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  • Love, Love, Love It

    Seth Green is magic he came up with a show that lasts 15 min long and theres like 30 differnt things in every show! Every episdoe is funny. Who whould of a show with clay people or barbie dolls or some other dolls doig funny stuff I know who whould of thought of a show like that a genius.
  • Like it!

    My mate tried to introduce me to Robot Chicken a while ago but I wacthed one episode and didn't think it was all that funny, but it has quite recently started to grow on me and I think that it is not actually all that bad. Some parts are hilarious and some aren't that's the only real downside. I like it quite a lot but it's not one of those shows that you are desperate to watch. Plus I've only ever watched it on the internet and never actually watched it on tv so tht's another reason I wouldn't be desperate to see it. Overall, a good funny show.
  • if you like stop animatoin with toys and clay and insane randomness to the max then this show is for you!

    Seth green has hit the mark with this show i love it the randomness without stupidness is incredible. The voices are great the random stories are cool the refrences to pop culture from the last 20 years is also inbeded in the show core, but without Seth green behind all this magic the show would be bad only Seth green's crazy mind could come up with this stuff some of the jokes are extremely bad in the way of like a kid getting hit by a car not bad horrible bad good k9ind of this show is not for the soft hearted it is for hardcore randomness fans that like guns,explosoins and the most craziest show you will ever see.
  • Super Funny!!!

    I can't get enough of this show, it's too bad this show is only 15 minutes long, but that's okay, there are lots of funny skits in here. I wouldn't say it's the best though, it doesn't really have that potential to be the greatest show in the world, but it does have the potential to be the funniest. I really like apocolypse ponies, I also like Lil' Hitler and a whole bunch of others. If you like to watch people make fun of various things, whether its a commercial or anything, this show is definitely worth watching. *_* Yeah Fun!
  • ok im in love again

    ok so i like this show so much i havent been able to see it because i lived in arizona and i had no cable for 2 months but i usta watch it every single sunday me and my friend would stay up just to watch it and have a good time and well i like so the killing and the cutting and the hurting pain yessssssssss well so i cant think of anything else about it more that i havent seen in it for 2 months and i feel like im gonna die so if this is typed badly im sorry becase iam typing really fast.
  • a great ideajust not a great show

    what a great idea for a show using old action figures and claymation and aim it to the teenage public and have seth green be the creator sounds awsome? not really aside from a few funny skits like senoir mutant ninja turtlas or the oz spoof with the wizzard of oz characters that was pretty good but alot of there skits are lame and boring thank god that the show isnt thirty minutes long or i would have only given it about one chance then said to hell with it i have seen every robot chicken episode and i have not seeen much improvement .
  • Toys,dolls,3-d and whatever you can think of mixed in 1 show.

    Funny show. Something that you would want to watch while your waiting for another show. 10mins is short but at least it makes the time go by. It does have some recurring charaters but is mainly put together by support charaters. Lots of pop culture references and more silliness.

    7.9 is my rating.
  • THIS SHOW IS SO DAMN AWSOME!! its so hilarios. its just so random.

    this is my most favorite show in history, its just so plane random at so many times. it would start out showing a clown faling from out of the sky ad the parichute doesnt work then suddenly it would turn to a kid cutting his cats head off then suddenly it would turn to like two buisness men on the teeter toter then a kid apears then there like PISS OFF!!! then it would turn to like a wild party or somethin like that. its sooooo random at so many times. i have pity on everyone who has not seen this show ever in there life. to my huge opinion this so is so damn awsome.
  • A series of animated skits often parodying current events and celebrity gossip.

    Robot Chicken is one of those shows that's always either hilariously funny or hideously stupid. There's no in between. But if you catch a good episode, it's sure to make you laugh for a few minutes. Even if you're embarrassed to have seen it in the morning.
  • Robot Chicken...Rude...Lude...Ludicrous! Cutting edge cuts close to the bone!

