Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 14

Veggies for Sloth

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • I'm so happy the guys at Archie comics allowed the segment back in this episode.

    Now that this episode is fully uncut for good, maybe now Adult Swim will finally allow this episode on iTunes, I hope. Cause the Archie sketch has removed from the DVDs just like some segments from season 1, but on iTunes they are uncut. I'm a massive Robot Chicken fan and I have all the episodes but this one, cause iTunes didn't add it yet. With out this episode there's a hole in season 2. Also when a segment is cut it's like there's a hole in the episode as well, cause in season 1 two segments were cut. Beavis and Butt-head Join Teen Titans from "Vegetable Fun Fest" and Last Super Food Fight from "The Black Cherry". But they were uncut on iTunes, so now they can finally add this episode as well. But it may take a while, I think.
  • Well, I thought the episode was really good. I also enjoyed the episode's Buck Rogers skit. Well, it was good until they removed the Archie skit from the uncensored DVD version. That really pisses me off. But anyway: Half credit and an average rating.

    An insensitive dad decides to go to the bathroom after his daughter's fish dies and she flushes it down the toilet. A knight, reading a roadmap, becomes lost. The Beastmaster becomes a hit musical, starring David Hasselhoff as the titiular character. Lance Armstrong becomes super president of France. Buck Rogers is mistaken because other aliens keep calling him "F*ck Rogers." After a wedding, the groom dies of old age. An ex-husband cuts his head off with a saw for Christmas, scaring his ex-wife and his daughter. And it all leads up to Archie and the gang, learning that nobody cheats death for long.
  • Don't forget your Haikus on Death.

    Another funny episode of Robot Chicken. The Archie and Friends skit was the funniest part. Archie and the gang try to escape death, but learn that the only way to save yourself from the Grim Reaper is money. The funniest part was when Betty got hit by a car and the newspaper said Rich girl gets poor girl's blood on dress. I have a cousin who loves Archie and Friends comics (at least I think she's still into them) and I bet she'll love this skit. Thank you for making this hilarious skit Seth Green. You're a very funny man.
  • Another excellent episode compared with other TV but far not the best they've ever done.

    I love the beginning of this episode with the flushing of the family fish quickly followed by the father announcing he needs to lay one out. The rest of the episode basically only has to sketches: 'Andrew L W's Beast Master' and an Archie parody of Final Destination. Beast Master was truly awful - not funny, badly written and just pissed me off - adding to my irritation as it takes 3 minutes or so out of an already short show. I'm from the UK and we don't really have a clue what Archie/Archy(?) is so that went straight over my head but the mock paraody of the stupid coincidences in FD movies is funny. Good episode, but definately pulled down by Beast Master.