Robot Chicken

Season 1 Episode 5

Toyz in the Hood

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 20, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The best episode of the first season!

    This episode is worth the price of the first season DVD set. The Robot Chicken creators reach the zenith of comic brilliance with the sketch of Skeletor and crew battling traffic and the Super Friends to get to work. But perhaps the real treat is the so-called darkest TV sketch ever featuring the Tooth Fairy (voiced by the stunningly beautiful Scarlett Johannson). As the Tooth Fairy stops by to reward a deserving child after the loss of a tooth, she unwittingly finds herself in the middle of a domestic dispute that quickly escalates past the point of no return. The subsequent alternative endings show that there is no place Seth Green and Co. won't go in search of a laugh, and we the audience are all the better for their efforts.
  • Robot Chicken's Greatest.

    This is one of the best Robot Chicken episode yet. This episode includes the Tooth Fairy sketch with the the Dad Killing The mom and the dad coming up to the little boys room and saying " Hey champ, we are going on vacation!" Little boy says, "Is mom coming?" and the dad yells "Disney Land" Then people come in and say Darkest Sketch ever!

    This episode is hilarious. It shuld be watched by any Robot chicken fan, this episode includes the best Robot Chicken sketches and is just plain funny.

    This episode is a must watch.
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