    Robot Chicken…Rude and Irreverent

    Family Guy’s Chris Griffin brings you
    T.V. For Your Viewing Torture Those in the know, know Seth Green - former child actor turned thespian extraordinaire. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me; Goldmember; Weird Science; Batman Beyond: The Movie; The Italian Job; are just a few of his movie credits that begin when he was ten years old with a staring role as ‘Egg’ Berry in The Hotel New Hampshire. Jodie Foster’s Production Company Egg Pictures is named after his character. Television has been the mainstay of a career that combines actor, writer, director and producer to his professional credits. Mad TV; Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Will & Grace; Sesame Street; That 70’s Show; The Drew Carey Show; are a few from an enormous list of roles that prove this guy is in demand. Always has been. Green is the man responsible for one of the most overused catchphrases in the lexicon of 90’s slanguage. He appeared in a Rally’s Burger commercial as the objectionable drive-through cashier who’s repetitious line “Cha-Ching” became a part of pop culture. He’s picked up a lot along the way in his many and varied roles and offers it up in his new creation, ‘Robot Chicken’, a twelve minute show that is cutting edge satire, skewering all things sacred in movies, television, music and, in particular, celebrities. A host of celebrities themselves join the show and the fun - lending their voices to on-going characters who diss themselves in the spastic comedy vignettes that move along so fast you are laughing at the last one while the new one pops into view. The stop-motion animation combined with the frenetic pacing of action figures - some of whom represent the best-loved icons of really bad television - blend together in a miasma of extreme satirical silliness that is at once hypnotic and hilarious. You can’t not watch it!

    If there is anything to object about in this irreverent and impertinent comedy show, it could only be that 12 minutes is not enough for most of those who are addicted.

    For sheer and simple entertainment - it doesn’t get much better.
  • Funny

    This show is crazy, but I love it! I stumbled upon it one night watching Adult Swim with my brother. I am not fond of too many shows on Adult Swim, so I was a little weary of this one. The title doesn't tell me that it's a show I'd like. But, as I watched it, I knew this was one crazy but good show.
    This show is crazy. I can't describe it any other way. It's claymation parody of everything, anything. It's different. Each show is only fifteen minutes, but I wish they were longer.
    It fits in with the humor of the decade that's aimed towards teens and 20-somethings.
  • an amazing show yes another great show this show is funny and intertaining at once a great show i love it this show is magnificents in all ways so you better watch it because i know you'll like it a great show

    an amazing show yes another great show this show is funny and intertaining at once a great show i love it this show is magnificents in all ways so you better watch it because i know you'll like it a great show a very fantastic show i applaude the people that made this show and everyone that work on the episode's a great thing a great show in a long time . i hope they go on for many more seasons .
  • A Braking great sketch show

    Me and my sis just love watching this show on Adult Swim with a mad sciencist turning a dead chicken into a alive robot chicken with all the sketches.

    Seth Green of Family Guy was incredable with the voices of any charachers, I wonder did he and the other cast members did the Brak song at the end of the each episode lol.

    I love the best bit I added to my favourite list the Giraffe, the 2nd and 4th stages are sooo Hilarious and the one at the end of the part was funny too.

    I want more and more sketches.
  • polated

    The new animated program from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The stop-motion series entitled Robot Chicken currently airing on the late-night programming block "Adult Swim". What is Robot Chicken? "Robot Chicken" was a dish from the Chinese restaurant where Seth & Matthew ordered take-out, while they were writing the show. About the Creators : Seth Green Known for his acting..When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum. We encourage you to try to get your review right the \l l l l l you will lose any positive \the \\\ to \
  • LOL is all I can say...

    LOL is all I can say... Well to sum up Robot Chicken, It is a show about completely random skits that don't tie in to the other skits. At the beginning of each episode a mad scientist is shown putting together a robotic chicken. However, the show has no other references to the title of the show. This, show is one of those things where the creator must have been on a type of drug. In a good way though. The only problem is its on pretty late at night so people with school may need to wait till the weekend to watch it. In conclusion, the show is a must watch if you don't mind profanity or sick humor in your shows. (But who doesn't?!)
  • good show

    The new animated program from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The stop-motion series entitled Robot Chicken currently airing on the late-night programming block "Adult Swim".

