Robot Chicken

Episode 6

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Sep 09, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not Star Wars, but still great quality. Spoiler Alert!

    The master of parody, Robot Chicken, has done it again. They can provide satire of just about everything about a universe in pop culture, not just Star Wars. Well-played running gags and brick jones, and even a storyline to boot. I was getting pretty sick of them always making Aquaman the buttmonkey, and it was kind of predictable that he'd join the Legion of Doom because of it. Not entirely though, for the latter, It IS a sketch show, and those usually don't consist of plot between the sketches, but the show has been doing it lately and that's what it's know for, being unexpected. What was really unexpected was in the end, it took a really sweet turn saying that the other members of the Justice League of America appreciate Aquaman and love him like family. Even though that may have been played for laughs, it was still a little heartwarming. Too bad I can't remember anything else about it except Lex Luthor getting hit in the nose with a dodge ball, thanks to Superman.