Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 11

Show 11 - Robot Rampage

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 11 - Robot Rampage
What, heavyweights are the only coolest robots around? You can't count out the other weight classes: Middleweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, even Antweight! Size doesn't matter! Let the Wars begin! Middle Weight Round 1: Steel Sandwich Vs Broadsword Vs Malc 1.5 Vs Typhoon House Robots: Dead Metal and Shunt Steel Sandwich From: East Sussex Weight: 48 Kilos Dimensions: 0.12M X 0.87M X 0.72M Power: 2 X 300W Electric Motors Weapons: Ramming Spike Strengths: Heavily Armoured Weaknesses: Low Speed Team Captain: John Frizell With: Jacob Frizell Broadsword From: Hartfordshire Weight: 50 Kilos Dimensions: 0.29M X 1.68M X 0.90M Power: Electric Motors Weapons: Medieval Broadsword Strengths: ENOURMOUS Weapons Weaknesses: Low Power Team Captain: Julian Richards With: Adam and Olivia Richards Malc 1.5 From: Hartfordshire Weight: 44 Kilos Dimensions: 0.27M X 0.24M X 0.67M Power: Wheelchair Motors Weapons: Spikes Strengths: Robust Construction Weaknesses: Exposed Tyres Team Captain: Kyle McBride With: Connor and Christy McBride Typhoon From: Scotland Weight: 48 Kilos Dimensions: 0.44M X 0.93M X 0.93M Power: 3 X 1 HP Wlectric Motors Weapons: 4 Rotating Hammers Strengths: Devastating Weapon Weaknesses: Easily Toppled Team Captain: Peter Bennett With: Gary Cairns and Grameme Horne Broadsword had the biggest blade in Robot Wars, however it was very ineffective. They were causing no damage to Steel Sandwich or Malc. Typhoon was the only robot in the arena with the most effective weapon. They hit Malc and Broadsword a few times, but weren't causing much damage either. This fight was mega boring as the Pit was lowered. The House Robots got bored, and while the Refbot wasn't looking, Dead Metal pushed Malc into the arena wall. Malc escaped, but then Steel Sandwich hit Malc with their spikes and one of Malc's wheels fell off! Malc could only drive in circles. Dead Metal tried to saw through Malc, but it was too low. Typhoon then drove onto the flame pit and their petrol engine caught fire. Refbot counted Malc out. Dead Metal and Shunt attacked Broadsword because they hadn't been moving in a while. However, Broadsword hadn't been counted out yet. The House Robots continued attacking Broadsword and their ultra long blade was bent skyword. Cease was called and the House Robots were given "Red Cards". However, it was too late to save Broadsword. They were wrecked so Typhoon and Steel Sandwich move on to the Middleweight final! Featherweight Championship: Aargh Vs Bernard Vs Cutlet Vs Gladiator Vs Katnip Vs Micromute House Robots: Sir Killalot and Dead Metal These six fine tiny bots had all qualified for the Featherweight final after two brutal qualifying rounds earlier in the competition. Whoever wins this fight is the new Featherweight champion. As the fight started, Gladiator went straight for the Pit Button. Aargh and Katnip then ganged up on Gladiator, but Micromute, the fastest in this battle at up to 22 MPH, slammed into the three robots at full force! Aargh hit Cutlet's side a bit, but then rode on Cutlet's back end. Micromute and Bernard started spinning madly and one of Katnip's wheels fell off! Micromute slammed Gladiator across the arena and the Floor Spinner was activated. Any featherweight that drove onto that disc were spun wildly out of control. Aargh pushed Katnip into the Pit. 1 down, 5 to go. Micromute pushed Cutlet and Aargh onto the floor spinner and all three robots spun out! Aargh then pushed the big robot, Bernard onto the edge of the Pit. They didn't go in, but they were stuck on the edge and never recovered. Aargh then attacked Cutlet and Gladiator, immobilzing them both. Gladiator's wheel was ripped off and Aargh tried to push Cutlet down the Pit, but failed because their blade was wedged in on Cutlet. Micromute was never seen again as time ran out. The judges decided that Aargh, driven by the Reptirron team (who have never actually won anything), are the new Featherweight Champions! Lightweight Final: Typhoon Thunder Vs Ellie's Little Pinkbot House Robots: Growler and Shunt Typhoon Thunder From: Scotland Weight: 24 Kilos Dimensions: 0.34M X 0.73M X 0.64M Power: 4 X 18V Drill Motors Weapons: Spinning Shell Strengths: No Weak Sides Weaknesses: Flippable Team Captain: Martin Armistead With: Keri Scott and Amy Drinkwater Ellie's Little Pinkbot Weight: 14 Kilos Dimensions: 0.15M X 0.55M X 0.39M Power: 24V Motor Weapons: Circular Saw Strengths: Steel Armour Weaknesses: Untested Team Captain: Krolf Douglasson With: Doug Weight Another member of the