    What is Robot Chicken?

    "Robot Chicken" was a dish from the Chinese restaurant where Seth & Matthew ordered take-out, while they were writing the show.

    About the Creators: Seth Green

    Known for his acting roles in dozens of movies like The Italian Job, Without a Paddle and the Austin Powers films. He has also appeared extensively on television, starring in the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as the voice of Chris in Family Guy.

    Matthew Senreich

    A former ToyFare editor. Began his career working in comic books before joining Wizard Entertainment, Wizard is a magazine covering comic books, action figures, anime and collectible card gaming. Senreich was named editor of ToyFare, then editorial director for all of Wizard's publications.

    Robot Chicken is original in the ways that there hasnt been any like it since Action League NOW! The great fact is the episodes are so incredibly random, yet they still happen to pull through and manage to be completely hilarious, without losing the viewers attention because of the entire random factor...

    So read the rules and have fun posting... about the sheer random-ness that is Robot Chicken!
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  • Funny parodies, but is not an original idea at all.

    Me gusta Pollo Robot, me he reído con varias escenas de esta serie. Es una serie para pasar el rato y nada mas, ríendo un poco, y ver que van a parodiar, y las parodias son logradas y esta bien hecha. Pero en si, la idea de la serie es muy poco original, porque lo unico que hace es parodiar a mil por hora, sin una base argumental alguna lo que no es algo que enganche demasiado que digamos. En fin, fuera de esto Pollo Robot es una serie bastante disfrutable si querés reírte pero si buscas una serie mas original y compleja cambiá de canal.
  • Best 15 minutes of commercial-free laughter.

    I always thought about spoof-offs of certain shows and maybe I would see them on SNL or MAD-TV. But the first episode of Robot Chicken had me laughing so much. I'm a little older and understand most of the cartoons and characters that I see on this show. That's what makes it funnier. The only thing I don't like is that some scenes flash by too fast and if your not paying attention, you miss them. And I don't want to miss any of the humour on this show. This show is enjoyed by my husband and myself and wish it was on more during the week.
  • The very best 15 minutes mankind has ever seen!

    When they say you only get 15 minutes of fame, they never counted on Robot Chicken, sure its only 15 minutes long but its now on 8 times a week! In my opinion, they should definetly make this an HOUR long show! I would watch it and I know a ton of people who would watch it too! Its not just a show of anime or clay-animation, its a serious comedy that takes making fun to a whole new level, you will find celebrities, movies, tv shows, anything you can think of they have used it. If you like the Scary Movies and Not another Teen Movie and Epic Movie, then you will definetly love love love Robot Chicken!
  • This is the craziest 15 minutes on television.

    Robot Chicken is pure comedy. The scetches are really funny and always are up with current events. RC is from the mind of seth green and this is better then anything he did acting. Dumb humor has a place in my heart and will always have a place on the air. The show does a good job of writing, from relentless attack on celebrities who deserve it (i'm looking at you Paris) to the song "Playin' with the car" the show does a good job of keeping the show fresh and very appealing. Kudos to Cartoon Network and the creators of Adult Swim for continuing the great programing that I watch religiously.
  • What in the world...?

    Okay, the show is so CHEESY! Talking toys? Pointless to the MAX! I mean it's not funny. It's just plain creepy. Adult Swim MUST have ran out of ideas back then. Even stick figures can beat that show by a mile. At least THEY can be funny and they are never creepy as heck. It's barely comedy and animation. I really hate it! I think they copied off a few shows. It's a disgust to the TV world. Who would even watch this? They need to take this of the air A.S.A.P.! People, do not watch this stupid show ever!
  • The ideas are most cool!

    Robot Chicken is a very funny show. It is mainly about toys doing crazy things. But why not? I mean, we all had cray ideas of how the play with our toys. But this show takes the cake. We don't just have toys in a show but we have them some times making fun of other shows, just like MAD TV. This show is so worth being on iTunes and Downloading.
  • This is a brilliant show. This comedy is done all in claymation. Which means that the writers are unlimmited to what they can think up. They do alot of spoof jokes. Alot of the jokes are mildly offensive, but if you can get past that it's a great show.

