultswim ill sit on my chair kick back and laugh. No other show can be so crude and yet so funny. The mix of funny character's and the death of the funny character's brings me joy. Though the new season could be a bit funnier i do think this writers riot has had an affect. But I going to keep watching i do hope the funny will come back. And that is all I can say about robotchicken and i hope you all agree with me i know ppl will always hate on the chicken.
  • iv'e found out about robot chicken on youtube. the episode black cherry was the first episode i saw.

    robot chicken reminds me of a rated-r gumbi or a playmation version of madtv. i like the way they end a season with a twist and then at the beginning of a season.they ata make game where you create your on robot chicken favorite episode is a lust for puppets i think thats the episode.i don't have the dvds but i'll like to have one some day.i like the part where beavis and butthead are on teen titans i laugh so hard... . . . . . . . . . the giraffe thing was so funny i laugh so hard.
  • All I can say is "WOW". This show has everything for everyone who watches TV. I cant believe the things that this show gets away with but its all good and im thankful that its on the air.

    Id like to start off by saying that this show is bust your gut funny. To see all the cartoons that i grew up watching with an adult twist is amazing. The people who write for this show are the greatest.I would recomend this show to all those that would like to take a walk down memory lane as well as laugh thier asses off. Although the episodes are brief you will find yourself content because thier are so many things that happen in that short amount time. At first you might find it abit off the wall, but give it a chance and be prepared to wait for the next episode.
  • This show is better than it seems.

    I've quickly become addicted to "Robot Chicken" It's fast, funny and ireverant with both surrealism humor and intelligent satires mixed together. It's sort of a cross of those Rankin/Bass puppet shows with "Twisted Toyfare Theatre" and a mix of "Celebrity Deathmatch," giving adult themes to kid's toys and shows, with the puppets are dead on lookalikes with the people they are parodying right down to the swagger and looks of the characters. The people mimmicking these stars deserve a lot of credit too; they really sound like the celebs they are doing and if you pay attention to the credits, you realize many of those people are parodying themselves! Full of gross-out humor and violent bloody gore, the appeal is in the creative way the series parodies popular and obscure pop culture, skewering all forms of pop culture and nostalgia along the way. Inspector Gadget as the Terminator, Lindsay Lohan as Highlander and so forth. It really deserves to be an hour long series rather than the brief ten-minute excerpts popping in and out. A DVD with all the episodes would be a treasure for any true fan.
  • Love this show.

    The first time i watching Robot Chicken, i never stop to laughing. Like i love spoofs stuffs, i use to love it. Robot Chicken had very good parodies like they have some bads like te ones treatned about childrens and old peoples but the TV shows and politics spoofs is hilarious especially from the cartoons. I think it's the only good original Adult Swim show than the others craps of this block. I don't stop to watch because it's always hilarious episodes after episodes. I love the coarse languages of this show, it's staying irresistible. I recommand strongly this show if you love the parodies and laugh to the childlish peoples of this world.
  • I wish there was a category for "hit or miss."

    Robot Chicken is one weird and rude show. At times the action figure sketch comedy is hilarious, but most of the time, it's either 'meh' or downright stupid. Ther are some sketches I do like, like the Star Wars Conan O'Brien spoof (who decided that guy should have his own TV show?). That was funny. But then there's stuff like the Thundercats guy being adopted by a six year old or Micro-nauts climbing a "mountain" and the Dragon Ball Z Christmas special. Just...what? And there's too much of that. I'm not some prude soccer mom, it's not that it offends me, I just don't see the humor. There must be a enough people watching who think that's funny to keep in the show in business, but I ain't one of them.
  • Playing with dolls has never been so fun! Robot Chicken is a bunch of short comedy skits played out by dolls, it is so hilarious!

    Playing with dolls is vary imature but Robot Chicken proves that to be vary true. There is no plot, no real main charecters, just short, random, funny, skits with dolls. Most of the skits are nonscene, but they are still so funny, even if they are a little imature. Seth Green is vary creative for coming up with playing with dolls as a comedy show. Some memrobile skits are when they put a spike stip infront of Sonic, bloopers like scenes from pokemon, and the whole Star Wars theme episode. To see some more of Robot Chicken, your gonna have to watch it.
  • A new millennium parody show using toys (and references) from the 1980's... that in itself makes this show worth watching for those of us born in that golden 80's age. There's a skit for everyone!

    Although I like crude humor as much as anyone else (I'm a HUGE South Park fan as well as a Drawn Together fan) I would still say this is pretty much a hit-or-miss show for me. The stop-motion talent involved is extraordinary though, some of the (if not THE) best I've ever seen. For that alone it's watchable because it's different from anything else on TV right now, and it's obvious there is much talent that goes into a show like this. Of all the R.C. skits I've seen I think at least half of them are absolutely BRILLIANT while some others were either in bad taste or just plain unfunny. I keep the rating high because it is a good show overall--and just like SNL or MadTV not all the skits are always funny but the skits that are well-written and well-directed more than make up for the show's mild shortcomings.

