Robot Chicken

Season 2 Episode 14

Veggies for Sloth

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In the re-aired version of the episode, the Britney Spears/Citizen Kane sketch, which replaced the Archie sketch, was originally a deleted scene in the Season One DVD.

    • The Archie Comics/War of the Worlds parody segment was removed on the Season 2 DVD version of this episode due to copyright issues.

    • This episode contains a rare instance where stop motion animation is not used. At the start of the Final Destination sketch, Archie's vision of the bus turning over appears to use a forced perspective shot. The foreground bus driver is a stationary plane while the Archie character's themselves are tumbled around (Like a rock tumbler.) in a separate frame behind the driver. Behind that, a background of the street rotates in the opposite direction to trick the eye into giving the entire shot the appearance of circular rotation. This is shot in real time, as opposed to the stop motion animation normally used.

    • In The Beastmaster Musical Skit The Cultleader Maax is Misprounced Since in the Original Film It's Pronounced

  • Quotes

    • Moose: Duh, did I miss the bus to France?
      Reggie: That bus wasn't short enough for you, Moose. Ha! Retard.
      Jughead: Why do we keep hanging out with you?

    • Archie: Poor Moose. The gas chamber.
      Veronica : I'm a rich republican, but even I felt bad when he said, "Me take nap now."

    • Betty: Go out with me Archie, I'm an innocent virgin.
      Veronica: Go out with me Archie, I'm rich and easy.
      Archie: thinking about itWell... I don't know...
      Betty crosses the street and gets hit by a bus. Veronica looks hopeful at Archie
      Archie: still thinking about it I'm still deciding...

    • Betty: Death? He sounds dreamy!
      Reggie: Blondes are dumb whores!
      (Everybody laughs)

    • Dolores' Husband: Dolores, how could you?
      Dolores: Honey, uhh, it's not what you think. We're just umm, we're role playing. Wow, you just earned 50 experience points.
      Dolores' Husband: Wow, can I play?
      Man in Bed: No.
      Dolores' Husband: Oooooh.

    • Man: Hey baby, Merry Christmas. Yes, I know I said I'd stop calling but it's the holidays and I just wanted to say how happy I am that you found someone new. Is he there right now? Oh the whole family is there opening presents. Well that's just great because I have a present for you. (starts cutting his head off)
      People in the House: Oh God! Santa?

    • Dad: Ok, everyone out. I got to drop a whole fudge cake.

  • Notes

    • The Stoop!d Monkey has been impaled on a chainsaw.

    • This episode, after being removed from the rerun cycle, has been put back into said cycle on May 15, 2008, but the staff decided to rename it "Blankets in a Pig", and replace the Archie Sketch with a Britney Spears parody of Citizen Kane.

    • This episode seems to have been removed from the rerun cycle. Adult Swim has skipped over it three times in the series rotation. It finally aired again on Sept. 16, 2009, and again on Dec. 9, 2009, So it seems to have permanently returned to rotation. The reason why it was initially removed was because the DMCA had removed it because the Archie skit contained copyright infringement. That is why they edited the episode on the Season 2 DVD release.

  • Allusions

    • Archie's Final Destination
      The last sketch featured characters from Archie Comics, including:
      Archibald "Archie" Andrews
      Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper
      Veronica Lodge
      Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones, III
      Reginald "Reggie" Mantle
      Malcolm "Moose" Mason
      Miss Geraldine Grundy
      Chuck Clayton

      The sketch's plot is mainly a parody of the film series Final Destination. The aliens in the sketch parody the Sci-fi remake of War of the Worlds. In addition, jokes are made within the sketch noting flaws of the Archie comics.

    • Andrew Lloyd Weber's 'The Beastmaster'
      The sketch is a parody of the 1982 action film, The Beastmaster.

      Andrew Lloyd Weber is an English composer of musical theatre, and the title of the sketch parodies the recent 2004 release of the musical Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera.