Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 1 Episode 10

Show 10

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 2002 on Channel Five
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Show 10
It's the All Star quarter finals! Fight 1: Chaos 2 Vs Wheely Big Cheese Chaos 2 From: Branford, Ipswtch Seated: #1 and Reining Champion Weight: 83 Kilos Demensions: 0.9M X 0.71M X 0.38M Power: 2 X 800W Motors Weapons: Pnumatic Flipper Strengths: Unbeaten In Competition Weaknesses: Limited Co2 Supply Wheely Big Cheese From: Somerset Seated: #10 Weight: 99 kgs Dimensions: 17' X 56' X 42' Power: 2 X Golf Caddy Motors Weapons: High Pressure Flipper Strengths: Self-Righting Mechanism Weaknesses: Exposed Tyres Yes, these two teams fought before in series 3, but the team from Somerset had The Big Cheese. Wheely Big Cheese was a good robot with a big flipper, but right now, it was still recovering from ints onslaught with Hypno-Disc. Chaos 2 kept on flipping Wheely Big Cheese and it didn't seem that Wheely Big Cheese's flipper was working at full power. Chaos 2 dominated this battle and it went to the judges and they went for Chaos 2. Fight 2: Firestorm III Vs Wild Thing House Robots: Dead Metal and Shunt Firestorm III From: Durham Seated: #7 Weight: 100 Kilos Weapons: Front Flipper Strengths: Power of Weapon Weaknesses: Poor Transmitter Reliability Wild Thing From: Ash Seated: #9 Weight: 100 Kilos Weapons: 2 Blades and Spinning Disc Strengths: Speed and Control Weaknesses: Vulnerable Tyres Firestorm was probably the better robot out of the two. Firestorm flipped Wild Thing over once or twice but Wild Thing self righted. Then Firestorm flipped Wild Thing over when it's self righting arm was out so that it couldn't self right. Firestorm was through, but that wasn't the last of Firestorm. As Dead Metal and Shunt were putting Wild Thing in the Pit, Firestorm went to try and flip Dead Metal over but failed. Shunt axed Firestorm's motor, but Firestorm came back and flipped Shunt right onto his side. Firestorm III goes through. Fight 3: Mayhem - Tornado Vs Steel Avenger Vs King B Powerworks Tornado From: Huntington Seated: #12 Weight: 100 kgs Demensions: 33' X 10 X 28' Power: Industrial Motors Weapons: Spinning Disc Strengths: Invertable Weaknesses: Easily Flipped The Steel Avenger Weight: 100 kgs Dimensions: 28' X 48' X 25' Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Axe and Lifter Strengths: Power of Axe Weaknesses: Accuracy of Axe Tornado and King B looked very similar. Both armed with powerful speed and spinning discs, it could go either way, but you can't count out Steel Avenger. In the beginning, Tornado was ramming Steel Avenger around the arena. Tornado looked like they had this fight in the bag until...they just stopped moving. The most powerful robot in Robot Wars just broke down, were counted out and thrown through the air by the floor flipper, then attacked by Matilda. Now it was down to Steel Avenger and King B. Steel Avenger axed King B's exposed wheel and it fell off. King B was now limping. With time running out, Steel Avenger was about ready for another strike, until Matilda came out of nowhere and WHAM! Smacked into Steel Avenger with her flywheel, flipping them over and sending the duster flying. The fight went to the judges. Matilda interfered, so the hit didn't count. Steel Avenger goes through to the Annihalator. Fight 4: Razer Vs Behemoth Behemoth From: Hemelhempstead Seated: #15 Weight: 100 kgs Dimensions: 0.62M X 1.05M X 0.65M Power: 2 X Wheelchair Motors Weapons: Scoop and Axe Strengths: Powerful Weapon Weaknesses: Low Impact Weaponry Razer From: Baunmouth Seated: #4 Weight: 96 Kilos Demensions: 0.39M X 1.06M X 0.66M Weapons: Crushing Beak and Scoop Strengths: Reining World Champions Weaknesses: Reliability of Motors These two robots fought each other in the World Championship final, so this was a possible Vengeance fight. Razer went straight for Behemoth's scoop and did serious damage to it. Then after that, Behemoth did all the work and flipped Razer over and got behind it so it couldn't self right. Razer then got another attck in before the end and Behemoth then flipped Razer over again in the last second. The judges went for Razer, who caused the most damage. Fight 5: Tornado Vs Pussycat House Robots: Shunt and Sir Killalot Tornado (see Mayhem fight) Pussycat Seated: #2 From: Gloucester Weight: 97 kilos Weapons: Spinning Blade Strengths: Always Lands on its Feet Weaknesses: Exposed Tyres Tornado was still in top form after it's bad attempt in the early Mayhem fight, and going up against the #2 seeds seemed easy for them. Tornado slammed into Pussycat several times, until one of their wheels broke off! There goes another one! Pussycat could work both ways up, but it was having a hard time balancing their robot. Tornado kept ramming Pussycat over and over again. Pussycat then used up the rest of their 9 lives by taking on Sir Killalot. They attacked his front end, causing some damage to the House Robot. Tornado then pushed Pussycat onto the flame jet. Pussycat was on its side and it could not self-right. It had used up all of its 9 lives. Refbot moved in to count Pussycat out, but he never got the chance. The earlier attack from Pussycat had jammed the pull start on Sir Killalot's engine. Suddenly, Sir Killalot's engine ignited, causing the House Robot to go up in flames!! HA HA! Refbot tried to put the fire out with his fire extinguisher, but then the fire started again. The Pussycat team were enjoying this! Sir Killalot's frame was burning up as he frantically drove over to the Co2 jet and sat on it. The Co2 then put the flames out. Sir Killalot then sat there all black and charred up. That was cool! Tornado moves on to the All-Star Semi-Finals!moreless

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