    I think this is a ground breaking show. The claymation is excellent. While some people may find this show very offensive, I think that it's funny and for the sake of humor I don't get all riled up at the racy bits. Seth Green is one of the creators of this show. He and the other writers of this show have a very warped imagination..but that is a good thing when it comes to this type of show. There are always celebrity voices, which makes the show fun to watch, becasue you can try to guess who the guest star is. All around this show is great!! As long as you can get past the sometimes offensive jokes! I give this show a 9!
  • This is one reason to watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

    Here is my review for one of the funniest shows of all time on Adult Swim. No, not Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which is okay, even though I don't watch it that much); I'm talking about Robot Chicken, which is a funny 15-minute long show with stop-motion animation and jokes about everything people love in today's pop culture. I never really saw or heard of this show until I managed to get cable TV in my house; and so, ever since I saw the show for the very first time, I try to watch it each time it comes on. If you enjoy shows that have stop-motion animation, then this is the show for you to watch. Besides, who doesn't find stop-motion animation funny? Only losers that suck, that's who (and anyone who disagrees with this review).
  • One of the best shows ever created.

    This has got to be one of the best ideas cartoon network has ever come up with. The parody shorts are hilarious, and even though it is an adult humored show, it never goes too far so I've never gotten offended while watching it. Many things in this show are completely random and off the wall, but that is another thing to love about the show. I hope this show stays on the air for a long time.
  • one of the best shows on tv

    Robot Chicken is one of the best programs on TV Seth Green comming up with this is just classic. Theres some that are point less and some that are great ones that i really really like are, mario and lugi in Grand Theft Auto its classic and its really funny. Atta Toy from series one was a great show and its had many classics i just wish it woud show it more over here but we dont get adult swim for long which sucks. But anyway if you cant see adult swim in your area check out youtube or bit torrents as you will find loads of robot chicken there.
  • The next big thing, well it doesn't beat Family Guy or does it. The Bad thing is that it is really really short as in like 20 minutes not 30 unlike other shows. How about 25 minutes, I understand why it is so short. They have so any good ideas.

    Wow! The next big thing next from Family Guy. Funny, Funny, Funny and I crapped my pants watching it. It was that funny. (ok i didn't crap my pants) but it was great. It makes fun of Mario and All these other famous people. Plain Out Funny. I mean laugh out loud. I watched the whole marathon unlike the Family Guy one. I missed it.
  • This show makes fun of the good and makes it so bad. I love it so much. One time I was laughing so hard, my ribs ached for 1.5 hours.

    Seth Green is a genius! Anyone that can make fun of stuff that way show be President of Adult Swim. I bought Season 1 and watched it so many times that I memorized some scenes. Sometimes I'll be so gloomy and roll around laughing for 10 to 15 minutes! anyone that think this show sucks is in denial. You have to be gay not to like it. Making fun of the right stuff is so awesome. C'mon you got to say that some episodes are stubid., but most are piss your pants funny. We need to congrate Seth Green for his gift to America.
  • Hehe, god I love this show. It can be so wrong on so many levels.

    Where on earth does Seth come up with this stuff I wonder, haha. My favorite episode (spoiler alert...kinda)

    is the one where they have "Li'l Hitler who wants to conquer every desk in the classroom.
    They also made fun of that Snuggles commercial. All I can say is... poor little bear. I will never see Snuggles the same way again.
  • Hilarious!

    Robot Chicken is a show that makes jokes about things like movies and stuff like that. It is made by Seth Green and I think it is a hilarious show. I don't get why they call it Robot Chicken but who cares its the coolest show. They make jokes about everything such as Mario,movies and many other things that crack me up. Seth Green and others make various voices. There is no actual plot, its just part by part and it flips around so you could be watching Grand Theft Mario and then it will end and you could be watching the Killer Mansion (or w/e its called). I wait untill the night just to watch this show.
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