Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 1

Suck It

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 02, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. To Renew or Cancel
The previous episode's last moments are represented, following with the Judgment of the Council. What will Space Ghost, Peter Griffin, and Master Shake have to say about Seth Green and his crew? What will Keith Crawford have to say about the show?
2. Joy Stick
While one man enjoys a game of Zaxxon, the maintenance worker is having a great time as well.
3. The Terrorists are Winning
An informational short on how simple choices can be linked to acts of terrorism, such as replacing words in the pledge of allegiance, not decorating a cake correctly, voting Democrat, celebrating Hanukkah, and listening to punk rock. See George W. Bush's new Terrorist Alert System.
4. Hangman
Two stick figures plot against the mysterious murderer of their friends.
5. Potato Whore
Mr. Potato Head is supporting his wife who is in labor. When the baby doesn't resemble the father, Mr. Potato Head is shocked.
6. Bionic Mexican 1
Pablo Rodriguez, a test pilot, is rebuilt as the world's first bionic Mexican. See what happens when his country calls for his services.
7. He Who is Without Sin
When Jesus scolds a group of men ready to stone another, he shockingly joins in on the event.
8. Two Scoops
Sunny, the Raisin Bran mascot, is ravaging the country side, digging up whatever's in his way.
9. Skater McGee
When kids are skateboarding on a graveyard, Skater McGee, a zombie, pops up from the ground to get the kids to attempt the trick he died trying, the Monster Cookie Pinwheel. After explaining the trick, the kids attempt the trick with failure. The mayor congratulates Skater's work.
10. Alien Front Line
Paul and Frank, two aliens involved in the invading army, discuss the war and life. After a while, they collectively decide to advance the enemy instead of waiting back and getting killed.
11. Nerd
A nerdy kid, while explaining TARDIS for "show and tell," is interrupted by a an older student of the same school.
12. Creature Nightlife
A drunken woman asks the Creature from the Black Lagoon where he's from.
13. Unicorn Fantasy
The Nerd, wishing Unicorn's were real, is surprised when a Unicorn shows up by his window. The two go off into the magical land of unicorns, where there's no need for clothing. The unicorn requests the Nerd to polish his magic horn, which the unicorn enjoys thoroughly. The Nerd later explains to his co-workers about the magical unicorn mayonnaise.
14. Bionic Mexican 2
When a man requests oranges from the street vendor, none other than Pablo Rodriguez is shown giving the oranges.
15. Battling Wrestlers
In one corner it's the "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and in the other corner is the Kool-Aid Man.
16. Mr. & Mrs. Brady
The perfect family was really the perfect cover. Mr and Mrs. Brady turn out to be hired mercenaries set out to kill each other. Things become complicated when the kids step in the scene. Eventually, the conflict is resolved, and Alice agrees.