Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 3

Show 3 - The Annihilator

Aired Unknown May 30, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 3 - The Annihilator
Kan-Opener Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 1.43M X 0.26M X 1.30M Power: 1.5 KW Motor Weapons: Jaws and Battering Ram Strengths: Invertible Weaknesses: Thin Armor Team Captain: Alistair O'Neil With: Amy and Tom Kane Thermidor II Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 1.00M X 0.36M X 0.87M Power: 750W Motors Weapons: Flipper and Claws Strengths: Strong and Compact Weaknesses: Limited Gas for Weapon Team Captain: David Harding With: Ian Harvey and Sarah Snowling Revenge of Trouble and Strife Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.48M X 1.27M X 0.78M Power: 2 X Modified Engine 1000W Weapons: Pneumatic Flipper Strengths: Armour and Smokescreen Weaknesses: Limited Petrol Team Captain: Peter Forsey With: Jake and Sam Forsey Typhoon 2 From: Scotland Weight: 90 Kilos Dimensions: 0.60M X 0.82M X 0.82M Power: 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Raotating Claws Strengths: Powerful Weapon Weaknesses: Relatively Unstable Team Captain: F.O. Peter J. Bennett-Mraes With: Cadet Gary Kairns and Cadet Kerl Scott Major Tom Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.85M X 1.15M X 1.00M Power: 360W Electric Motor Weapons: Flywheel Strengths: Fast and Agile Weaknesses: No Self-Righting Mechanism Team Captain: Henry Ryan With: Arthur Robinson and John Morris Raging Reality From: Lester Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.45M X 1.30M X 0.90M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Flipper and 4 Ramming Spikes Strengths: Highly Tested and Reliable Weaknesses: Light Weight Body Armour Team Captain: Nigel Paget With: Lee and Malcolm Summers Fight 1: Kan-Opener Vs Major Tom Vs Raging Reality Vs Revenge of Trouble and Strife Vs Thermidor 2 Vs Typhoon 2 House Robots: Shunt and Matilda The fight didn't last very long. Raging Reality flipped Thermidor, but they self-righted. Kan-Opener stabbed Typhoon so hard, it stopped them spinning. Raging Reality then flipped Typhoon. They could not self-right and were counted out. The other robots continued fighting just as Cease was called. Typhoon 2 is out! Robots eliminated so far: Typhoon 2 Fight 2: Kan-Opener Vs Revenge of Trouble and Strife Vs Raging Reality Vs Thermidor II Vs Major Tom House Robots: Dead Metal and Sir Killalot The fight involved more pushing, shoving, clawing and ramming. Thermidor flipped Major Tom through the air. Then they smacked into Major Tom, causing a huge chunk of robot to go flying off! ROTAS then smacked into Major Tom. Sir Killalot then pushed Major Tom, Raging Reality and Thermidor II into the wall. Kan-Opener pushed Raging Reality into the Disc Button. Major Tom was trapped in the CPZ by the House Robots. Suddenly, Raging Reality stopped moving. ROTAS then lifted Dead Metal into the air just for fun. Major Tom then pressed the Pit Button. Refbot counted out the imobilized Raging Reality just as Kan-Opener pushed ROTAS down the Pit! Then, the House Robots placed Raging Reality onto the floor flipper, which didn't really put much of a flip onto Raging Reality because of its wide size. Robots eliminated so far: Typhoon 2; Raging Reality Fight 3: Kan-Opener Vs Thermidor II Vs Revenge of Trouble and Strife Vs Major Tom House Robots: Matilda and Dead Metal In this fight it was 2 on 2. Major Tom and ROTAS Vs Thermidor 2 and Kan-Opener. Of course, Kan-Opener and Thermidor were well built more than the others. ROTAS wasn't spinning, so Thermidor flipped ROTAS. Kan-Opener then slammed Major Tom into the arena wall. Thermidor flipped ROTAS again and they could not self-right. Kan-Opener pressed the Pit Button and pushed ROTAS down the Pit. Major Tom, then rather stupidly, reversed into the Pit too! Robots eliminated so far: Typhoon 2; Raging Reality; Revenge of Trouble and Strife Fight 4: Kan-Opener Vs Thermidor II Vs Major Tom House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Matilda Major Tom was deserted in the line of fire, according to Jonathan Pearce. Major Tom was flipped, clawed and then pushed into the Pit Release and broke down. Mr. Psycho hammered Major Tom right on the head and then Matilda ripped Major Tom's front end apart! Refbot counted Major Tom out. Mr. Psycho and Matilda then showed their respect to the Union destroying it... and I mean, destroying it! Mr. Psycho hammered Major Tom over and over again and Matilda demolished Major Tom with her flywheel. Major Tom's face fell off. This carnage was so compelling and so exciting, that Mr. Psycho nearly hit Matilda with the hammer! The House Robots then carried Major Tom to the Drop Zone, dropping a washing machine on it. Matilda then flipped the lifeless carcus that was Major Tom over. Major Tom was not only decimated, he was cremated! That was cool! However, that also seemed REALLY cruel. Destroying a robot that took nearly a year to build, showing disrespect to the Union Jack (even though you're British), but, hell, it was great fun! Robots eliminated so far: Typhoon 2; Raging Reality; Revenge of Trouble and Strife; Major Tom Final: Kan-Opener Vs Thermidor 2 House Robots: Shunt and Sgt. Bash The 2 robots that have more bite than a great white (Kan-Opener's slogan) These two robots have partnered up throughout the entire competition, but now it's time to quit. Thermidor tried to flip Kan-Opener, but couldn't due to Kan-Opener's wide size. Thermidor reversed into the Pit Button and Kan-Opener dug his claws into Thermidor's tires. Thermidor could not get a flip on Kan-Opener. They just kept digging their claws into Thermidor II's wheels until Thermidor began to have steering problems. Eventually, Thermidor was able to push Kan-Opener into the CPZ. Kan-Opener was under pressure from the House Robots but then they escaped. Kan-Opener continued burying his claws into Thermidor. Time was running out, It was going to go to a judges' decision...or is it? As the timer appeared on the screen, Kan-Opener grabbed onto Thermidor and pushed them down the Pit...with only 4.16 seconds remaining!moreless

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