Robot Chicken

Season 1 Episode 5

Toyz in the Hood

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 20, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

1. Dog Rodeo A monkey riding a bucking dog while twirling a lasso. 2. Fatty Sundae A fat guy can't reach his sundae. 3. Darkest Sketch in History The tooth fairy places a coin under a boys pillow for his lost tooth. Then the boys father comes home and fights with the wife. This wakes up the boy. The Tooth fairy sits with the boy to help him through. Shots are fired. The tooth fairy goes tells the boy to stay quiet then she goes to investigate. Fighting is heard and shots are fired. The tooth fairy returns and gives the boy a coin and tells him to be good. Then she leaves. Alternate Ending #1: This time the dad returns after shooting the tooth fairy and tells the kid to pack up because they are going on a trip to Disney Land. Alternate Ending #2: This time after the dad shoots the fairy the police come. More shots are fired and the police ultimately subdue the dad. The dad is arrested and taken away. The boy is alone. Then a marching band and a man bust in and give the kid a check as an award for the darkest sketch in history. The dad, mom and fairy are all okay. 4. Car Jump A guy jumps over a moving car and brags to his friends that he did it. Ironically a Volkswagen then hits him. 5. Nasty Proposal A girl sneezes all over her boyfriend in the middle of his proposal. 6. Monster Juice A zombie sticks a straw into a guys head and takes a sip. 7. Bumpy Flight Two pilots fight over control of a plane causing mayhem for people without their seat belts on. 8. Clown Jail A happy clown goes to jail. 9. Chicken Secret A boy on a farm asks a chicken why he crossed the road. Before the chicken answers a jetliner crashes into the barn behind them. Probably the one from the seventh segment. 10. Villain Car Pool Four carpooling villains trying to get to work get caught in traffic. 11. Happy Birthday to You! A guy gets a surprise birthday song at a restaurant and then punches his friend who arranged it. 12. Bloopers! II Bloopers for The Today Show, Mister Rodgers Neighborhood, News anchors reporting that Gore won Florida, CSI, and Sports Bloopers