Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 15

Sausage Fest

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Lil' Hitler will win your heart! The Library of Heaven yields answers even God doesn’t know. The Burger King serves up some Delicious B&E. Garfield and Heathcliff take each other to court. A giraffe deals with the stages of death. The gang from Police Academy joins the X-Men.moreless

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  • X-Men Police Acadamy

    This episode is strong because of at least two skits that stick out.

    One is a "People's Coart" like trial of Heathcliff and Garfield. This obviously parodied on an argument on whether the Garfield comic strip series ripped off the now defunct Heathcliff comic strip. It was true what Heathcliff said in that skit that his series came out years before Garfield. And of course since the matter couldn't be settled legally they deside for both of them to fight to the death in a anything goes Gladiator free for all. It was great the unual weapons they used on one another Garfield using Lasana and that obnousious character Nermal as a shield. But the funniest one was the X-Men Police Acadamy skit. Where all of the X-Men are dead by a Sentinel simply blasting them. Professor X has no choice but to create a new team which is of course the one from the Police Acadamy movies. I thought it was hilarous because all the Police Acadamy characters are like their counterparts in the movie, all have unique characteristics, weard, and most of all not completely reliable. And we see Professor X plays the Captain Harris role a little. And unfortuantely these characteristics don't help them from when their in training in which all of them die from reckless stupidity from Hooks suddenly putting on her tough girl voice too little too late in the Danger Room, Tackleberry hearing that the suits are bulletproof unwittingly shoots himself in the head, Jones killed by Professor X for playing a practical joke, it makes sense that Mahoney and Hightower would make it since they are the only real level headed characters in the movie, but unfortuanttely they only lasted 30 seconds in the battle by the Sentnel simply kicking them like a soccer ball. Hillarous.moreless
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Marion Ramsey


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the Cat Court sketch, the judge calls the case "Garfield vs. Heathcliff." However, Heathcliff is listed on screen as the plaintiff, and enters court first, as happens on People's Court. In a court of law, cases are named using the format of "plaintiff vs. defendant." So, he should have said "Heathcliff vs. Garfield."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Teacher: What's going on here?
      All desks are surrounding Lil' Hitler while U.S.A. is sitting on the outside in his own desk.
      U.S.A.: Pssh. It's not my problem.
      Japan comes out of nowhere and knocks U.S.A.s food off his desk and runs away.
      U.S.A.:'s my problem.

    • Teacher: Now class...
      Lil' Hitler: My teacher? I will need the Czechoslovakian boys desk as well.
      Teacher: Lil' Hitler where's Lil' Poloski?
      Lil' Poloski is gone and all is left is his food on his desk

    • Lil' Hitler: My Teacher?
      Teacher: Yes, Lil' Hitler.
      Lil' Hitler: My desk is small. I need this Polish boys desk also.
      Teacher: Everyone gets the same size desk Lil' Hitler.
      Lil' Hitler crosses his arms and shakes his head in disagreement

    • Garfield (to Heathcliff): I'm gonna start calling you Monday, because I hate Mondays!

    • Professor X: Welcome recruits. Though we've had to lower our standards thanks to a shortage of actual mutants, the dangers you'll face are no less real. You'll be defending a world that hates and fears you!
      Recruit: What?! Hate and fear us because we're mutants?
      Professor X: No, because you were in the Police Academy movies.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Don't Cross the streams!
      The channel flip featuring two men at restroom urinals is a spoof of the Ghostbusters movies. In the movies, they couldn't cross the "streams" from their Proton Packs, because that would negate the streams from catching the ghost.

      While the two men are not specifically identified, the costumes they wear are similar to the main characters of the films, proton packs included.

    • New X-Men: Police Academy

      The last sketch of this episode featured the five main cast members from the Police Academy movies and Professor X, leader of the X-Men. The X-men featured in the beginning of the sketch were based on the X-men team that first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 from the comics, replacing Thunderbird with Beast.

      The costumes that Professor X gave the recruits are based on the costumes from the X-Men movies. Hightower's look is based on Storm's first costume, which can also be seen in Giant-Size X-Men #1.

      The enemy in the sketch is based on the Sentinel from the X-men cartoons and comics.

    • Garfield vs. Heathcliff

      The sketch featuring the court case between the two cartoon kittens parodies the characters from their respective comic strips.

    • "Time for timer!"

      The yellow blob that appears at the end of the Heathcliff vs. Garfield sketch is Timer. Timer was a character that promoted healthy eating for kids watching ABC on Saturday mornings in short spots during commercial breaks. He first appeared in one of the ABC Afterschool Specials, The Incredible, Indelible, Magical, Physical Mystery Trip in 1973.

    • The lil Hitler shorts are a reference to the events of world war 2.

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