Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 15

Show 15 - Commonwealth Carnage

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 15 - Commonwealth Carnage
Robots from the British Commonwealth come to the arena to fight to be crowned the new Commonwealth Carnage champion. Who will win? We'll find out in round 1. Bondi-Titch From: Australia Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.66M X 1.07M X 0.87M Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Hammer Strengths: Very Agile Weaknesses: Inexperienced Team Team Captain: Matthew Jennings With: Linda Jennings Corkscrew From: Scotland Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.65M X 0.88M X 0.88M Power: 3 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: 6 Blades Strengths: 360 Degree Killing Zone Weaknesses: Difficult to Control Team Captain: John Heatlie With: Lewis and Laurence Heatlie Wel-Dor III From: Northern Ireland Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 0.55M X 1.16M X 0.85M Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Flipper and Rotating Blade Strengths: Speed and Power Weaknesses: Untested in Battle Team Captain: Phelim Laundy With: David Laundy Firestorm IV From: United Kingdom Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.36M X 1.10M X 0.83M Power: Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Flipper Strengths: Excellent Manoeuverability Weaknesses: 2 Wheel Drive Team Captain: Graham Bone With: Hazel Haslop Terror Turtle From: Canada Weight: 95 Kilos Dimensions: 0.54M X 1.60M X 0.77M Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Spinning Arm Strengths: 360 Degrees of Attack Weaknesses: IT'S A TURTLE! Team Captain: John Frizell With: Jacob Frizell Cerberus From: Cypress Weight: 87 Kilos Dimensions: 0.53M X 1.50M X 0.80M Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Crushing Jaw Strengths: Fast and Manoeuverable Weaknesses: Paint Job Team Captain: Theo Kaccouea With: Alex Kaccouea and Alex Wink Panic Attack From: Wales Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 1.30M X 1.10M X 0.90M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Lifting Forks Strengths: Pushing Power Weaknesses: Slow Self-Righting Team Captain: Kim Davis With: Kevin Pritchard (who's now back with his old sparring partner!) Crushtacean From: South Africa Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.40M X 1.35M X 0.85M Power: 36V Electric Motors Weapons: Crushing Claws Strengths: Very Tough Weaknesses: Poor Handling Team Captain: Michael A. Visser With: Dominic and Ian Visser Fight 1: Bondi-Titch Vs Wel-Dor Vs Corkscrew Vs Firestorm IV House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Matilda Immediately, Firestorm came out and flipped Wel-Dor. Wel-Dor flipped themselves back over, but then Firestorm flipped them again. Wel-Dor tried to self-right, but then Bondi-Titch pushed them into the guardrail, allowing Firestorm to flip the Irish robot out of the arena. And then, Firestorm and Corkscrew all ganged up on Bondi-Titch who hammered Firestorm, then pressed the Pit Release Button. Corkscrew ripped BT's rear end right off. Firestorm then slammed Bondi-Titch into Matilda. BT self-righted, then hammered Corkscrew, causing nothing but a scratch. Mr. Psycho then came in with his hammer, hammering Bondi-Titch. The Battle of the Hammers. The Australians didn't stand a chance. They escaped, but were flipped out were flipped out of the arena by Firestorm, breaking their pride AND Themindor 2's record of most robots out of the arena. Corkscrew and Firestorm were through, but before leaving, Corkscrew attacked Matilda, ripping her cheek off. OUCH! Fight 2: Terror Turtle Vs Cerberus Vs Panic Attack Vs Crushtacean House Robots: Shunt and Sir Killalot Crushtacean immediately grabbed onto the scratched and rusty Cerberus, pushed them in the Pit Button, and pitted them. Panic Attack almost fell in trying to push Terror Turtle into the Pit. The rest of the fight, the crab and the spider ganged up on the turtle, pushing them around the arena. Terror Turtle was then pushed into Killalot and turned-turtle (illegally). Panic Attack and Crushtacean ganged up on the House Robots. Crushtacean nipped Sir K's back end while PA gave Shunt a piggy back. Cease was called. Crustacean and Panic Attack went through. Fight 3: Panic Attack Vs Firestorm IV House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Sgt. Bash This fight was an epic. Firestorm was 3-0 over Panic Attack and was determined to beat them a 4th time. The entire fight was simple pushing and shoving until the end Firestorm tried their old "On their side against the wall" trick on Panic Attack. PA tried to use the lid to self-right, but then Ref-Bot hit them and it broke. Panic Attack was counted out and carried them around the arena. Firestorm then decided to add Sgt. Bash to his list of House Robot Kill victims. So he did. He not only took out the Sgt., but he also tried to take out Mr. Psycho! Not a good idea! Mr. P went mad! He tossed PA onto the flamepit and chased Firestorm. The hammer came down, but Mr. P ended up hitting the already unconscience Bash! Mr. Psycho gave up, so he picked PA up and dropped him into the Pit. What happened next was unbelievable. Mr. Psycho reversed right on top of Firestorm! Mr. Psycho was litteraly hanging in the air, crushing Firestorm! Cease was called, but it was too late! Mr. Psycho fell onto his side with a loud BANG! Not only was that a first, but Firestorm was still moving! On to the final! Fight 4: Crushtacean Vs Corkscrew House Robots: Shunt and Growler This fight didn't last long. Corkscrew hit Crushtacean, but then Crushtacean grabbed on to Corkscrew's blades, pushed them into the Pit Button and into the Pit. Crushtacean won, but they still went to the judges because they fell into the Pit as well. Up in the box, Dominic showed Craig how his gloves worked. He better be handy with those because they were up against Firestorm in the final! Final: Firestorm IV Vs Crushtacean House Robots: Dead Metal and Sgt. Bash Firestorm was just too fast. They pushed Crushtacean into Dead Metal, flipped them over, and then flipped them onto their side where they couldn't move. Ref-bot counted them out. Cease was called. But Firestorm wanted all the House Bots on his HRK list. He went after Dead Metal who was running like a baby! Dead Metal was cornered up against the wall. Firestorm tried to flip Dead Metal, but Sgt. Bash held him back with his jaw. Firestorm eventually broke down. Dead Metal hung on top of Firestorm's flipper. What a pileup! Firestorm is the new Commonwealth Carnage Champion!moreless

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