Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 1 Episode 11

Show 11

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2002 on Channel Five
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Show 11
CHALLENGE BELT: Tornado vs Wild Thing A very close battle with both robors doing a lot of shoving and some damage to each other. It also seemed that there was more fighting in the Wild Thing roboteerng box with Isabelle and Jake Adams fighting over who was doing the weaponry controls. The battle went to the judges. The judges decided the winner on aggression and it went to Tornado and now they keep the Challenge Belt. TAG TEAM TERROR: Diotoir and Pussycat vs Spawn Again and Comengetorix Mega Morg was in no shape to fight, so Pussycat agreed to fight with Diotoir. Pussycat's blade wasn't working as well but it didn't stop it being aggressive. Comengetorix didn't seem to be working properly either. Spawn Again broke down and was counted out. It looked like there was only one winner, Diotoir and Pussycat! They meet Suicidal Tendencies and Steel Avenger in the final. WILD CARD WARRIORS: Dominator 2 vs The Executioner The Executioner pressed the Pit Button. Then guess what? It drove down the pit in just 15 seconds. 18 months work down the drain or pit in this case. MAYHEM: Gemini vs Napalm vs The Spider Usually there are 3 robots. Now there are 4 because of Gemini. The Spider seamed to be on top in the beginning, causing some damage to Napalm and Gemini, until they drove over the flame pit and were burnt out. Refbot counted the Spider out. The Spider was then placed onto the floor flipper and launched through the air. Then Gemini tried to flip Napalm over, but miscalculated and flipped themselves over. It should be able to keep going but there was something extra on the back and they both got stuck on the arena floor. Refbot counted them out too. The unlikely winner was... Napalm! Robot Wars' most crapiest robot just won a battle without doing a thing! Gemini were angry that they lost to the unreliable robot. They flipped Napalm, then pushed them into the Pit. Sir Killalot then came in and pushed Gemini into the Pit as well. Napalm goes through to the Annihilator! Flipper Frenzy: Thermidor 2 Vs Bigger Brother Vs Wheely Big Cheese Vs Chaos 2 House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Matilda 4 of the best flippers fight to see who's the best...the best at KOing a House Robot that is! This fight was unexpected. The 4 flippers all ganged up on the House Robots. Why? Because flippers are more effective on House Robots because they have no sriemechs! Thermidor launched Sgt. Bash into the air. Bigger Brother then flipped the Sgt. over! Chaos 2 and Bigger Brother then tried to be the first to flip a House Robot out of the arena, launching Sgt. Bash several feet through the air! Meanwhile, Wheely Big Cheese was trying to flip Matilda over, but ended up breaking down. Sgt. Bash was righted, but then Chaos flipped them over again and against the arena wall. Bash's flamethrower broke off! GEEZ! Matilda came in and tried to rescue Sgt. Bash, but she was too late anyway. According to Jonathan, a tear was rolling down Matilda's eye. Suddenly Matilda snapped. She reversed into Chaos with her flywheel, flipping the UK champ on his side! What an upset! Thermidor 2 tried to flip Matilda over, but failed. Bigger Brother broke down on the floor flipper. Cease was called. Thermidor 2 won because they were the only ones mobile. As Craig was interviewing the teams, the House Roboteers yelled at them. Sorry, boys, but that's what flippers are for!moreless

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