Robot Chicken

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Robot Chicken Christmas Special

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Robot Chicken Christmas Special

Goku and Gohan save Christmas, 'Who Killed Santa Claus', the final dinner turns into a food fight, Kill Bunny.

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  • great awsome

    umm guys wat are u thinkin that was hilarious also testicle manuver 47 must have hurt and gohan said so much funny stuff 9.4 is a great review for this episode and also santa swearing kinda odd ha hah ah aha ha ha ha hah ahahahsh ahha hah ah ahahah ha
  • This was a lame episode with only one piece of new content.

    This Episode of Robot Chicken lacked new content period. Aside from the Dragon Ball Z skit, which was pretty funny, all of it was taken from older episodes (Kill Bunny, random Filer scenes). I wouldn't recommend watching this episode. Pick an older one or one from season two. This episode is the definition of "Filler Episode". Obviously they ran out of time or gave up on this episode, I guess we all need a break sometime. Otherwise Robot Chicken is a great series and one that I have become addicted to. Stay tuned to Robot Chicken for many good laughs.moreless
  • Funny Episode with DBZ and Christmas!

    I love this episode im a big fan but this is my favorite one. DBZ and santa what can be better drumline akira and kill bill movies in there too.This episode is special from the others becuasde its the christmas special and every christmas special is better then the regular episodes.This episode the last one is just dowright funny a quote i Love"She's so black when she go to night school teacher mark her absent!".lol. And that ther is a aperance in the DBZ one of tetsuo from the manga movie Akira.This is the best episode in my veiw and i hope you will enjoy it too.moreless
Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller

Mrs. Claus

Guest Star

Stephen Stanton

Stephen Stanton


Guest Star

Christian Slater

Christian Slater

Composite Santa

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Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Santa starts to come down the chimney, Goku prepares a gun to defend himself. However, he never used a gun in Dragonball Z, because he has 'superman'-esque powers and never required any guns.

    • The names on the Christmas stockings for the last sketch read (left to right): Goku, Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten. While only Goku and Gohan were featured, Chi-Chi and Goten are actual characters from Dragonball Z as well. Chi-Chi is the mother of Gohan, and Goten is Gohan's little brother.

    • Gohan's hair for this show was wrong. In actuallity, he resembled Goten. In DBZ, though he resembled his father, he never in the entire series sported his hair-style. Goten did.

    • The Final Dinner was before Jesus was Crucified, and Kill Bunny shows Jesus coming back to life. This retains to Easter, not Christmas.

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  • NOTES (6)

    • The snowman with the flamethrower is another sketch that never aired before this was because it was originally cut in season 1.

    • This is the first time the regular ending music(The Gonk from Dawn of the Dead) is not played. Instead, "Jingle Bells" is played by the chicken choir.

    • The man who The Nutcracker attacks in Goku's explanation is Adult Swim President Mike Lazzo.

    • This special was not included on the Season 1 DVD boxset but will be on the Season 2 DVD as a special feature.

    • "A Dragonball Christmas" was the only new skit featured in this episode, but it would later be added to an episode in the second season, "Easter Basket" (2-3).

    • This is the second time the 'Kill Bunny' skit is shown. The first time was in the episode "The Deep End." Other short clips in this episode were also borrowed from earlier episodes.


    • Video game reference

      Goku's line 'The Tenka'ichi Budôkai is finally complete!' can be viewed as a direct reference to the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tennkaichi that was released in the same year. The way it is said in the show is the Japanese title arrangement.

    • Reindeer: She's so ugly, we'll push her face in dough and make gorilla biscuits!

      This is a reference to one of Fred Sanford's line from Sanford and Son.
      For example:

      Fred:(to Esther) You're so ugly, I could stick your face in some dough and make some gorilla cookies!

    • Composite Santa:

      Composite Santa, who is one half Santa Claus and one half Frosty the Snowman, is a parody of Composite Superman: Half Superman, Half Batman.

    • Akira

      When Mrs. Claus grows into a titanic blob near the end of the last sketch, this appears to be a take off on the animated movie, Akira, when Tetsuo grows into a massive singled-cell type of organism. When she does, the character standing, screaming "NO!" whose hair stands up on end, appears to be a reference to Tetsuo himself because of the similar appearance.

      The headaches that Mrs. Claus receives is also taken from the Akira movie, as they were a precursor to Tetsuo's metamorphosis.

    • Dragonball Z
      While it is obvious that Goku and Gohan are characters based on the popular anime, Dragonball Z, not many know that the "Spirit Bomb" they use is from the show as well.

      The cloud that Gohan uses to attack the Nutcracker is based one the Nimbus cloud from the animated series.

      The way Goku and Composite Santa yell is a parody of the series as well, because the animated series is known for having the slow buildups to big fights. Even the background behind Goku is remiscient of the artistic design of similar moments from the animated series.

    • Nutcracker
      The character from "A Dragonball Z Christmas" is based on the real-life seasonal item. While the real-life counterpart is used for cracking regular nuts, the Robot Chicken character ironically knows over 100 testicle-based attacks.

    • The Drummer Boy:
      The Drummer Boy was a homage to the movie 'Drum Line'. When the Drummer Boy marched up to Goku and Gohan (while doing a beat on his drum) he drops his sticks in a defiant way, this a a referance to the final drum line battle in 'Drum Line'.

      The name of the character is derived from the Christmas carol, "Little Drummer Boy." The look of the figure's head seems to be inspired by Goku's design.

    • drummer boy: an spooff of nick cannon from drumline he even has the same costume