Robot Chicken

Season 1 Episode 19

That Hurts Me

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jul 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In the Fear itself sketch, the guy declared that the only things we have to fear are:

      Dieing Alone
      Big Dogs
      Robots with Human Brains
      Johnson's Wife
      Fear Itself

    • Here are the house guests in the Big Brother skit and the movies they were in:

      Jason Voorhees- Friday the 13th
      Michael Myers- Halloween
      Pinhead- Hellraiser
      Ghostface- Scream
      Freddy Kruger- Nightmare on Elm street
      Leatherface- The Texas chainsaw massacre

    • At the challenge in the Big Brother skit, all the house guests are there except for Ghostface.

    • Freddy: In case you were wondering, the answer was "The Da Vinci Code."
      Despite what Freddy says, Jason does the dance called "The Robot" and then does the dance "Funky Chicken" during their game of charades, thus "Robot Chicken."

    • The items on the Wheel of Reincarnation read, in order clockwise from the item the spinner is pointing to:

      • Keira Knightley's Underwear
      • Huggytime Bear
      • Peasant Farmer
      • Weasel
      • Heavy Metal Singer
      • Keg of Beer
      • Rock, Paper, or Scissors
      • Sex Goddess
      • Big Time Loser
      • Polygamist
      • Pelican
      • Suicidal Maniac
      • A Foot
      • Sports Car
      • Inanimate Rock
      • World Leader

  • Quotes

    • Doug: I wanna end up in Keira Knightley's underwear!
      Monk:(sighs) They always want that.
      Doug:(To Keira Knightley) I almost ended up in your underwear!

    • Freddy Kreuger: Fighting boredom is the hardest part of living in the Big Brother house.
      (Jason Voorhes playing charades, mimes TV, a robot, and a chicken)
      Freddy Kreuger: In case you were wondering, the answer was The Da Vinci Code.

    • Man:(to children) Simon saysss.....Go play in Traffic!

    • Freddy Krueger: If Ghostface got voted out, take it from Freddy, that would be a dream come true. Ha ha ha ha! You get it? Ha ha ha ha! A Dream! Ha ha ha ha! I kill people in their nightmares. That is what I do, that's my thing.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Micheal Myers
      The character known as Micheal Myers in the "Big Brother" sketch is a fictional character from the Halloween movie series.

      The parody here is a play on names, as when Myers reveals his face, it is none other than Mike Myers, the Canadian actor best known for his Austin Powers movies and his days on Saturday Night Live.

    • Reincarnation

      When Doug Goldstein is hit with an arrow and has a dream about being reincarnated, he goes to see Buddha, who is sitting next to the "Wheel of Reincarnation."

      This is a reference to the mystical belief of reincarnation, where one survives death by being reborn in a new body. One of the religions that uses this belief is Buddhism, and that is why Buddha sits next to the wheel in the sketch. Also, the Buddha figure was already made for another sketch, so it is reused here for cost concerns.

    • Care Bears

      "Huggytime Bears" is a reference to the show "Care Bears," a kids' animated show that promotes moral values.

    • The skit featuring monkeys is a parody of "Batman." Not based on any particular comic or movie, but all the parody elements are there:
      Boy sidekick Robin (who licks his pee)
      Bat Signal - done via a smoke signal
      Batmobile - in the shape of a banana
      Joker (villain) - Batman's arch nemesis
      Arkham Asylum - in a cave with bamboo for the cell bars