Typhoon Trio was up against this tiny pink robot. To tell you the truth, the Edinbrough Air Cadets didn't have to anything to become the new Lightweight Champions. ELP was a bit too heavy for its tires to handle. Typhoon Thunder hit ELP a few times and their hole saw broke off. Growler then came in and tried to set Typhoon Thunder's skirt on fire by ripping @$$ (flames) all over the arena. What does Mr. Psycho feed Growler?! Refbot counted ELP out and the House Robots placed it onto the floor flipper, launching it all the way across the arena and into the Pit Button. Growler then came in with jaws wide and gobbled up not just ELP, but also the Pit Button! HA! Growler ripped the Pit Button and a bunch of electronics that activate the Pit Button out of the wall and onto the flame pit! J.P. was going "Somebody stop Growler! He's gone beserk!" The pile of junk was placed onto the floor flipper again and flipped through the air. Growler then charged it at over 18 mph! He slammed the debris into the wall so hard that even J.P. could feel the impact up in the crow's nest!! Shunt quickly pitted ELP before Growler could kill again!! Typhoon Thunder are the new Lighweight Champions! Middleweight Round 2: Typhoon Twins Vs 259 Vs Doom Too Vs Mammoth House Robots: Shunt and Dead Metal Typhoon Twins From: Scotland Weight: 48 Kilos Dimensions: 0.30M X 1.20M X 0.60M Power: 4 X 0.25 HP Motors Weapons: 4 Hammers Strengths: Clusterbot Weaknesses: No Srimechs Team Captain: Nigel Harrison With: Alistair McLeod and Keri Scott 259 From: Essex Weight: 48 Kilos Dimensions: 0.50M X 0.74M X 0.62M Power: 250W Electric Motors Weapons: Vertical Spinning Disc Strengths: Weapon Weaknesses: No Srimech Team Captain: Adam Clark Doom Too From: Lankashire Weight: 39 Kilos Dimensions: 0.30M X 1.00M X 0.51M Power: Windscreen Wiper Motors Weapons: Pushing Power Strengths: Powerful Motors Weaknesses: Thin Armour Team Captain: David Smith With: Gideon Smith and Simon Rushton Mammoth From: Essex Weight: 38 Kilos Dimensions: 0.80M X 0.80< X 0.93M Power: 2 X 400W Electric Motors Weapons: Cutters and Spikes Strengths: Powerful Weapons Weaknesses: Robot Legs Team Captain: Ian Burrell With: Stuart Barnwell At the start of the fight, the Typhoon Twins split in two and then 259 hit Doom Too with their spinning disc. Doom Too was made of wood, so let the woodchips fly! 259 then hit Mammoth and the walker flipped over! 259 hit Doom Too a few more times, ripping them to splinters. 259 then pressed the Pit Button. Typhoon Lightning flew off of 259 and fell right down the Pit! Now the rules clearly state that if one Clusterbot is immobile, so is the entire bot. For some reason, the judges bent the rules a bit and that means the Typhoon Twins are still in it. Doom Too and Mammoth were done. They were counted out by the Refbot and pushed onto the floor flipper. The flipper went off, chucking Mammoth, Doom Too and almost taking Shunt over as well! Mammoth was right side up again and now were trying to run away from Dead Metal! They just weren't fast enough! Dead Metal and Shunt pushed Doom Too and Mammoth down the Pit on top of Typhoon Lightning. 259 and the Typhoon Twins go through! Antweight Final: Anty B Vs Combat Ant Vs Lower Vs Pants House Robots: Uh...they were a bit too big The reining champs, Combat Ant hit Anty B and were sent spinning out of control. Lower buried his Razer-esque claw into Combat Ant. Pants flew off of Combat Ant's disc. Then Anty B ricoched off of Combat Ant and into the Pit Button. Combat Ant stopped moving. The reining champions were the first robot eliminated! Anty B flipped Pants and Lower a few times. Anty B then tried to flip Lower out of the arena. No use. Anty B pushed Pants onto the floor flipper and it went off. Pants got moving again, but they were eliminated. Lower was stuck in the CPZ. They were eliminated too. Anty B, son of Behemoth are the new Antweight Champions! Middleweight Final: Typhoon Vs Steel Sandwich Vs 259 Vs Typhoon Twins House Robots: Dead Metal and Growler The Typhoon Trio all ganged up on 259 and Steel Sandwich. 259 pressed the Pit Button. Typhoon Lighting tried to push Steel Sandwich down the Pit, but failed. Typhoon then hit 259, actually flipping them and chucking them across the arena! 259 couldn't recover. They were counted out and placed onto the floor flipper by Dead Metal. 259 was flipped through the air and then pitted by Growler. Steel Sandwich was dead as well. Refbot counted Steel Sandwich out just as Cease was called. Which Typhoon will win? The daddy of the Typhoon Trio, Typhoon, won and they are the Middleweight Champions for a 2nd year in a row!moreless

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