Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 10

Show 10 - New Blood Final

Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 10 - New Blood Final
The New Blood Grand Final! Whoever wins this competition will receive a trophey and will automatically qualify for the 7th Wars as the 16th seeds. Which newbie will win? Thor From: Northamptonshire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.59M X 1.95M X 1.16M Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Hammer Strengths: Explosive Weapon Weaknesses: Thin Armour Team Captain: Jason Marston With: Lee Cornish Storm II From: Suffock Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 0.16M X 0.79M X 0.72M Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Full Body Hammer Strengths: Very Tough Weaknesses: Untested Team Captain: Ed Hoppitt With: Andrew Rayner and Tim Bence Cedric Slammer From: Lankashire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.56M X 0.85M X 0.70M Power: 2 X 1200W Electric Motors Weapons: Upright Roatating Blade Strengths: Deadly Weapon Weaknesses: Welding Team Captain: Jason Alty With: James Craigg and Michael Zenczak Mute From: Staffordshire Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 0.28M X 1.00M X 0.70M Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Front and Rear Flippers Strengths: Strong and Reliable Weaknesses: Poor Flipper Design Team Captain: Adam Emmett With: Daniel and Peter Emmett Fight 1: Thor Vs Storm II House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Sgt. Bash The Tornado-esque Storm II was very quick off the mark and were flying around the arena so fast, Thor couldn't match them move for move. The hammer came down, but missed Storm II, who then pushed Thor into Mr. Psycho and the hammer of the real god of Robot Wars came down on top of Thor! Storm II then slammed Thor into the Pit Button. Gas was venting out of Thor. The impact had punctured its Co2 bottle and their hammer was getting weaker and weaker and Storm II kept getting stronger. They tried to push Thor into the Pit, but they escaped. They tried again and came even closer, but Thor would not go down the Pit. Cease was called and the fight went to the judges, who decided to let Storm II go through! Fight 2: Cedric Slammer Vs Mute House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Mr. Psycho This fight didn't last very long. Cedric Slammer hit Mute with their disc, causing sparks to fly off of Mute's thick polycarbonate armor. Mute then chucked Cedric a few feet across the arena before suddenly stopping dead in their tracks. Cedric Slammer was stuck against the wall and Sgt. Bash was trying to set the monkey on fire! Refbot moved in to count Mute out. But something's wrong. Cedric Slammer was wiggling a bit, but they were also considered immobile. Refbot's timer reached 10. Mr. Psycho then picked Cedric Slammer up. He was given a red card for illegally attacking Cedric Slammer, but the House Roboteers were sure he was immobilized first. Cease was called and the fight went to the judges. They decided that Cedric Slammer was immobile first and allowed Mute to move on to the Grand Final to face Storm II. Playoff: Thor Vs Cedric Slammer House Robots: Shunt and Growler Thor's hammer was back to full power, but it still wasn't as accurate. Cedric Slammer's disc didn't look very accurate either. Thor was moving very quickly and their ground clearance was so low that Cedric couldn't get under them. Cedric then tried to get away from Thor by driving into the CPZ, a move they would soon regret. Growler came out of nowhere and SLAMMED right into Cedric Slammer! The impact was so great that it knocked out Cedric's kill switch. They were dead and counted out. Growler drove over to the Pit Button, giving Thor a mean stare along the way. Growler then dropped Cedric Slammer into the Pit. So, Thor takes 3rd Place and Cedric Slammer takes 4th Place. New Blood Grand Final: Mute Vs Storm II House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal Both robots flew out to the center of the arena and missed each other. Mute was able to get under Storm a few times, but failed to flip them because something was wrong with the flipper. Storm II was going so fast, they were litteraly stripping the paint off the arena floor. Mute seemed to be weaponless, but then they got a HUGE flip on Storm II. Storm II recovered, but drove up Mute's wedge again and were launched nearly out of the arena!! Cease was called and the fight went to the judges. It was very, very close, but thet decided that Storm II are the New Blood Champions! They won...and without a weapon. How will they do in the 7th Wars next year?moreless

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