    The show has an obvious dirty streak along with great parody-the-seriousness-of-it-all humor... the classic "Optimus Prime gets Prostate Cancer" skit comes to mind when Optimus tells Ratchet that there was blood in his urine and Ratchet's eyes go huge and he says "EEWWWW!"... that had me laughing pretty hard. Overall, this is a show that I hope to see stay awhile--crude humor and all.
  • If you are easily offended

    Love it! Love it! This show makes me giggle my butt off. No matter how many times I see the episodes, (which in my area are repeated frequently) I still laugh.
    For those of you who have a short attention span this show is for you. It's completely random. It's amazing how a 30 second segment can make you laugh for a minute!
    A warning though if you are easily offended; this show is not for you. Which is probably why I love it so much. It's completely wacky and sometimes completely wrong. I love the "Home Video" segments and the humping robot.
    I think what I like most is all the 80's pop culture references. Makes me fell like the show was made just for me. If you like the Family Guy chances are you'll like Robot Chicken.
  • This show is freaking awesome,,

    This show is wacky and corky, and actually very rude.
    It offends me and i love it. Last summer i started watching Robot Chicken on adult swim,
    i couldnt get enough, it rocks.
    i will be buying the dvds, and i cant wait till season three comes out on dvd.
    I hope this show stays on the air forever, and they keep thinking of new material.
    Their paordies are so funny.
    I especially love the E.T. the retard,
    where E.T. comes home and he is like a total spazz,
    and the tough alien guys beat him up, and dump him on another planet.

    Robot Chicken Rocks My Socks Off.
  • A very random show with very random segments.

    This show does not have a plot ... instead, it has miniplots, like for example, the Teen Titans getting pwned by a slime monster (Which I thought was funny) or Mario and Luigi getting pimped up at Vice City (They should do that to Sonic the Hedgehog or Solid Snake or something like that ...) or even when various shows are spoofed. I find them very hilarious, and some are so random, they just don't make sense. Unfortunately, I haven't been watching it lately, but I still think it's still awesomely funny. Oh yeah ... speaking of video game parodies, they also did Final Fantasy 7 ... that was freaking hilarious.
  • Its ok but sometimes too random for me

    This show is ok at times but sometimes too random for me. Im not saying i hate the show I am just saying that i would rather watch family guy where there actually is a story and they still show random clips. I mean the first season of robot chicken was funny, but then its like every season it just starts to get on my nerves and looses its humor for me. I mean I do think it is creative that they use dolls and clay animation is awesome too. I just wish the show just wasn't that annoying all the time. But then again its just my oppion.
  • I for one love it!

    I do! Its GREAT!!!!!!!! I dont know if its only cause I'm in 7th grade and find those new sexual and swearing jokes funny but if you don't like it, you might wanna think about getting this this called a SENSE OF HUMOR! How is it that some people dont like it?! Really! Geez, the only thing I would do to improve the show would be the make it longer. Kids from 12-14 love it. And I'm pretty sure the majority of adults that arn't soo, clean and know how to laugh and have a good time, love it too! If you're one of those people that always acts so clean, mature, religious, and overall BORING! Then I would not recommend for you. Oh well, your loss.
  • Stop motion animation???? YES!

    when i first saw robot chicken, i could immediately tell that i was gonna like it because it contains one of my favourite types of animation which is stop animation. the show is funny but sometimes just abrupt and maybe dumb but in every episode it makes up with a long or funny or nice sketch so its cool. and coming from the guy that also made family guy i know its good, i don't know what else to say about it, it one of those perfect shows only i dont think it'll ever get old. some say the animation is cheap??? well that doesn't mean the animation is bad!
  • Simple words: Really funny.

    Adult Swim. I love it. And why do I love it? Because it has many great shows I enjoy: like Robot Chicken.

    When I first saw this, I fell in love with it. I still see it, and it still makes me laugh throughout. I like how its more dolls than animated people, though it's not like that Nick show with action figures. I salute this show for making me laugh and I seriously can't wait to see it again. I don't see how they can improve. It's very good, but it's not perfect and I find some scenes either idiotic or simply stupid, and some even offensive.
  • Robot Chicken Is So Funny, And Original. Robot Chicken Is So Funny. Funny Skits Funny EveryThing.

    Robot Chicken Has To Be One Of The Most Funniest Shows Ever. I LOVE it. I Laugh Every Time I Watch It. I Like The Skit When Beavis And Butt Head Joined The Teen Titans. Okay. Some Skits Are Not Funny. But All The Rest Are Funny. I Also Like The One When The FBI Goes To The Kwik-E-Mart And Captures Apu Because He Said SomeThing about America. This Show Is The Bomb. This Show Is Awsome. I Thinks It's The Best Show On Cartoon NetWork's Adult Swim. This Show Is Just FUNNY. I Hope It Never Ends.

    After watching Season 2 I love it still and it includes many funny skits like death pony and more. The show has very well writing and is Adult Swim's best.
  • Playing with dolls was never this much fun in real life...

    Every little kid who ever had a set of dolls or action figures has had a lot of fun making up stories and acting them out. A lot of times it is even more fun when the action figures are from different sets - what WOULD Barbie say to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    It's clear that the producers of Robot Chicken had waaaay too much time on their hands when they were kids because the stories they chave come up with are pretty off the wall. This is a great show that might not be appropriate for your kids, but sure makes you laugh. besides, what the heck kind of parent are you if your kid is up at that hour?

    I call it a 9.5 and tell you that it has to be seen to be believed. You WILL like it.
  • Probably one of Adult Swims own best show, and off the wall humour carries it.

    Considering the Family Guy, Futurama and the Japan Anime usually carry Adult Swim, most of there show they make are just bad. But Robot Chicken, carries that Family Guy humour, just more adult themed, because of less restrictions. Some of the scenes leave you say what the heck, others say I have been there, others can say I have thought of doing that.

    Well it also brings some of the dead (or current) shows and shows them in ways of the real world. It so random, so skits are funny, some are not, some you wish would just end. You need a show like this to poke fun of other stuff, sort of a like an Adult M.A.D mag. But this isn't a show for kids. It probably is one of the cheapest shows to make to, just probably more time making then buying it. Which many shows can't really say.
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