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Robot Combat League

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Feb 26, 2013 Between Seasons


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Robot Combat League

Show Summary

Hosted by former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, "Robot Combat League", is the next level in robot wars. 12 teams battle an eight-foot tall 1,000 lbs robot. All robots are human like, with arms, legs, and a head. Mark Setrakian, a robotics expert who has worked on several Hollywood films, helped design the robots. Each team will features both a fighter and an engineer.


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AIRED ON 4/23/2013

Season 1 : Episode 9

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  • the show is awesome!

    The show is awesome! Crash was just amazing. But what sucked is all the damage he took in from all the hits he got. I WANT MORE MORE MORE MORE! GO TEAM CRASH!
  • A complete and utter disappointment.....

    oh Robot Combat League, I wanted to love you. When SyFy announced when you premiering, and that you were a clone of real steel, and chris jericho being your host, My dreams came true. Unfortunately, our honeymoon was cut short when the prep time for you took a half hour to get to the actual fighting, and when we finally got to see the fighting, your robots moved slowly, had extremely inaccurate punches, and were hooked to this weird cord thingy. to top it all off your robots had no creativity, at all.

    Don't ask for another chance, robot combat league.

    IT"S OVER.moreless
  • I enjoyed it. I'm really surprised George Lucas's Daughter is a Competitor.

    Not quite as good as long forgotten "Robot wars" or "Battlebots". I'm looking forward to up coming Episodes that's for sure.
  • Robot Combat League Party

    Hey RCL Watchers!

    There will be a Robot Combat League Party, March 9th @ 7pm-10pm! Meet the teams behind the robots and challenge them to a live robot battle in the arena at Rolling Robots at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA.

    For more info, check out:

    Come early and get a free poster!
  • The future is here

    I really enjoyed the show. The reality aspects were dull, and the challenge wasn't amazing, but it's a pilot, so I'm not surprised. But once we got down to the brawl, I was totally hooked. And I think I saw something like a table full of upgradeable fists, so I'm sure the robots will get upgraded throughout the season.

    I most enjoyed the repair period. Watching these professional engineers scramble under pressure to get their bot back in the ring was really cool. Can't wait to see how these teams learn to use their robots, and what they do to make them their own. I'll be coming back for sure.moreless
  • Robot Combat League
    The full first episode is available now on Just saw it and I loved it. Took a little while to really get to the carnage,...
  • Chris Jericho
    If youre a fan of professionalwrestlinglike I am you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how incredible the new show Robot Com...

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