Robot Chicken

Season 1 Episode 5

Toyz in the Hood

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 20, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The heros in the jeep in the traffic sequence are the hero paralells to the villians who star in that sequence.

    • During the segment with the Hindenburg, Grandma Fu can be seen fleeing from the blimp.

    • During the 'Bloopers! Two' segment, a big pile of poop can be seen underneath the chair to the right of the Host.

    • The set/location used in the 'Supervillians in Traffic' segment resembles that of the 405 freeway between the San Fernando valley and West Los Angeles.

    • Ling Ling from the pilot has been put down.

    • Even with the somewhat cheery ending during the Tooth Fairy segment, the Mother is never actually seen.

    • During the sports bloopers segment at the basketball game, the man getting hit with the ball is Spike Lee, as Jack Nicholson watches; two celebrities who are famous for sitting courtside.

    • During the sports segment of 'Bloopers!,' the music used is a take-off of John Fogerty's song Centerfield.

    • During the sports bloopers section whilst the two mascots are beating up the baseball player, the scoreboard says "Senreich Green University", referring to the show's co-creators Matthew Senreich and Seth Green.

  • Quotes

    • Mother: You admit it, you unbelievable bastard!
      Father: That is it! I'm gonna shut you up once and for all!
      (Mother and Father start fighting then a gunfire is heard)
      Tooth Fairy: (to little boy) Shh! (Goes to living room)
      Father: Who the hell are you!?!
      (Fighting starts while cops arrive)
      Cop: Freeze! Put your hands in the air!
      Father: Freeze!?! When I drop a fairy, you know I'm only getting started motherf***er!

    • Billy: Excuse me Mr. Chicken, but can you tell me why you crossed the road?
      Chicken: Why, sure, Billy. I'll tell you.
      (plane crashes into barn)

    • (Lex Luthor teleports out of the car and into the car where he shot the tires. The Kids start jumping up and down)
      Kids: BALDY! BALDY! BALBY!
      Lex Luthor: Crap....

    • Mother: Where the hell have you been?
      Father: It's none of your business!
      Mother: None of my business!?! I've been waiting here 'till 3AM!!
      (Mother & Father arguing)
      Boy: (In bed talking to tooth fairy.) Are you really a tooth fairy?
      Tooth Fairy: Umm. Yeah.

    • Skeletor: That was a good one!
      Lex Luthor: What was a good--? OOOHHH!
      (Skeletor laughs.)
      Cobra Commander: Oh!OOOHHHH!! It's burning my eyes! They're watering!
      Mumm-Ra: Unlock the windows!
      Skeletor: Behold, the gaseous stench of Skeletor's breakfast burrito!

    • Cobra Commander: Oh Crap!
      Skeletor: Ok, Ok... don't look at them, just act natural.

    • Father: (Comes into room after gunshots are heard) hey, son... how would you like to go to DISNEYLAND!
      Son: Is mom coming?
      Father: DISNEYLAND!

    • (Lex Luthor shoots the tires of the van the kids were on after making fun of Luthor)
      Mumm-Ra: You missed the children...

  • Notes

    • The Friends and Saved by the Bell clips, according to the official [adult swim] website's summary, were supposed to be included in the 'Bloopers!' segment, but were not actually aired. They are available as extras on the Vol. 1 DVD.

    • The giant check used in the Tooth Fairy segment was a suggestion from the network to lighten the emotional weight.

    • The original title of the episode was going to be 'Toyz in the Attic,' based on an Adult Swim bumper. This being one of the names for the show in which was rejected.

    • Two interesting (and probably joke) entries in the closing credits for this episode:

      Mustache Wrangler - Sarah Gellar
      Wrangler Wrangler - Mila Kunis

    • The Stoopid Monkey logo monkey is shown reaching into a plugged-in blender with its finger on the blender's switch.

    • Twisted Toyfare Theater regulars to appear in this episode: Spider-Man, Invisible Girl (in civilian clothes). TTT alum Skeletor appears as well.

    • [adult swim] ratings - 782,000 adults 18-34

    • The bloopers announcer returns.

  • Allusions

    • Thundercats

      The characters Mumm-Ra & Lion-O seen in the 'Supervillians in Traffic' sequence are from the Thundercats series.

    • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

      In the 'Supervillians in Traffic' segment, a villian that appears in the car is Skeletor; the arch-nemesis of He-Man from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

    • G.I. Joe

      One of the supervillians in which appears in the traffic segment is the Cobra Commander; he being the enemy of Flint, a member of G.I. Joe.

    • Superman

      Lex Luthor is seen in the 'Villains in Traffic' segment; him being one of Superman's arch nemesis', appearing in everything from comic books to movies.

    • Why did the Chicken cross the road?

      The 'Plane Crash' segment with the boy and chicken is a reference to the old famous joke of Why did the Chicken cross the road.

    • Disneyland

      In the Tooth Fairy segment, the Father promises his daughter a trip to Disneyland.

    • Boyz 'N the Hood

      The title of the episode is a reference to one of the most famous hood movies made, Boyz 'N the Hood starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ice Cube.

    • During the final bloopers section, the blimp catching on fire is a take off on the Hindenburg disaster. Hence why "people" are dressed in old style clothes. The Hindenburg catching fire effectively ended commercial blimp travel forever.

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